The totalitarian crush of the state tightens its grip across the West both in response to jihad, and resistance to jihad: Links 1 on Nov 2 – 2015

1. Israel US relations aren’t just poor, The US appears to be using its security forces against Israel in some ways.

Military Intelligence has issued a letter warning all soldiers and officers in the Israel Defense Forces against attempts by the American Central Intelligence Agency to recruit Israeli soldiers.

“Be alert and report any unusual incidents,” the letter urged, according to a report by Channel 2 Sunday.

Under penalty of fines or arrests, parents in the east Deir e-Zor town of Mayadin, for example, must send their children to IS-run schools in a “Pakistani style” uniform of long-sleeved shirts and trousers, reported the local media campaign Deir e-Zor is Being Slaughtered Silently on Monday.

Mayadin teachers are supposed to be paid a monthly wage of 35 IS dinars, made of silver, and girls are only taught to the fourth grade, according to the Deir e-Zor is Being Slaughtered Silently report.


Classes are segregated by gender, beginning in the first grade, reported pro-opposition Step News Agency Monday.

One former elementary teacher from A-Raqqa tells of a colleague who earned 30 lashes for deviating from the Islamic State narrative. “He had drawn a map of Syria and written on it the names of neighboring states,” said Abu Abdullah. “According to the Islamic State, there are no other states besides theirs,” he said.

In early 2014, the Islamic State shut down schools in Deir e-Zor and A-Raqqa, including private schools, citing the corrupting influence of Baathist curricula.

Math, music, philosophy, history, French and geography were all banned.

7. Councils and taxman to be given power to view your internet history

Dozens of public bodies will be able to search people’s internet activity for the purposes of ‘detecting or preventing crime’

Councils, the taxman and dozens of other public bodies will be able to search the internet and social media activity of everyone in Britain, The Telegraph can disclose.

Technology firms will be required to keep records of the websites and apps which people have used and details of when they accessed them for 12 months under new powers unveiled this week.

The new powers, contained in legislation which is published on Wednesday, will primarily be used by police and the security services in pursuit of suspected terrorists and serious criminals.

8. Afghanistan to Accept Its Citizens Deported From Germany

Afghanistan will take back all its citizens to be deported from Germany as the European country struggles to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees and other migrants who have arrived there this year, a Kabul official said.

Afghans currently make up the second largest nationality, after Syrians, arriving in Europe. So far this year, an estimated 120,000 Afghans have left the country, legally and illegally, according to authorities. The International Organization of Migration says more than 76,000 Afghans have migrated to Europe so far in 2015.

Germany, a longtime contributor to international forces in Afghanistan and with currently 944 soldiers in NATO’s support and training mission there, has increasingly been feeling the pressure of the rising numbers of people coming in.


Thank you Del, Wrath of Khan. M., and many people I lost track of when this post got wiped and I had to redo it all. But thank you for your efforts. One has to remember that the technology in some ways is still quite new and definitely imperfect. Today may be an interesting day. Please check back later.

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6 Replies to “The totalitarian crush of the state tightens its grip across the West both in response to jihad, and resistance to jihad: Links 1 on Nov 2 – 2015”

  1. 6. Every child left behind in the Islamic State’s new elementary schools

    No Child Left Behind when they teach them transgender doctrine from the age of 3.

    “A strong and persistent cross-gender identification…
    (4) intense desire to participate in the stereotypical games and pastimes of the other sex”

    Psst… there are no toy guns or men in these Socialist households. Just pure: “I just don’t want to be a woman!,” or “I just want to be woman!”. Only the female-imprint is available to these infants: Aggressive or Repressive; or to enter the Swedish Neutral Position of asexual anorexia.

    • A sane man in the home does not care that his daughter climbs trees, or is into science, or anything. She is who she will be. Because men are naturally non-conformists and don’t care what the neighbours say, and women do. That is until the blunt trauma of Islam turns men into female before Allah and these men now become inferior and afraid of women – directly by having less of their brains available to them. Fear does that to disrupt rational thinking. Men, made in the image of God, are supposed to be gods. Whereas Allah-beans are always submitting that they are naughty.

      So when women tell children they can be be free and become whatever they want to be, it comes from a totally different side: the controller controlling their non-controlling situation. The children under the feminine spyglass.

      Fight, flight or stand like a tree, is the only survival within this gaze of Gaia that is just as ruthless as Allah.

      So Yucki, (welcome back), it means the choices of a child filled with resentment is to be female, reject female or have no sexual identity at all.

      And all the mom’s will say, “I can only get her to eat chicken nuggets and chips”.

  2. 8. “Afghanistan will take back all its citizens to be deported from Germany…”

    Damn right they should. There’s nothing magnanimous about this at all. Why are Muslims given the lowest level of expectations all the time, so that when they conform to normal civilized behaviour it’s like they just won something? If British people were found to be illegally in America and were deported, Britain would take them back. End of discussion. (Only Tommy Robinson would be imprisoned).

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