A series of events that require further explanations: Links 2 on Nov. 9 – 2015

1. Is this an American Apache attack help escorting a major Islamic State military convoy into Iraq?

2. Air Canada tells Liberals it can help airlift Syrian refugees

(If these refugees are anything like the ones going into Europe, once they get a taste of the horrible arrogant service and the pompous unnecessary constant French-first bilingualism on Air Canada they will bail at the first refueling stop)

OTTAWA — Air Canada has told the Liberal government it can help airlift Syrian refugees.

The airline contacted the government immediately after the election, saying it has a window of opportunity before the Christmas rush to assist.

The company is now working with government officials to see what can be arranged.

While the carrier can’t fly directly into Syria, it could land in Beirut and help shuttle people from there to Canada.

3. Tundra Tabloids highlights the absurd fantasy the Dutch judiciary is operating under for trying Geert Wilders for simply asking if Holland is better off with more or less Moroccans.

4. Was jet bomb planted at a HOTEL? Staff quizzed over fears device was placed in luggage in passenger’s room before being smuggled through Sharm airport

Hotel workers are being questioned in Sharm el-Sheikh amid fears the bomb suspected of downing the Russian jet was planted in luggage in a passenger’s room.

Egyptian investigators have widened the scope of their enquiries after British spies intercepted intelligence that suggested explosives were smuggled into the hold of the doomed plane.

Airport staff, ground crew and air traffic controllers have already faced interrogation as it looks increasingly likely the bombers had help from an insider at the airport.

Baggage handlers with links to ISIS were immediately placed under suspicion because they could have used their high-level security clearance to wave an explosive device through pre-flight checks.

Another theory now being pursued appears to focus on the possibility that a bomb could have been planted in luggage in a tourist’s hotel room.

5. Swedish refugee support drops as numbers rise

The poll by Sifo, published in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, found 41 percent of respondents said Sweden should grant fewer residency permits to refugees — compared to just 29 percent in September.

Of the 1,000 people questioned between November 2nd and 5th, a quarter wanted the number to remain at current levels, while 17 percent wanted an increase and 16 percent were undecided.

Sweden has taken more refugees per capita than any other country in Europe as the continent struggles with its worst migration crisis since World War Two, and is expecting up to 190,000 asylum seekers this year.

6. About the recent test of a US SICBM MIRV:

“Strategic nuclear missiles are like Gozer the Destructor, things to be feared, only real”

7. Luton remembrance services treated to koranic reading

(My hearing is failing and the audio is poor. But I think I hear him say at 2 minutes that Salafists fight for freedom. As Salafists refers to the first generation of muslims who followed mohamed and waged his campaigns conquering the entire Arabian Peninsula in the few years before Mohamed’s death, this would have to mean that he is using Remembrance day ceremonies to promote ‘Freedom to implement the sharia and freedom from disbelief’ as the Muslim Brotherhood explains on their own webpage and as all people who refer to themselves as salafists would believe)

8. Christian elected governor in Nigerian province, ruled not legal by tribunal and replaced with muslim. 

(Obama will sell it as OK as it is a female muslim)

Attackers shot sporadically and set fire to buildings on Sunday, a day after the announcement of the order that Darius Ishaku, a Christian from the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party, had not legally won an April vote, police added.

The State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal said the lawful winner was Hajia Aisha Alhassan, a Muslim from the ruling All Progressives Congress, making her Nigeria’s first female governor.

There was no immediate detail on the identity of the attackers.

Taraba is part of Nigeria’s “Middle Belt” where its largely Christian south and mostly Muslim north meet, making it a flashpoint for violence often over land disputes between semi-nomadic, cattle-keeping communities, who tend to be Muslim, and settled farming people, who are often Christian.

9. Chad declares state of emergency in Boko Haram-hit region

N’Chad has declared a state of emergency in the Lake Chad region after a series of raids and suicide bombings there by militant Islamist group Boko Haram, the government said on Monday.

Chad was instrumental in forcing Boko Haram to cede territory earlier this year, undermining its six-year campaign to carve out a Nigerian caliphate.

But guerrillas have since ramped up attacks in remote border areas around Lake Chad, killing at least three people in a Chadian village on Sunday and three Nigerian refugees in northern Cameroon on Monday.

Chad’s Communications Minister Hassan Sylla Bakari said the order, effective immediately, would grant authorities new powers to search and monitor residents in the region.

There has not been a state of emergency in Chad, one of Africa’s military heavyweights, since a series of rebellions in the 2000s springing from its volatile east. Neighbouring Niger also has a state of emergency in its border region of Diffa.

10. Is there more to the UC Merced story than we’re being told?

Sheriff Vern Warnke described what he saw on the list to Fox News: “No. 27 was to ‘make sure people are tied down,’ No. 28 was ‘sit down and praise Allah’…I remember seeing four or five times, scribbled on the side of the two-page manifesto, where he wrote something like ‘praise Allah.’”

Despite the officer’s continued reassurance that the transpired event was not terror related, Merced County News reporter Matthew Gonzales said anonymous law enforcement sources say that Mohammed was on a terror watch list and that UC Merced knew this.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, Gates of Vienna, and all who sent in materials. More to come.

Friday’s Mark Levin show features a proper rant about how the media treats Dr. Ben Carson, and then features a short interview with Dr. Carson right after. Its worth listening to in archives while you do the dishes etc.

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15 Replies to “A series of events that require further explanations: Links 2 on Nov. 9 – 2015”

  1. looks like one to me vlad .. look at the possibilities here .. didn’t american A- 10’s
    turn an iraqi rep guard column into the “road of death” .. lots of tempting targets here ..
    no ruskies either .. eh ??

  2. #1 and why our A-10 Warthogs aren’t blowing these convoys to hell escapes me. Can you imagine how quickly we could end this with the political will? Oh, that’s right… Canada decided to drop sleeping blankets instead of ammunitions… (the Yuzidies on the mountain get cold at night.)

    • I would take them out with drones. Why put pilots in front of so many 23mm anti-aircraft guns when drones could do the job with perfect safety? Imagine if all those trucks started firing their big guns at you en masse? I honestly don’t see why American soldiers should risk their lives too much for the good people of Syria and Iraq…

  3. The Americans aren’t the only people who have Apache helicopters. How do we know that ISIS didn’t simply buy that thing from BOEING, or whoever sells them? They could have also picked it up from the Iraqi army while they were busy dropping their weapons and running away. And the pilot? How about an RAF pilot who just happens to be Muslim? Why not a Canadian? Unless I’m missing something, this video could be either way…

  4. #2 Air Canada Syrian “refugees”.

    I propose we start a pool on when the first Canadian gets murdered by one of these “refugees”. Since Justin wants to get them into the country by Christmas, no less, I should imagine that should be happening sooner rather than later. I predict that a dozen of these guys will walk into a Montreal club, they’ll start grabbing the girls (whom they believe to be worthless sluts) and acting like disrespectful animals, some Infidel will object, and the objecting Infidel will get stabbed to death. And I say it happens on January 13, 2016.

      • Eeyor, “Your hearing on the Richard Dawkins clip is bad”

        Follow the hypnotic line Eeyor… (remember the chicken, Master Luke), because there can be no capacity for lateral thinking… only literal… so this has directly to do with your statement “My hearing is failing and the audio is poor. But I think I hear him say…”

        It’s a bitchy comeback, an ad hominem, that you’d expect from someone who doesn’t directly tell it to your face but curses are made not quite out of earshot. I.e a dhimmi: terrified to stand up and become a man because of Islam, and so the only imprint they receive is from the mother.

        “And you’re just as bad as judging horses!” And run away.

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