Swedes invite the world in, then make them all go to Denmark and “the real war has started in Calais”: Links 2 on Nov. 11 – 2015

In just under 10 hours from posting this, the Swedes, who invited the entire Islamic World from Syria across North and West Africa to join them in their multicultural utopia, will close their borders. The country is so stuffed that UMIs are camped out in office buildings of immigration and worse. Inevitably the government of Sweden will respond to the horrifying degradation of law and culture that they will stop publishing crime stats and punish the publicizing of factual material about muslim behaviors in that part of Scandinavia.

However the real problem now is for the Danes, nestled in between German and Sweden, who did not ask for these people to come. Now that Sweden is closing its borders and Germany is making similar gestures in different practical ways if not official ones, Denmark is going to start seeing pressure from these countries starting in a matter of hours. The Prime Minister of Denmark has responded to questions about this issue by deciding that no action needed to be taken at this time and no special actions at the non-existent borders with Sweden. I don’t know about Germany, but probably its clear sailing there as well.

It should also be noted that on Dec. 3 this year, in a few weeks from now, Denmark faces a YES NO referendum on certain new EU powers that are tantamount to total loss of sovereignty in some areas of law. Also that the YES side of the vote is doing very harsh and dirty advertising, broadcasting adverts on TV suggesting that a NO vote against expanded EU powers would mean the loss of access to EUROPOL or some other interstate police agency and was therefore a defacto YES vote to predatory sex with children. Seriously that is what, according to Liberty DK. from whom this comes, is being said on mass media. The irony of course is that a YES vote to Europe means more islam which means the practical legalization of child rape as we see in England in some ways.

At least one eye should be on Denmark for the next month. The potential for large changes is in place.

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(Lastly, if anyone is thinking of getting one of the St, James Matamoros crosses as a present for anyone for Christmas, please order soonish so it can get there by regular mail before then as there are only so many and once out, it might not be possible to make more in time after a week or so from now)


1.Slovenian border fence goes up

2. Once again, Western faux media managed to find an acting or translating agent that would read from the one script they hand everyone in the muslim world. The script where they say without fail and word for word: “Killings like this have no place in any religion including islam”. This of course can only be said to anyone who would answer the question: “Have you read the quran?” with ‘parts of it’, which in my experience always means they heard the one quote on TV about killing one person is like killing all the world, without hearing the verse afterwords specifying thats only if a non muslim kills a muslim.

3. The double standard in Canada for Quebec. An old issue, but back again

4. Multiculturalism in France.

5. Update on the Swedish bus driver story. 

(No matter what the facts are or the rights and wrongs, this is showing how the population replacement program in Sweden is starting to stress out the locals)

6. Point form:

6.1 Slovenia starts to build a fence to keep out the UMI swarm from Croatia

6.2 Croat police demand that the slovenians remove a section of fence (right where the swarm is presumably) in order to let them out of Croatia and into Serbia

6.3 Croatian special forces have arrived at the Harmica border crossing on the Croatian side, while Slovenian special police with long barrel weapons are standing on the Slovenian side. A helicopter is flying above illuminating the area with a spotlight.

6.4 Territorial disputes have broken out between the two nations who each claim that the new fence is on their own sovereign territory. (The joke is on them. Since the EU there is only the illusion of sovereignty in Europe and probably everywhere now)

(Sorry no link)

7. Another link on the Swedish border closure 

8. 9000 illegals crying and demanding on the Serb Macedonian border. And that, is just today.

9. UMI center in massive fire in Norway

(It looks like someone liberated a horn helmet from a local museum)

10. Calais UMIs and police have violent confrontations for the 3rd night in a row we now about

(Listen to the interview with the local in Calais. It appears to be some of the most honest reports I have heard in a long time)

11. Islamic State beheadings of 7 people spark large protests in Afghanistan

(Get ready. Any second now, the Atlantic will come out with an article explaining that the Taliban are moderate and we should fund them and support them and train them as they are our natural allies against the violent extremist Islamic State. Exactly what happened with the US and Al Qaeda)

12. British activists are blamed for organising three nights of rioting at Calais that has seen police attacked with rocks

(Clearly the answer is some kind of rock control legislation)

Amateur footage has emerged showing police with riot shields advancing on a group of migrants amid violent clashes in the last few days

Extremist political activists from Britain are provoking the migrant riots in Calais, the French authorities said today.

As police used tear gas and baton charges against hundreds of refugees trying to get to the UK for the third night in a row, the No Borders organisation was accused of inciting the violence.

It is a group made up of self-styled anarchists who campaign for all immigration controls to be scrapped.

Amateur footage has emerged showing police with riot shields advancing on a group of migrants amid violent clashes in the last few days

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Gates of Vienna, Yucki, Perfect Child and many more.

It would appear that many things this site was started to do, namely to raise awareness of certain things so that certain eventualities would not happen, have happened anyway and in spades. The question is what to do now. The answer is always the thing we should have done 3 years ago which would have been effective then and won’t be today. So what SHOULD we do today?


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10 Replies to “Swedes invite the world in, then make them all go to Denmark and “the real war has started in Calais”: Links 2 on Nov. 11 – 2015”

  1. These calais migrants are invaders, barbarians. They should be forcefully round up and drugged if necessary, shipped to Marseiles, put on a ship, cross the Med and dump them on the coasts or put them in life vessels and say the coast is thatta way! Europe must get tough, get tough or die!

    • You’re much too patient. But then, that’s just me.
      I’d follow Charles Martel’s example — if I had the authority as he did.

      As for the EU “leaders,” the Merkels and the Hollandes, who have betrayed their people, if the English roundheads — far less traumatized than are the raped, battered, and “told to shut up” peoples of Europe today — resorted to the infamous 1649 solution, I would shed no tears for a contemporary repeat.

  2. 3 years ago… What would we have said…?

    Rule of law and the compassion of humanity. Simples.

    For if we were serious about so many criminals from broken homes we’d fix those homes and not bring children from different families under one roof and call them half-siblings of one son doted on like that from a musselma to be a prince, and one daughter doted on like from socialist fathers to be a princess. Those weaknesses made in to competing flesh.

  3. The girls getting their skirts lifted is a pretty normal site in the town centers of Britain. Usaully they do it themselves though.
    I had a conversation about Palestine with a Palestinian supporter last night. White. SNP supporter. As to my suggestion that he reads some Islamic scripture to understand the situation a little better his answer was he has no interest in religion only saving the lives of children being killed by Israehell!
    He asked a muslim friend about some of the things I said and he came back with the kills all of humanity line. Plus the muslim said I must be listening to an extremist…….. as said I was …..by reading the Koran.
    The ignorance is breathtaking.

  4. Committees of vigilance will form if the police don’t effectively crack down on all of types of behavior displayed here. And shortly thereafter there will be open war in the streets because the invaders have come to fight.

    • Correction: ….SHOULD form in a healthy society that values itself and its principles. Our society has been rendered immune compromised thanks to cultural Marxism. I think when the man who went and rescued his daughter from muslim sex slaving gangs was arrested and the people didn’t rise up then, I don’t know what would inspire them. Are we waiting for a great leader? What would it take for this to happen?

      • We are sadly deficient of strong potential leaders here in the UK mate.
        (And I include Paul Weston in that category, he’s a bleeding chancer mate.)

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