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11 Replies to “Video from inside and around the Bataclan club last night”

    • There’s just no way this isn’t going to get unthinkably ugly before it’s over. There is no nice way to remove a million people from your country, but there is also no way to coexist with brainwashed fanatics who are dedicated to your death and destruction. It just doesn’t get any uglier than that. Here goes…

  1. Happy now Hollande?
    Very happy now Cazeneuve?
    Happy now Taubira?
    Very happy now Hidalgo?
    Very very happy now Merkel?
    Happy now Cameron?
    Very very very happy now Obama?
    Very happy now Kerr?
    Happy now former Archbishop of Canterbury?
    Happy now Pope Francis?
    Happy now BBC?
    Happy now Guardian?
    Happy now ABC?
    Happy now SBS?
    Happy now Al Jezeera ?
    Very happy now Erdogan?
    Extreemly happy now Abbas?
    Overthemoon happy now UN?
    Happy now the Left?
    Happy now the Greens?
    – to be continued – ….

    • These people followed the Bible of Socialism as taught to them in schools to be the new leaders. Their right-brains filled that a person with more must give to those with less. These are the Levellers who take from the rich and give to the poor. And they are not rich, because their wealth is made up from perks, each according to her needs, so you can’t tax them. The live rich lives of food, expenses and housing, but you paid for it. Communism. Five year plans to avoid cataclysms that fade away after their panic announcements, and move on to something else. Stealing from those made completely left-brain blind: “there is no individual.There is no role of father. Sex is the drug. Draw another shape on your body.” These anxious self-harmers given the absolute security of Communism and will kill when taken out of their peace.

      Islam does the same plundering of the Socialist, but instead works on the fear of the opposite hemisphere to become blindsided to their pick-pocketing.
      Instead of Useful Idiots deconstructing society for The Left these future leaders are indoctrinated in the Madrassas, where the left-brain is forced to memorize and compare: “Is it in Scriptures?”
      If not, it has no meaning to life. Music, art, creativity serves no purpose. The Koran is everything. It is like when Jesus asked the Jews where John’s Baptism came from – it was not practiced in the Torah – so they did not know this outside-the-playing-field insight – these one-line hypnotised-chickens, who also will killed if taken out of their peace.

      So the war started in the 1950’s against Communism, but they forgot through the sleep of Socialism, and the war with Islam in 1980s looked away from because Believers of the Muslim-Jesus are ‘just like us’ while they built their garrisons all around, and the LGTBQ groups in every workplace for the Diversity that invites extremists from sex to family to destroy the whole; has enable The West, to be conquered from within, and a walkover to enter from without.

      And the modern Jews of Israel, and modern Sikhs of Sikhi ask, “where is everyone?”

  2. These Devils were invited by your own Government…They must take responsiblity because they didn’t protect you…Citizens need to demand this takeover from within by refugees be stopped now!!! GOD forbid invaders to your Country have more rights you…The Nationals!!!

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