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9 Replies to “German news: Migrants reach new levels”

    • “Invasion” implies an external attack. I like “transfect” as it denotes the deliberate introduction (by Merkel) of foreign genetic material (Muslims) into an existing organic structure (Nation). What is happening is pretty unique in history, a leader intentionally transferring a known , hostile population into their country for the express purpose of destroying the social cohesion thereof. I await the first use of “Because We Live Here!” when the dam of social tolerance of the Muslims breaks.

      • Joe, you introduced me to the “transfect” concept a few days ago. I like it – suits this monstrous novel means of destroying an established civilization.

        I’m convinced Merkel is non compos mentis. She belongs in a hospital. I’m not kidding.

  1. The eporter says that not one Baljan state is following EU laws.

    He is wrong. It is Germany that flouted EU law by welcoming all and sundry with no limit. Dont see any reason why cash strapped Balkan nations should bear the brunt of Merkel’s insanity.

    • I thought what they meant was, no one is obeying the law where the first coutnry these people land in has to register them and house them there in refuge camps till its all sorted. Instead, Merkel made it an all you can eat buffet in Germany so the refuse-eze are refusing to be registered till they get to Germany and the other nations aren’t making them. It was the same issue Orban had up till he gave up trying to use existing law to cope and just built a fence. Which is working very well by the way.

  2. It looks grim and it will be but this will cure western illusions about Islam. The price will be a short bloody reign of chaos in which European Muslims will be destroyed along with a great number of non Muslims. No existing governments will survive in Europe. A brave new world that the left are responsible for. At least Global Warming will stop being talked about.

  3. Ha Ha. Soon Germany will be all following Sharia Law. Cut off head or hand or foot for wearing a swim suit adultery stealing a small candy speaking anything bad about the Koran or f#cking Mohammed. All to bow with ass stuck up in air for all to see touch or have sex while praying for 5 to 10 times per day. This leaves no time to clean house or work cays praying 24/7. Ha Ha

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