An attack in London, British media as dishonest as American, Russia calls out US coverup of Turkish IS complicity and more: Links 2 on Dec. 5 – 2015

1. New Islamic State snuff video in public in what was once Libya

2. Our female jihadi in San Bernardino seems to have been raised in the KSA as with most of the nineteen 911 terrorists. Video at link.

3. Another Islamic State convoy of oil trucks headed to Turkey destroyed by Russian jets

4.  Swedish FM accuses Israel of ‘extrajudicial executions’ and ‘disproportionality’

I hope Denmark has some decent magazines in the Scandinavian bathroom as they watch Sweden flush itself down history’s commode in a sucking swirling dizzying fit of sanctimony)

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom struck again on Friday, infuriating Jerusalem by accusing it of extrajudicial executions and disproportionate force in responding to the current wave of Palestinian terrorism.

According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Wallstrom – who has triggered several diplomatic incidents with Israel since taking up her post in October, 2014 – was asked in the Swedish parliament by Liberal MP Mathias Sundin why she has not condemned in strong terms the recent wave of terror in Israel.

5. Al Jazeera: Critics denounce ‘Muslim’ label on California shooters

(Students of logic should look at the article linked above as a target rich environment for fallacies. Nearly every thought is a leap away from logic. Islamic terror is motived by islamic scripture, history and practice in every way and by all sources. Someone who shoots up a school cause he hates his mom or doesn’t like Mondays does so despite their post Christian culture not because of it. So to bring islam in as a motive is correct when it is the motive. The article also claims that media has raced to blame islam for the attacks in San Bernardino. In fact they most certainly should have. But the reality looked more like the video below. which is the media reaction and contortion to self crippling to avoid any reference to the actual motive, which is islam. In fact nearly every statement is 90 degrees from reality or an inversion of the facts.)

6. BREAKING: Man with ‘machete’ shouts ‘this is for Syria’ as he stabs Londoner




(Not that long ago, the British people were armed and the police were not. This is how a society which is more or less homogeneous and certainly mono-cultural can be at its best. Then when someone brings a knife to a public arena and shouts: “This is for Syria” They can give him a Texas reply)

A man was stabbed in the ticket hall at Leytonstone station this evening by another man who witnesses say shouted “This is for Syria” as he slashed his throat.

Police said they used a taser on the suspect as he threatened others with a knife.

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police were called at 19:06hrs on Saturday, 5 December, to reports of a stabbing at Leytonstone underground station. The male suspect was reportedly threatening other people with a knife.

“Met officers attended the scene. A man was arrested at 19:14hrs and taken to an east London police station where he remains in custody.

“A Taser was discharged by one of the Met officers.

“Officers from British Transport Police are now dealing with the incident at the scene. We are aware of one man having sustained serious stab injuries. We await details of any other injuries.”

(More here. Neither article says a word about the victim or has a witness report)

7. Polish Defense League makes clear what should be clear world wide

8. Russia accuses US of cover-up over ISIS oil smuggling to Turkey

(It is difficult to blame the Russians. The US is clearly lying and covering for Turkey)

Russia’s defence ministry on Saturday accused the United States of turning a blind eye to the trafficking of oil into Turkey from Syrian areas under Islamic State control, after Washington called the amounts involved insignificant.

“When US officials say they don’t see how the terrorists’ oil is smuggled to Turkey… it smells badly of a desire to cover up these acts,” the ministry said on its Facebook page.

“The declarations of the Pentagon and the State Department seem like a theatre of the absurd,” the statement added, suggesting that Washington “watch the videos taken by its (own) drones which have recently been three times as numerous over the Turkey-Syria border and above the oil zones”.

US special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs, Amos Hochstein, on Friday said the amount of oil smuggled into Turkey from areas of Syria controlled by the Islamic State group is “of no significance from a volume perspective — both volume of oil and volume of revenue”.

His comments came after Moscow accused Ankara of profiting from the trade.

Russia and Turkey have in recent days traded allegations that they are involved in the illegal trade, further ratcheting up tensions after Turkish jets downed a Russian bomber on the Syrian border.

9. BREAKING: Machete ‘Syria revenge’ stabbing in London now treated as TERROR attack

(*Terror attack?” By muslim standards, that was just table manners. However a policeman was shot in Hackney and the video at that site of the subway has an odd distortion in the audio which is very peculiar. Its almost so that there is no way you can make out someone screaming allah hu ackbar or something. I have never heard that distortion from a camera or phone mic naturally)

Also notice in the article linked above how desperately they spin and select facts that distance this act of islamic jihad from islam

Breitbart London link here

Thank you M., Neil D., PP., ML., Gates of Vienna, Maria J., Tasha C. CB Sashenka and more.

Anyone coming across the video with the audio not distorted, please send in the link ASAP

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10 Replies to “An attack in London, British media as dishonest as American, Russia calls out US coverup of Turkish IS complicity and more: Links 2 on Dec. 5 – 2015”

    • Leytonstone, highly enriched area.
      the signs of the 1950s “To Let, no Jews, no Blacks” of course are now illegal, but nothing wrong with “muslim pakis only”, allahs law is always above state law.

    • You have grasped how Socialism work. Islam is a Preferential Group.

      Communism will rise after The Revolution, where the increasingly tax-credit humiliated Politariate are made resentful towards these Preferentials, (like Mao allowed teachers to dominate and play socialist mind-games before he then turned the tables on them as “intellectuals” to be made to confess their crimes to the State), will rise up against those who have God in them, because of the Muslims who swagger and kill when they only have pretend-God on their sleeves and of those who fornicate with pretend-men on their sleeves – as evidence of those who seek the masculinity they do not have.

      Muslims and Homosexuals, the championed of Socialism, will then be dealt with as betrayers of Communism. Because to even only imagine you can get a “soul” from elsewhere, is a crime.

      Socialists create Preferential Groups to cause resentment and hate-crimes so that Communists can promote non-hatred until, reluctantly, they fulfil their People’s wish…. totally.

      The Father, that perception of the ultimate unbiased and immutable authority, sought in all guises and perversions when knocked out of children, shall be no more. Everyone will be “minded,” of what they think and say to the prevailing emotional wisdom, and their healing meditation of resultant psychological pain shall be called “mindfulness”.

    • There is nothing wrong in private businesses advertising their customer preference. Period.

      What is corruption however, is governments, their agencies, banks and public corporations advertising theirs. This is not a separation of religion and State.

      • PC:

        You are quite correct. There is nothing wrong with it especially if you are advertising for something as personal as a flat mate or a life partner. My point was if you advertised for a white (ethnic Brit) Christian you would have the police at your door before the ink dried on the paper. I believe this to be true from the endless stories of selective enforcement of UK law in favour of muslims I have read over the past years.

  1. Obama is clearly covering for Turkey, we are going through a very nasty time before things get real bad, having a Moslem President is making the problem much worse.

  2. no. 7
    “Evitri Payet said fellow witnesses were shouting at the suspect: “You’re not Muslim.”
    ??? How interesting.
    These fellow witnesses know him? Can at once decide that someone is not Muslim? Are they some kind of telepaths?
    btw I was riding TTC yesterday and every couple of minutes there was an announcement that “if you see suspicious behaviour, please contact ……. ”
    Have got some info about a terrorist attack?.

  3. 4. “The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem issued a response calling her words “scandalous, delusional, rude and detached from reality. The foreign minister suggests that Israeli citizens simply give their necks to the murderers trying to stab them with knives,” the statement read.”

    In The Name of Multicultural Diversity there are millions of employed sub-standards like her. Western societies riddled with osteoporosis. Please, I hope you have your emergency supplies and evacuation plans to get out of the epicentres.

  4. We believe that the massive and uncontrolled immigration that today allows in the West is interested in multilateral agreements with oil-producing countries.

    There are also mixed the wrong policies of all obligation.

    Many people often say when he hears the latter:

    Hey, look at you, to us nobody forces us to mingle.

    And someone turn responds:

    Look around.

    The people must participate in the democracy of their nations, must decide (as in Switzerland) for his future.

    * Easy example:

    Peter has a house, and the government of Peter forces him to get into your home to strange people with strange customs, subject to foment violence and murder (literally) in many cases.

    But Peter has inherited the house, your house, is private, and he (Peter) does not share dese, Peter do not wish to impose censorship for refusing to admit strangers at home, and of course Peter is a normal person and wishes at home express their freedom of expression (racism, freedom of speech, etc ..).

    A Peter, not only force you to get strange people, the government also where Peter lives threatens to give more than one tenant, this time more than 20 strangers will.

    But Peter does not have money to keep strangers at home, Peter has to go to work and need to close your front door; but can not because there are people there, and they can be accused of something against the law for government policy shift where Peter lives. Racism, discrimination, kidnapping, etc.

    Peter is tired, trying to live normally, but the government continually tells Peter to do what they tell you and if you refuse they can put you in jail.

    The government of Peter promises that aid will compensate with their forced guests (strangers in the house of Peter) with numerous Peter does not receive aid because it needs work to keep the house.

    Protests intruders (the tenants in the house of Peter) even riots .. appear: Oh, go have killed mascot Peter while he was at work, the house is destroyed, and there are rooms where you can not enter inside the house..

    The fact is that Peter hears neighbors next door of his house, some negative words:

    They are women with very rare appearance live on government subsidies, are in convertibles and luxury cars, do nothing all day; some Sundays only manifest themselves in the city square Peter and the door of his house with banners and slogans explicit:

    Power to the people.
    No to Racism.
    Welcome more ¨migrants ¨.
    We are all ¨migrants ¨.

    Peter has already accumulated various health problems due to this situation imposed by their own government and now with the neighbors (political watchers) you notes.

    Peter takes pills for depression, almost can not go to work and feared being fired, their appearance is sloppy, and your pet no longer with him.

    The government of Peter looking for a temporary solution to this problem, a guide tells you to live in the home of Peter. The guide or manual words appear:

    – Please.
    – Thank you.
    – Very friendly.
    – Welcome.
    – Good Morning.
    – Good evening.
    – And more as I have is yours and vice versa.

    Peter fail moments of rest in the house and out as usual to his parish, and the priest sees when arriving at the door of the church, surrounded by tenants with the same profile with strangers at Peter.

    For a moment it does not give importance to greets the priest and into the Church. Peter is shocked to see that the Church does not exist, and in it, there are only people eating and getting packaged food. The crosses have gone and what looks like a warehouse of food aid.

    But Peter thinks he can get something useful from this situation. Try to get some products to offset the cost of home and share with strangers (intruders) at home. The priest tells him it’s not possible.

    The products are exclusively for people in need.

    And Peter; He is not a person in need, because it works.

    Peter, hardly comes home disappointed, that is not a house is something like a war zone.

    He decides to leave, and sleep in an area near your work area.

    Arriving in the morning to work, he looks at your table up on white (very white) with black letters: they have fired.

    The reason for the dismissal: a program of social integration for migrants funded by the Church and the government of Peter.

    Peter now understand that their colleagues in other countries years before they had to go to other countries like Western culture (or normal, peaceful and safe) but there things have changed, and there is no secure nation in the world.

    Peter is desperate, no home, no job, no future, and passes in front of a window where there are televisions in the public eye.

    The news that appear are tragic attacks, various crimes, insecurity, extreme violence, in all nations of the West.

    It is about a woman, while in the window, the woman points a finger, and a subject with weapons and vehicles appear.

    Peter runs, he goes there, while someone shouts that have taken the government in the name of Allah, and the state of siege decreed in the country.

    Listen very annoying noise, a roar usual.

    Open your eyes, and a voice from afar a voice whispers mujer..que appears:

    – Peter, you’re going to be late for work, son, do not see much television.

    Peter has seen the present and the future, but no one will believe, because they will tell you who has had a nightmare or is drugged, perhaps; baby.

    Peter will have become a crusader, a crusader, a fighter, and the only goal is to investigate and protect their society and their nation, its values ??and its culture.

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