German media begins to frame PEGIDA as far right wing violent extremism

This was to be expected. Like the British government along with trade unions destroying the EDL and any real grass roots anti-transfomation movement, the German govt. was inevitably going to do this along with its strategy of funding fake grass movements like ANTI-FA to attack supporters.

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  1. I wish the report was coming from a news source I can trust.

    If the woman speaking was really one of the founders she shows a remarkable lack of knowledge about Islam.

    I wish I knew more about what is happening in Germany, I can’t trust the news reports and don’t know if the anti jihad forces are turning to violence, if the government is framing them or if something else is happening. This is the problem with the left having control of the MSM

    • I think that the problem in Germany and in Nordic countries is that people can not loudly tell their views. I recently read an article about the guy who got the prize for helping immigrants. For the last ten years he helped Turkish children with their school work and also helped their parents when they had communication problem. However he also was a member and a candidate to parliament from a small anti-immigrant party “Republikaner”. He talked against present immigration, he wrote that 80% of immigrants are undocumented . After a fight in a refugee camp, on an internet page he is responsible for , he wrote ” And give us our daily enrichment”.
      When the people who gave the prizes heard about that, they took back that prize.
      I think that many Germans who are against present i/migrants see that they can achieve nothing legally, some of them may loose jobs just because on the internet they write things against immigrants, their peaceful protests also do not achieve any results. Migrants are coming and nobody stops them and their complains are not listened to . So I think there is a lot of frustration and some of them may start becoming violent.
      There are usually attacks on future refugee shelters, because complains do not work and even if community protest against future refugee shelter nearby, nobody listen. Therefore they have only one choice …. burn the shelter so the refugees will not come to their community.
      However, I also think that media and politicians are blowing things out of proportions because they want people to stop protesting against i/migrants. I have suspicion that politicians in Europe want to get “one Europe” and they want to destroy nation-states. And migrants are a way to do that. I know that it seems far fetched, but a lot of people over there, in Europe, believe this.
      As for RT, it is Russian Television and it is against EU, however, Russia is also dependent on contracts with German businesses. So I think that is one of the reasons why RT changes its tune regarding Germany and anti-immigrant parties.

  2. Re: the so-called Co-founder of PEGIDA
    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…””

    As to the NEWS report LOL: sponsored by Al jezeera, Merkel, or Adolf Erdogan?

  3. This mass influx of invaders will most certainly lead to and eventual uprising and revolution within Europe, the citizens have been ignored and pushed too far. The breaking point is just around the corner.

    • Not just in Europe, one is coming to all Western nations, I think that a revolution that will result in massive turmoil is what Obama wants, it will keep us from helping Europe when the trouble starts over there.

  4. re: Antifa
    I don’t think German government is sponsoring Antifa, it is just using Antifa.
    . In Germany and in other countries there are many people who are very far-left -wing or anarchists. A lot of them are in Greece or Italy but there are some in Germany and even there are some in Eastern European countries. And over there when there is some right wing or patriotic demonstration there is a presence of Antifa members whose behavior is quite violent.

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