Its important that the only people anti-terror laws do not apply to, are the people most likely to do terror: Links 1 on Oct. 21 – 2015

1. Some Israeli black humour

2. Ahmed the clock faker moving to Qatar. (Katard?)

(For those who don’t know, he is the boy who once famously said: “Does this clock make my bomb look fatwa?”)

3. Death Threats Against Ben Carson SURGE As He Accepts Secret Service Protection (Here’s Why)

A source told Newsmax that online threats against Carson went “off the charts” after he made comments that he doesn’t believe a Muslim should be president.

Fox News confirmed Newsmax’s story Monday, reporting that the Secret Service sent letters to congressional leaders on seeking to activate 24-hour protection for Trump and Carson.

(So the threats are from the left and muslims. Not “far right wing extremists” or white supremacists. Same with Obama. The Secret Service estimated the threats against him as not being from racists as well as racists, according to the SS, typically hate Jews and didn’t consider Obama to be a problem in that way)

4. Leftists and muslims pump adrenaline as Britain First walk by with crosses and “no more mosques” banners.

5. Geert Wilders speaks at birth of Australia’s first freedom party

(Probably a better video on YT now. The Guardian really spins this one downwards)

6. Ahmed the clock faker plans to do high school in Qatar after consulting the president of the United States, that doesn’t seem to have anything better to do

(It will be interesting to see what happens when he brings a pencil case full of wires to class in a place like Doha)

7. Fire breaks out at Slovenia refugee camp housing thousands

A large fire has broken out at refugee camp in Slovenia with firefighters trying to put it out and Slovenian riot police in full gear on standby. More than 1,000 migrants were dropped at the Slovenian border by train from Croatia early Wednesday.

It’s not yet clear what caused the fire at the camp located in Brezice near the Slovenian border with Croatia. A report on Twitter claimed refugees set fire to tents.

However, AP reported that a many refugees have been lighting fires to keep warm in the cold weather.

8. EXCLUSIVE: ‘I am a prince and I do what I want.’ Cocaine-crazed Saudi royal ‘threatened to kill Los Angeles mansion staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide’ 

(Pray for the return of a true Western leader and soon)

9. Mark Steyn on Ahmed the clock faker and more

Nonetheless, like Niqab Girl, Clock Boy has taught us all a valuable lesson with his droll and spectacularly successful provocation. The US Department of Homeland Security’s slogan is “If You See Something, Say Something” – unless it’s something that might get you accused of Islamophobia, in which case keep it to yourself.


Oh, well. The great thing about a bureaucratic program that requires police investigation of grade-schoolers at risk of “developing extremism” is that it’s the Big Government trifecta: expensive, time-consuming, and assuredly entirely ineffectual. Whereas, say, a policy of reducing Muslim immigration to the United Kingdom is just cloud-cuckoo land. Can’t be done. Pie in the sky. Devoting police resources to investigating every ten-year-old schoolboy who says something “alternative”: that we can do.

10. Burning ‘refugee’ camp ablaze on Slovenian-Croation border.

Thank you Maria J., M., ML., Buck, Oz-Rita and many more.

Mark Steyn shines a light on a data point of a general trend, Typically the way it works now, that a bad law is passed to assuage fears of a real threat, then a rule is passed that allows the people who actually are most likely to carry out that threat to get a total pass from the law. Behaviour at airplanes and airports, bringing mock bombs to schools, having views which would normally get you reeducation camps to prisons but are religious rights in islam and on and on and on. We need rational law and not layers of bad law on top of bad law on top of good law. Just apply the good law. No disguises in public for instance would have fixed the muslim face cloth problem al by itself. No need for crap laws about muslim clothing which, within minutes of its passing, muslims would have gotten an exemption from, either legal by regulation or practical by a police force that refused to enforce it.

We saw this over and over again where laws were passed to deal with problems uniquely caused by muslims and for which they ended up getting the sole exemption from. So that a law forbidding religious symbols etc. at the work place in Belgium which was to deal with the number of burkas in the civil service, ended up getting rid of all the crosses and every other proclamation of faith or heritage but didn’t reduce the burka count by even one.



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7 Replies to “Its important that the only people anti-terror laws do not apply to, are the people most likely to do terror: Links 1 on Oct. 21 – 2015”

  1. 4. Since the UK Socialist government did not work with Tommy Robinson and the English Defense League, (EDL), but actively hounded him – those MPs using fraudulent housing expenses imprisoning him for fraudulent housing expenses; of entering a country illegally when they entered countries illegally – have now got Britain First who will hunt them down and hang them all!

    Such is the sexually-perverted political class believing they can stop Islam’s knife into them if they’re nice. The measure of how far they are out of touch that they can’t say, “normal,” any more.

    The Muslims will come in, the Mosques built, and the country taken over. So simple.

    • They have forced the patriotic non racist Europeans into the racist cam[, and the local Nazi’s are taking advantage of this to gain power. Yes impromptu necktie parties are coming to all western nations followed by a campaign against all Moslems. I would call it genocide but it isn’t all one race, I theocide probably comes a close as any word in my vocabulary.

    • Even being controlled by the police they are showing remarkable cohesion and marching ability, it looks like a military unit on the move using route step (they don’t have to stay oin step, just in formation.)

    • Dear Kathy,
      I wanted to thank you for all the great stuff from the Eastern Front. It’s good to hear common sense and see courageous politicians who respect their own people. Most of the little we get is panned as the far, far right of a tiny lunatic fringe.

      Your perspective on the madness is much appreciated.
      YankeeKafir (*)
      (*) I spell it that way because Dr. Bill Warner suggested we flaunt our “kafir-ness” in whatever natural spelling we choose. He offered k-a-f-i-r for Americans, so there it is.

      Gates of Vienna turned me on to him years ago. It was liking turning on a light for me.

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