Turkish town of Gaziantep celebrate the attacks on Paris, French launch air strikes in IS and more: Links 1 on Nov 15 – 2015


2. Also 4 Turkish police were injured when a bomb exploded during a raid on IS cells in the same town

3. How would aliens interpret these Frenchmen singing “Oh Happy Day” in squares in the city the day after it was attacked?

4. Watch the action in this 14 second video carefully as Frenchmen trample the field of flowers tribute to either the killers or the dead, (Im not sure which after seeing Happy Days) and one even slides on her backside running from a bang during another feel good group hug and healing session

5. The three brothers behind Paris terror attacks: Police issue wanted poster for Belgian-born suspect as they reveal one of his siblings blew himself up in a suicide attack and another is in custody

(Clearly what is needed is some kind of, perhaps Chinese style, brother-control)

Police have today issued an international arrest warrant for one of three French brothers believed to be at the heart of the eight-strong ISIS cell who murdered 129 people in Paris.

Police are hunting for Brussels-born Frenchman Salah Abdeslam, 26, who is accused of renting a Volkswagen Polo used by the suicide bombers who killed 89 people at the Bataclan music venue on Friday.

His brother Ibrahim, 31, blew himself up in a solo attack outside cafe Comptoir Voltaire after renting a black Seat found abandoned today filled with AK-47s and ammunition. A third brother, named Mohammad has been arrested in the Belgian capital.

It is believed the team of eight may all have gathered in a Belgian suburb called the ‘Jihad capital of Europe’ to collect their AK-47s and suicide vests. French and Belgian police are investigating links between the international cell and the Molenbeek area of Brussels known as a ‘den of terrorists’.

It came as Iraqi intelligence said they warned Western countries of an imminent assault the day before the Paris attacks and Turkish officials claim they foiled a plot to kill in Istanbul on the same day in revenge for Jihadi John’s assassination in a drone strike last week.

1The United States has carried out a fresh delivery of ammunition to fighters from the Syrian Arab Coalition battling Islamic State in northern Syria, pushing ahead with a strategy that initially unnerved ally Turkey, a U.S. official told Reuters on Sunday.

The delivery of ammunition represented only the second time the United States has moved to arm the Syrian Arab Coalition, a collection of about 10-12 groups numbering about 5,000 fighters. They are working with Kurds and others to claw back land from Islamic State.

8. Police questioned, released fugitive suspect hours after Paris attacks: sources

Four French officials have told The Associated Press that police questioned and released the fugitive suspect hours after the Paris attacks.

The questioning came when police pulled over a car near the Belgian border, hours after authorities had already identified Saleh Abdeslam as the renter of a Volkswagen Polo that was abandoned at the scene of the attack.

Abdeslam is now the focus of an international manhunt. One of his brothers detonated a suicide vest in central Paris and another was ultimately detained in Belgium.

He was one of three people in a car stopped by police Saturday morning, hours after the attacks that left at least 129 dead, the officials said

9. France starts bombing campaign against Raqqah

10. Peterborough mosque set ablaze in suspected hate crime

Peterborough police are investigating a case of arson at the city’s only mosque, an act that the president of the local Muslim association says was a “clearly a hate crime.”

The fire broke out at the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association’s mosque around 11 p.m. Saturday, police said. No one was inside the Masjid Al-Salaam Mosque at the time.

But association president Kenzu Abdella said members of the congregation had been inside 784 Parkhill Rd. just an hour before the fire broke out there, celebrating the birth of a new baby.


“The scare for people is that what if this had happened while we were in there?” he said Sunday. “So there’s a bit of uneasiness in the community.”

Abdella said the Muslim congregation was devastated by the arson as members have placed roots in the community and integrated into the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The mosque holds regular open houses that are attended by churchgoers and politicians. They also make regular donations to the local food bank, according to Abdella.

(If it turns out to be, as is so often the case, an insurance job a way out of massive debt for the place, will the CBC inform us? Or just leave us with an impression that it was a ‘hate crime’ because after all, its better to keep the population cowed since after all, I mean, it could have been one. Right?)

Thank you M., Yucki, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, and many people who sent in links for this and on many occasions. More to come. Yup. Still more.

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15 Replies to “Turkish town of Gaziantep celebrate the attacks on Paris, French launch air strikes in IS and more: Links 1 on Nov 15 – 2015”

  1. Peterborough:

    2001, to celebrate 9/11, a group of muslim men went out with butchers knives to find a white man to kill. They found teenager Ross Parker, and butchered him.

    All the grooming trials for gangs in Peterborough were held in other cities. That is a clear sign that the hatred for muslims there is very intense – prosecutors presumably thought they could not get a jury that did not hate muslims.

    I would suspect this attack on a mosque is genuine.

    RIP Ross Parker

  2. 6) Signed up to disqus and posted “this:”

    Techniques used in this article are quite analogous to techniques used by professional Holocaust denialists.

    Concerning those “small numbers,” actual contemporary research dispels these kind of myths rather nicely.

    40-45% of all muslims are fundamentalists (Western Europe)

    Islamic fundamentalism is widely spread

    Of course “fundamentalism” does not automatically equal terrorism, as it depends on the fundamentals and some other triggers, too, but in this case the nurturing soil is obviously there…

  3. #3. WTF???????????????????????? was this truly filmed in the wake of the terror???? I have no words, if this was so.

    #5: ” Brussels-born Frenchman Salah Abdeslam …”

    As “FRENCH” as they come. I wish they would stop calling them and “French” and “Man” – these vermine are neither.

    #8: French police have been completely disarmed by the very dangerous Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira. Thanks to her, Coulibali – the Killer of Charlie Hebdo Jewish Kosher shop was on the streets even while he had, at the age of 26 (or 28?) accumulated some 20 years of prison sentences. She had introduced laws which see criminals (called “canaille” by normal French people – “Youth” by the PC gangs) never serving any custodial sentence (nor any other), even if they are violent recidivists. One of her most (in)famous quotes:
    “These poor youth (*) are carrying the stigma of COLONISATION on their youg shoulders, we must not traumatise them any more”
    (*) 99% Arab/Sub-Saharan Muslims

  4. General observation – Go to any news outlet and Ctrl-f

    Note number of results for gun, firearm, rifle, bomb.

    Now note results for islam, jihad, muslim.

    Second general observation – The logo for the Telegraph incorporates an islamic (appearing) crescent……

      • Thank you Martin. God bless the French air force. Blast the f’n hell out of them because the US won’t do it…
        After all, “ISIL” is contained…
        (This makes me crazy because the IS military, with the help of Canada, could pound these guys into a memory in about a week)

        • Sorry, I meant to say that the US military with the help of Canada could blast these 7th century warriors into the dust within a week.
          It is interesting to me; on a very negative note, how far they have gotten.
          Hoo boy, if the Israeli military were allowed to engage…
          What do you think; a couple of days?

  5. Notice that the CBC’s headline reads “suspected hate crime” – but those words didn’t come from the police, but from a mosque leader. That should have been made clear – it is supposition, with no proof – and not an official police statement. Misleading and shoddy journalism, CBC!

    Let’s wait and see.

  6. This piece was wrtiien by a Muslim in Singapore :
    Sulaiman Daud of Singapore shared on his fb, 14 November:

    I want to thank well-meaning non-Muslims who, in the wake of these attacks, have emphasised that they have been carried out by a small, twisted minority. A terrorist’s goal is to sow hatred and discord, and by not giving in, you are defeating their plans.

    But I want to say that as a Muslim, I wish that we weren’t so quick to emphasise that this has nothing to do with us. While I personally have never killed anyone and none of my friends and family have ever resorted to violence, radicalism has everything to do with Islam. And the failure to address that out of a well-intentioned commitment to tolerance is making the problem worse.

    ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and it is an Islamic problem. Let me say it again to be perfectly clear. ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and they are a cancer at the heart of Islam. And the problem will not go away until Muslims confront that.

    ISIS attackers scream ‘Allah hu’akbar’ during their attacks.
    ISIS recruits cite Qur’anic verses as justification for the rape and enslavement of women.
    ISIS soldiers kill archaeologists, gay men and women, and people who refuse to convert to Islam because they are blasphemers.

    There are no Christians in ISIS. There are no Buddhists, Jews, Pagans, Taoists, Houngans, Catholics, Wiccans, Hindus or even Scientologists in ISIS. ISIS is a Muslim organisation and they kill in the name of Islam.

    So don’t say that ISIS aren’t ‘true Muslims’ or that they are ‘not really Muslims’. Like any large organisation, ISIS exists in a spectrum. You have the aimless, restless teenager who never amounted to anything in his life and traveled to Syria because he can’t find a job and doesn’t know if the Qur’an is to be read from left to right or right to left. But you also have pious professionals, businessmen, and academics who read their Qur’an cover to cover, pray every day, were seduced into radicalism, and truly believe that the Islamic State’s goal of conquest is a noble one. The so-called ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has a doctorate in Islamic studies.

    So if you feel that Muslims are being oppressed or killed in Muslim countries, I expect you to also be just as outraged by ISIS. Because they have killed more Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Jordan than the entire US army. They have done more damage to the name and reputation of Islam than any Western nation. ISIS is Islam’s biggest enemy, not the US, not Israel or France or Germany or the Russians.

    We have to own the problem. We have to admit that this is a religious problem, and we need to renew our commitment to a secular country which treats all religions equally. I have believed in the importance of secularism all my life, and with every day that passes that belief grows stronger. Religion is no way to govern a nation. Not any religion, and not any nation.

    ISIS is not America’s problem, nor the British, nor the French. ISIS is not Syria or Iraq’s problem. ISIS is a problem for Muslims. And if you can’t admit that, you’re not really a good Muslim either.


    • I would agree with this man’s writing because if Islam can’t be reformed then it is war…
      We have seen the progression of Islam. They start with the little things like hallal meat in the schools and then progress.
      I was taken by the woman singing “Oh Happy Day.” After the massacre in Paris… If this progresses not only won’t she be able to sing (Islam says that music and singing is haram) but she will be in a scarf and veil.
      I am happy that I won’t live to see the day.

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