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4 Replies to “DEMOCIDE: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns And Freedom”

  1. Democide – The political system that kills its own citizens for Hate-Crimes and Blasphemy.

    Islam and Socialism creates whores out of men and women. Not with the lowly moderates, who then unfortunately have to turn out their children to their politically-correct schools that spy on what was said at home, but their leaders permitted by law to be openly vile pigs; for example the Frenchman with the mistress not their mother, the Muslim with his younger attractive just-menses second wife. This dissociation of affection – of the male coming from and drawn back to the female form – is not in any way bonding, inspiring and looking out his progeny. The developmental-stage of love is therefore no longer for the Father but towards she who must be obeyed by the swing of her hips. Islam and Socialism are female-centric societies, -phobic and -phillia submitters.

    These identity-traumatised children of neglect who turn into a new creations of the loneliness of love for something they did wrong, and these will corrupt or expel comprehensively from all Preference the ‘children of their fathers’.

    And at the top of the tree of Judaism is still Adam and Eve. It was once for Christians too who weakly protested against Adam and Steve but the Church of England went with it anyway and the Virgin Priests and Nuns of Catholicism who took fatherhood from teaching and schools.

    The husband and father’s love. Real love that all children are unafraid to know and bask in.

    This is why the world hates.

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