10 links on the rising temperature of Europe. Islam, and Global social heating: Links 1 on Nov. 11 – 2015

To all those who served their fellow free-men in combat now and ever, thank you. We strive to keep your memory, and the memory of your sacrifice alive as well as the fruits of that sacrifice. .

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1. Geert Wilders on “paying for the stupidity of Angela Merkel”

(I think calling her stupid is more than kind but detracts from her real motive)

2. New Email At Mizzou Orders Students To Call The Police If They’re Offended

(At least now the cops have an excuse for not busting massive amounts of muslim child-rape gangs and imams preaching jihad and genocide. They are busy on campus arresting people who say things that may cause offense to protected groups, probably especially muslims)

As tensions at the University of Missouri continue to rage, the college’s police department has sent a new email to students advising them to call the police if they witness any incidents of “hurtful speech.”

The email arrived in the inboxes of Missouri students Tuesday morning, and copies of it were quickly posted on Twitter. MU’s police essentially tell students to make a criminal report of any hurtful behaviors (complete with license plate numbers, photos, and more), even though they freely acknowledge that hurtful speech is not a crime. But the email says that doesn’t matter, because the school could still take disciplinary action against students.


(There is another way of handling speech you don’t like)


Large orders for household items and appliances have been placed for Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown in New Brunswick, that could be used for an influx of Syrian refugees in the upcoming weeks.

The orders are for Camp Argonaut on the base, which is normally used by cadets during the summer months.

Camp Argonaut was previously used to house hundreds of Kosovar refugees in 1999.

Home Hardware says Base Gagetown has been ordering new home appliances from her store. (CBC)

“We received a couple of emails looking for appliances for Camp Argonaut,” said of Kathy LaFort, manager at Roblynn Home Hardware Building Centre in Oromocto.

“One was for five washer and dryers, commercial grade. Others were for top-mount freezers and fridges.”

Another Home Hardware manager has also confirmed the base had made a separate order for domestic goods.

4. Watch: Child terrorist stabbers caught on CCTV

Footage has emerged showing the moment two young Arab terrorists – one of them aged just 11 – carried out a stabbing attack aboard a light rail car in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood Monday.

A security guard was moderately wounded in the attack, but succeeded in shooting and injuring one of the attackers, while the second was detained at the scene.

The attack was one of three stabbings or attempted stabbings in the capital Tuesday, ending a period of quiet in Jerusalem which lasted for several days.

Shortly after the Pisgat Ze’ev attack an Arab terrorist was shot near the Old City’s Damascus Gate as he attempted to stab Border Police officers there.

5. Palestinian terrorist tries to stab Israelis, picked the wrong group

6. Christians face being wiped out from the Middle East within TEN YEARS as they are killed by ISIS or forced to flee persecution, warn Catholic aid groups

Christians face being wiped out from the Middle East within ten years as increasing numbers are killed by Muslim extremists or forced to flee persecution, Catholic aid groups have warned.

The alarming rate of decline means the religion could vanish in some areas in just five years unless the world steps in, says the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

In Iraq, where Christians are being butchered in mass executions by the Islamic State, their number has plunged from one million to just 275,000 in the last 12 years alone.

Islamic State militants stand behind Egyptian Christians before beheading them in a horrific video released in February. Catholic aid groups warn that Christians face being wiped out from the Middle East within ten years as increasing numbers are killed by Muslim extremists or forced to flee persecution

Islamic State militants stand behind Egyptian Christians before beheading them in a horrific video released in February. Catholic aid groups warn that Christians face being wiped out from the Middle East within ten years as increasing numbers are killed by Muslim extremists or forced to flee persecution

The study says the faith is also facing increasing pressure in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Gulf nations, adding that the Church is being ‘silenced and driven out of its ancient biblical heartland’.

8. More than a MILLION illegal crossings of EU borders have happened this year, it emerges… as it is revealed hundreds smuggle into Europe as circus acrobats 

Hundreds of migrants from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have allegedly been smuggled into Europe by circuses, masquerading as acrobats and jugglers.

Around 500 migrants paid up to £10,000 to be trafficked into Italy listed as a fictitious new performer, dancer or technician in the circus business, police in Sicily say.

The migrants were allegedly given a false visa by workers within Sicily’s regional authorities. €2,000 to €3,000 from each migrant went to the circus owners, investigator say.

MIgrants queue in line for the ferry which will take them to the Greek capital of Athens
9. For the third night in a row police had to fire teargas at UMIs in Calais France who are terrorizing locals.

10. Slovenia – Croatia

(‘Blessed are the fence makers for they shall know peace’. What Jesus mighta said today)


Thank you M., ML., Buck, Tundra T. and many more.

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2 Replies to “10 links on the rising temperature of Europe. Islam, and Global social heating: Links 1 on Nov. 11 – 2015”

  1. Bus driver’s refugee attack caught on video (thelocal, Nov 11, 2015)

    “UPDATED: A Swedish bus firm has apologized after one of its drivers was caught on camera when he launched an angry tirade at the group of asylum seekers he was driving across the the country.

    The video, in which you can hear the driver raging at the refugees in English, was captured by one of the passengers on board the bus, which was taking the group from Malmö in southern Sweden to asylum housing in Umeå in the north.

    The man was driving the final leg of the journey, a stretch of at least eight hours according to passengers.

    The driver furiously explains in English where children are not allowed to sit on the bus – in the words “we are in Sweden and we have the rules” (sic) – causing several of the little ones to cry.

    “Damn, that it should be so difficult to understand what we’re saying,” he adds in Swedish. “Why do you come here if you don’t follow our rules?”

    A Syrian passenger told regional newspaper Västerbottens-kuriren, which first published the video, that the driver had told them they were not welcome in Sweden.

    “It was eight horrible hours. He screamed at us whether he had a reason to or not,” he said.

    The company, Bergkvarabuss, apologized after the video went viral in Sweden on Tuesday evening, and said the driver had been concerned about safety on board the bus.

    “I can only apologize, it is of course highly inappropriate. It’s no easy task for the driver either. They are exposed to a lot of stress and pressure, but they must not lose their temper,” Göran Mellström, chief executive of Bergkvarabuss, told the TT newswire.

    The video emerges as Sweden’s Migration Agency is receiving increasing criticism for not providing enough information while helping asylum seekers find temporary accommodation in the Nordic country.

    After a group of refugees stayed on a bus in rural parts of central Sweden for days, refusing to get off because they were “scared of the forest”, a spokeswoman for the agency admitted to The Local that its officers had perhaps not been clear about where they were headed after they boarded the bus in Stockholm.

    Sweden, with a population of 9.8 million, expects to receive up to 190,000 asylum applications this year – putting it among the EU states with the highest proportion of refugees per capita.”

  2. 7. This appears to be video of a customer who found a ticket that he thinks is still valid for an hour after being dropped by a person that arrived home that evening. He says he has no money, except this travel ticket.

    She then seems to rumble the situation and asks if he likes Sweden, because he doesn’t follow the rules.

    But here, yet again, from the man who threw a zimmer frame out of a bus that was deliberately blocking his way, to the arrogance of welfare-dealers and feeling of powerlessness to stop them, the first part of the video was absent. But incredibly in a ‘Human Rights’ prosecution, it was admissible – when all we had been treated to on youtube, was a propaganda video.

    Certainly get witnesses from it if a crime is suspected, but don’t pervert the course of justice by showing it to the jury.

    (Video from a newspaper in a once-civilized country that today would be a Hate Crime to play if it revealed something outside The Narrative).

    It would be like carrying out war-criminal trials based on what videos Hamas and ISIS put out on Facebook. If no beginning – then no conclusion. Period. Because we don’t know what caused the heated argument witnessed, which may have simply been the culmination of very long and reasonable requests that had become exhausted.

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