Marxist leftists in open competition with muslims to see who can do more damage to classical civilization: Links 1 on Nov. 22 – 2015

1. As usual, a group protesting islam and government lack of action to oppose it, is met with a large group of violent, ignorant yet sanctimonious leftists who create a violent conflict where none would have happened had they just stayed at the pubs

Mainz Germany. Story here

2. A few minutes with Robert Spencer on the Hijra into Europe.

3. Belgian ISIS ‘scout’ for Paris attacks is arrested in five star Turkish hotel while preparing to flee over the border to Syria

Police in Turkey have arrested a Belgian man of Moroccan origin on suspicion he scouted out the target sites for the Paris attacks.

Ahmet Dahmani was arrested at a luxury hotel in the southern coastal city of Antalya.

Reports say the 26-year-old had been staying in a five-star hotel in the popular tourist destination since November 16.


4. Some fun with titles on this one. On YT the title reads Police clash with protestors outside far right party conf. But if you click through to the original RT source, it reads “leftist protestors clash with police outside…”

5. Footage from inside the hotel attacked by religious muslims in Mali

6. Canadians sound freaking insane on this Bill Mahar show

7. Police: San Antonio man ‘berated’ members of local mosque, walked on prayer rugs, refused to leave

(Preserve the narative uber alles)

8. Social Justice warriors shut down free yoga classes for the disabled at Ottawa U. because they claim it is ‘cultural appropriation’.

Daily Mail and Ottawa Sun both carry it. The Sun explains it better, but the DM has more photos of people stretching. Of course, while cultural Marxists are closing down valuable free services to the handicapped because the person respectfully holding them is from a group that can arguably be connected in a strictly racial sense to a group that colonized India, the Muslim Students Assn, who can ideologically be directly connected both today and historically to the largest genocide of Hindus in the history of the world are still active on the U ottawa campus and no doubt teaching the same philosophy and inspiring the same actions that led General Tamerlane to slaughter tens of Millions of Hindus and knock over their temples and replaces them with mosques while taking the girls as sex slaves as they do today in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania etc.

9. Fears ISIS Could Poison Paris Water Supply

Paris is on alert amid fears Islamist terrorists could be plotting to poison the city’s water supply.

The French Army is guarding water facilities around the French capital while scientists carry out tests following the theft of equipment used to guard against chemical attacks, including protective suits, from a hospital.

Célia Blauel, president of Paris Water, confirmed that samples were being analysed and authorities had increased the amount of chlorine in the water to limit the risk of contamination.

There is always a certain amount of chlorine in the water supply for health reason, but the dose has now been raised. “When the chlorine level drops, it means there is biological contamination,” Ms Blauel said.

(Pym Purnell sent in this short list of related incidents over the past few years, some of which we have also posted here repeatedly, especially the New York pipe guy, and he also wrote this article at 4 Freedoms in 2014)

New Jersey Pipe tard

Canadian kill 100,000 via air and water tard plot

Seven tards caught at night in restricted area at main Boston water reservoir, all of whom had higher education in chemistry etc.



Thank you Dan F. M., Wrath of Khan, Nicolai S., dagawker, Pym Purnell, and all who sent in material. 2016 will be the year of the tard. But what will 2017 be? I guess its up to us. How about, the year of the broom?


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  1. 8. ‘cultural appropriation’.

    Stereotyping. Why?

    While the power of Islam is retained by rewarding males, (Reliance of the Gonads), with a tantilizing glimpse of a Heavenly Whorehouse of 72 palefaced, blue-veined Musselma; Socialism directs females to indulge their make-believe of the Noble Savage, of Darcy-dolls to have sex with, in the myth of the forever exotic. (And my, are they promiscuously active consumers).

    Islam doesn’t care a jot what culture it builds its Mosques upon, only fretting about the higher price of blonds and virgins, whereas Socialism always craves Diversity to enter her.

    Therefore, only Chinese can use a wok. Everyone knows that about Cultural Sensitivity. Wokboy. Keep the change for keeping her so sedated in her reptilian-brain that Communism wil come and make a factory-breeder out of her.

    Always the lowest denominator of humanity, to those offspring who turn and screw themselves for peace.

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