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  1. Kurdish militants kill Turkish soldier, EU calls for revived peace talks (ahram, Nov 10, 2015),-EU-calls-f.aspx

    “Kurdish militants fired on a military convoy in southeast Turkey on Tuesday and killed one soldier, security sources said, as the European Union urged Ankara to stem the violence and revive peace talks.

    Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast has been rocked by a steady stream of clashes with militants which has killed hundreds since a two-year hold ceasefire between the state and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants broke down in July.

    The latest PKK attack occurred before dawn as the convoy, escorted by a police vehicle, entered Yuksekova district in Hakkari province near the Iranian border, said the sources, adding one police officer was wounded. The armed forces confirmed in a statement that a soldier had died.

    Areas of the southeast have been intermittently subject to round-the-clock curfews in response to the conflict. Security sources said six people have died in clashes in the town of Silvan in Diyarbakir province since a curfew began there eight days ago.

    Last Thursday, the PKK ended a month-old ceasefire that it declared ahead of a Nov. 1 election. That vote was won by the AK Party founded by President Tayyip Erdogan, who subsequently vowed to fight the PKK until all fighters were “liquidated”.

    Erdogan has overseen a peace process launched with jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in late 2012 but talks were frozen in April and the European Commission called on Tuesday for the revival of the process.

    “The settlement process of the Kurdish issue came to a halt despite earlier positive developments on the issue. It is imperative that the peace talks resume,” the European Commission said in its annual report on Turkey.

    The PKK, which wants autonomy for Turkey’s large Kurdish minority, is listed as a terrorist organisation by Ankara, the United States and European Union.

    It took up arms against the Turkish state in 1984 and more than 40,000 people, mostly Kurdish militants, have died in the conflict.”

  2. Afghan Spy Agency Frees 8 Kidnap Victims (abcnews, Nov 10, 2015)

    “Afghanistan’s spy agency says it has freed eight people who were among a large group of ethnic minority Hazaras kidnapped earlier this year.

    The National Directorate of Security said in a statement that five men, two women and a teenager were freed in Ghazni province on Tuesday.

    It was not clear if they were among 31 Hazaras abducted from a bus in Ghazni in March, all of whom were believed to be men.

    Senior government officials have said that the Islamic State group was behind the abductions. The NDS statement made no comment on who was responsible.

    The bodies of seven Hazaras were found in neighboring Zabul province on Saturday, officials said. Rival Taliban factions have been fighting in the region for days.”

  3. Turkmenistan and Afghanistan to Lay New Pipeline (abcnews, Nov 10, 2015)

    “Presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have met to launch the construction of a pipeline that will pump natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

    Turkmenistan is believed to have the world’s fourth-largest gas reserves, but currently exports almost all of it to China.

    Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov on Monday discussed the new pipeline with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who hailed it as “extremely important for the entire region,” according to Turkmen state media reports. The reports said Tuesday that the two leaders agreed to formally start its construction on Friday.

    TAPI, as the proposed 1,735-kilometer pipeline is known, is intended to carry 33 billion cubic meters of gas annually through the Afghan cities of Herat and Kandahar and end up in the India-Pakistan border town of Fazilka.”

  4. EU criticises Turkey over human rights and democracy (BBC, Nov 10, 2015)

    “The European Commission has called on Turkey urgently to address significant failings on human rights and democracy.

    A delayed annual report on Turkish prospects for EU membership says there have been serious setbacks in the past two years on freedom of expression.

    It also says the independence of the judiciary had been undermined and that new laws run against EU standards.

    The report’s publication comes at a time when the EU needs Turkey’s help in trying to control the refugee crisis.

    It also follows parliamentary elections in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) regained the majority it lost in June.

    The report had been pushed back by several weeks because sensitive negotiations on the refugee crisis were taking place with leading Turkish officials, including the president, shortly before the 1 November elections…”

  5. Christmas Island: Tear gas used to end migrant centre unrest (BBC, Nov 10, 2015)

    “Australia’s immigration minister has said police used tear gas to bring an end to unrest at the Christmas Island migrant detention centre.

    Peter Dutton said five detainees were injured, but could not confirm reports that police had used rubber bullets.

    The immigration department said all areas of the facility were back under “full and effective control” after police used “some force”.

    The disturbances began on Sunday after an escaped detainee was found dead.

    Inmates had started fires inside the buildings and barricaded themselves inside a compound with weapons.

    Christmas Island is a remote outpost located 2,650km (1,650 miles) north-west of Perth and 380km south of Java in Indonesia.

    It is part of Australia’s network of offshore processing centres for irregular migrants who arrive by boat, but also houses foreigners facing deportation after committing crimes in Australia…”

  6. Drought takes terrible toll in Ethiopia (BBC, video, Nov 9, 2015)

    “The United Nations has warned that more than 15 million people in Ethiopia will be in need of food aid by the beginning of 2016 because of a severe drought. A lack of rain has meant that crop yields in the worst-affected areas are down by 90% this year. The Ethiopian government has set aside nearly £130m to deal with the crisis but the UN says a further £330m is needed. Clive Myrie reports from Kobo in northern Ethiopia.”

  7. Three members of Haqqani network arrested in Khost (khaama, Nov 10, 2015)

    “The National Directorate of Security (NDS) has arrested three members of Haqqani terrorist network in Khost province.

    A statement released by the national intelligence agency on Tuesday states that Rahim Khan, Naim Khan and Najibullah were planning attacks and transporting weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups in Khost province.

    According to the statement, the group was involved in a number of attacks on civilians and military in Musakhil District.

    NDS raided two weapon catches belonging to Spin Ghar, a commander of Haqqani network, based on the information provided by the group.

    A suicide vest, RPG 7, 40 different types of weapons including 20 Kalashinkovs and four pistols, ammunition, four transmission sets and military equipment were recovered from these depots.

    A footage released by NDS shows three young boys identified as the arrested Haqqani men confessing to their crimes.”

  8. Taliban shadow governor, military commander for Zabul killed in Daesh suicide attack (khaama, Nov 10, 2015)

    “The shadow governor and military commander of Taliban for southern Zabul province have been killed in a suicide attack carried out by a fighter of Daesh group.

    The attack reportedly took place in Khak-i-Afghan District of Zabul province where both groups have been engaged in heavy fighting since last three days.

    Zia Durani, spokesman for the police headquarters of Zabul’s neighboring Kandahar province confirmed the death of Mullah Mati—the governor and Peer Agha—the military commander.
    Taliban have not yet commented on the report.

    Although, the groups have been engaged in heavy gun battles against each other from several months but this is first time a suicide bomber is used in the internal clashes…”

  9. America’s interest in Pakistan would further strengthen terrorists, warns Senate (khaama, Nov 10, 2015)

    “Upper House of the Parliament or Meshrano Jirga says that America’s interest in Pakistan would further strengthen terrorists.

    Pakistan’s Chief of Army General Raheel Sharif is scheduled to pay a state visit to the United States in coming days and besides other issues he will also discuss Afghanistan’s security with US officials.

    International Relations Commission of Meshrano Jirga has expressed concern over his visit.
    Senators have said that US’s interest in Pakistan would further strengthen terrorists and result in boost of fighting in Afghanistan.

    International Relations Committee of parliament urged American officials and Senate on Monday to abide by their commitments to Afghanistan.

    A statement released by the commission states that the US should prevent support to terrorists by Pakistan and not allow further bloodshed of innocent Afghans.

    General Raheel Sharif will visit the United States from 15-20 November and hold talks with military and political leadership on different issues including Afghanistan’s security and stalled peace talks with Taliban.”

  10. Russia arrests suspected Tajik associate of Taliban (khaama, Nov 10, 2015)

    “Russia has arrested a suspected associate of Taliban who hails from Tajikistan.

    According to a spokesman of the country’s Interior Ministry spokesman, the suspected terrorist was previously placed on Interpol’s wanted list.

    Asaladdin Nurov, a 28-year-old Tajik citizen was detained and 10 foreign-language books seized following a search of the flat he had been renting in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg.

    Nurov is suspected to have been part of illegal armed formations on the Afghan-Pakistani border, and had been internationally wanted “for a considerable length of time,” Valery Gorelykh told RIA news

    The suspect is reported to have undergone training at a “militant” camp near the Pakistani city of Peshawar in 2009, and had previously studied at an Islamic educational facility in Iran for three years, TASS news agency reported.

    According the information released by the ministry, Nurov is could be handed over to Tajik officials.”

  11. ISRAEL JERUSALEM – Child terrorist stabbers caught on CCTV

    11- and 14-year-old terrorists seen pouncing on security guard, stabbing him repeatedly – before being shot.

    Footage has emerged showing the moment two young Arab terrorists – one of them aged just 11 – carried out a stabbing attack aboard a light rail car in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood Monday.

    A security guard was moderately wounded in the attack, but succeeded in shooting and injuring one of the attackers, while the second was detained at the scene.

    The attack was one of three stabbings or attempted stabbings in the capital Tuesday, ending a period of quiet in Jerusalem which lasted for several days.

  12. SYRIA Davutoglu: Turkey ready to take part in anti-ISIL ground operation under well-designed strategy

    Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said Turkey may take part in a possible ground operation targeting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as part of what he called “an integrated strategy” by the US-led coalition fighting the organization.

    “A ground force is something which we have to talk [about] together,” he said. “There’s a need of an integrated strategy including air campaign and ground troops. But Turkey alone cannot take all this burden. If there is a coalition and a very well designed integrated strategy, Turkey is ready to take part in all senses,” Davutoglu said during an interview with CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday night.

    Otherwise, Davutoglu continued, just carrying out a ground operation against ISIL but continuing to have a power vacuum on the ground would lead to the emergence of another terrorist group in Syria instead of ISIL. “We have to solve the Syrian crisis in a comprehensive manner,” he added.

    Saying that Turkey has already been conducting aerial attacks targeting ISIL positions as part of the coalition, Davutoglu said, “But, it is not enough.”

    When asked by Amanpour whether the precondition of Turkey getting more involved in the anti-ISIL efforts is an agreement by the coalition to work against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Davutoglu said, “Yes, and against all groups and regimes creating this [power] vacuum.”

    On Tuesday, Davutoglu said Turkey will respond by air and land to any threats emerging from Syria, without naming the possible sources of any such threats.

    Davutoglu also said in a live interview on the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) that he and US President Barack Obama have discussed the need for a new strategy towards ISIL.

    The Turkish prime minister also declared that Turkey should play a larger role in the coalition fighting the extremists which are active in both Syria and Iraq.

    Turkey vowed to take a more active role in combating ISIL in July, as part of a multi-pronged offensive which also saw them ramp up attacks on militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

    Since then, the Turkish military has primarily concentrated on hitting its old foe, the PKK, although Turkish air bases have also been used by US-led coalition jets to hit ISIL targets in northern Syria.

    When asked about Turkish concerns over the US’s arming and training of Kurdish fighters in Syria as ground force against ISIL, Davuto?lu reiterated Turkey’s position regarding the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian wing of the PKK.

    “If the US wants to arm Kurdish fighters on the ground, we are ready for it. But not terrorists of the PKK. If they want to arm and help Barzani, peshmerga groups in Iraq, and help them to go to Syria to fight against ISIL, we are ready to help,” the prime minister said.

    “We will not and cannot tolerate any help to any PKK-related groups in Syria or in Iraq. If that happens, Turkey will take any measures to stop it,” Davutoglu warned.

    The US’s growing cooperation with the PYD and its armed wing the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the most formidable fighting force against ISIL, has been a source of concern in Ankara, which has on many occasions conveyed its uneasiness about the relationship to Washington.

    Facing pressure and opposition from its ally, the US said last week that it will no longer deliver weapons to the YPG, but instead will forward weapons to Syrian Arab rebels.

    “As of now, we are not providing weapons or ammunition to the YPG. The weapons that we’ve provided thus far, with the ammunition that we’ve provided in our one airdrop that we executed, was for the Syrian-Arab coalition,” Col. Steve Warren, a Baghdad-based spokesman for the US-led coalition against ISIL, told reporters via teleconference from Baghdad last Thursday.

    He said future resupplies will go to Syrian opposition forces, or the Syrian Arab Coalition, but did not mention the YPG. However, his remarks led to confusion given the possibility that the YPG may obtain some of the weapons in future resupplies as it is part of the coalition.

    The Turkish government is pressing for a no-fly and buffer zone inside Syria to defend itself in the face of the clashes in the country, in order to prevent the conflict from spreading to its territory. These two demands have not been welcomed or approved of by US and European partners.

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