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15 Replies to “German govt. conspires with hotel, 100 jobs lost, businesses close, no notice, no compensation”

  1. The left in Europe and North America must want civil wars, that is the only rational explanation for their actions, there is no way all of this could be done out of misguided humanitarianism or through sheer incompetence. We all know the left wants a one world government where they hold all power and can tell everyone what to think and what to do.

    • The leftist government just want an excuse to execute the unarmed conservatives, then they will have nobody to hold back their progressive agenda.

      • They are going to have a hard time in the US and probably in the rest of the west, if the Brits remain true to their historical model they will be hard to enslave.

  2. Welcome to the ‘New Europe, brought to you by the Globalists in the ‘New World Order’.IMHO this entire scheme is a carefully crafted plan to put an end to nations, cultures, and our present way of life. As I share the opinion of many enlightened folks, ‘nothing just happens by accident’.

  3. Watching that last video about the hotel workers now SOL, they STILL don’t understand what is happening. They defend the ‘refugees.’ They don’t get it. You are being replaced and it won’t be pretty.

    • The left in Europe has had longer to consolidate their control of the people, although we have a very large number in the US who are also willing to welcome the slave masters into our nation. We on the right who have been fighting for so long to ensure that our nations remain free are called on once more to fight the good fight for the people who don’t really appreciate what we have been doing tor them.

  4. PATHETIC COMPLACENCY. I feel very sorry for these people. They are doomed to live as paupers. Good luck having the gov’t take care of you. They are already busy…

    • This is the end result of all socialist governments and economies, we are cursed with living in the world when the socialist dream crashes and the evils they have raised are unleashed to carry out the evil intent that the left used to destroy the west.

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