The Real Glory: 1939 film about islamic genocide and slavery in the Philippines and US help to defend against it

For those that make time to watch this, there are some obvious questions we need to ask ourselves. How could we have known all this in 1939 and utterly purged ourselves of these consistent facts which would have made this a non-problem had we allowed ourselves to retain what we so obviously knew then? Even to the issue of the ‘moderate ”moros” (Probably a version of the word, ‘Moors’?) which is rapidly resolved in one scene of this movie where you find out exactly where the loyalties of the nice ones who live among you lie.

I really look forward to any and all reviews of this movie from a content point of view. In terms of acting and as a piece of entertainment, yeah I would say its pot boiler. At best a 7 out of 10. But in the context of what Americans knew in the 1930s its an 11.

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  1. It is a pot boiler and a formula movie, it does show what we knew about history and Islam in the late 30s and early 40s, it was never released because the people saw WWII coming and thought the was the non Moslem Filipino were shown was an insult to a potential ally. Which it was, the ordinary Filipino’s fought long and hard to remain free from the Moros.

    • Coop and Niven showed talent and really stole the show from the others. FYI the actor who played the head Moro played a school teacher in Back To Bataan.

  2. ”Moros” is the spanish word for “Moors” (Muslims). The Philippines was a colony of Spain for more than three centuries.

      • Yes indeed. And within the first few minutes they showed a slave raid on a Philippine town where the women were carried off. During the lecture the Dr. gave he discussed how they made themselves fit for slavery by fearing the Moros. Slavery came up a few times.

        • Once again I will quote Heinlein, “You can’t enslave a free man, the worst you can do is kill him.” I think it was a Roman philosopher that said something similar about people knowing how to die know how to avoid slavery.

          I will have to watch the movie again. The Dr. is right fear of the enemy allows them to enslave you and way too many people in all Western Nations are showing massive fear of the Moslems. Stand up to them and they will back down because they have been instructed to back down when the enemy is strong. Our weak leaders are betraying their countries and sentencing many people to death, people who are not willing to become slaves and who want to ensure that their descendants will also remain free.

  3. The Moslem infestation problem still exists in the Philippines today of course. As we well know Moslems are a curse wherever they reside. They still practice the same tactics as the moros of the past.

    • And will continue to do so as long as the religion exists, their insistence that the Koran is the literal word of God means that the religion can’t change it must follow every command that Mohammad ever gave. This idea is one that the leftist have massive problems understanding, they are for the most part semi religious at best and think that everyone else believes the same way they do.

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