Reader links for Oct. 19 – 2015 (Think twice and vote once Canada)

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  1. Exclusive: NATO nations to keep presence in Afghanistan, officials say (reuters, Oct 19, 2015)

    “Germany, Turkey and Italy are set to keep their deployments in Afghanistan at current levels, senior NATO officials said on Monday after the U.S. government decided to prolong its 14-year-old military presence there.

    The Taliban’s brief takeover of a provincial capital has raised concern about the strength of Afghan state forces and both the United States and its NATO allies now say events, rather than timetables, must dictate gradual troop reductions.

    Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s top commander in Europe, said he had assurances that NATO countries will continue alongside the nearly 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. While discussions of exact numbers are still continuing, the biggest national deployments are not in doubt, he said.

    “Several of our largest contributors have already communicated with us that they will remain in their current posture,” Breedlove told Reuters.

    He declined to give details. But a second senior NATO official said Germany, Turkey and Italy were willing to remain in Afghanistan at their current levels…”

  2. Migrant crisis: Dutch alarm over child brides from Syria (BBC, Oct 20, 2015)

    ” A 14-year-old girl has gone missing from a Dutch asylum centre. Police say Fatema Alkasem was nine months pregnant and may be in need of medical care.

    She is also thought to be a “child bride”, and her case has highlighted the problem that the Netherlands faces in providing asylum for girls who married in Syria but are below the Dutch age of consent.

    The government in The Hague is rushing to close a loophole in the asylum law which has so far allowed child brides to be reunited with their husbands in the Netherlands.

    The practice has inflamed debate about how the Netherlands is responding to the refugee crisis, with some arguing it is condoning paedophilia.

    As many as 20 girls between the ages of 13 and 15 have been given legal permission to join their older partners at Dutch asylum centres, according to regional news channel RTV-Noord. The figures were reportedly obtained from a leaked immigration service document.

    “A 12-year-old girl with a 40-year-old-man – that is not a marriage, that is abuse”, says opposition Labour politician Attje Kuiken.

    “We’re talking about really young children, girls 12, 13 years old. I want to protect these children. The government should take them into foster care and protect them, because before the new law comes into force, they can still be subject to abuse.”

    The age of sexual consent in the Netherlands is 16 but migration minister Klaas Dijkhoff has told the BBC that the country currently recognises marriages involving young teenagers, as long as they are officially registered in their country of origin.

    “At the moment we do have a problem with the bracket between 15 and 18. We want to be more strict, (and in future we will) not recognise the relationship…”

    The amendment means that family reunification applications will only recognise marriages if both partners are over the age of 18.

    “So if you’re a man with an underage wife,” Mr Dijkhoff warns, “you won’t make it in time to bring over your underage wife.”

    The new rules are due to come into force in December.

    In the meantime, there are concerns for the welfare of married Syrian teenagers who are already living the Netherlands, like 14-year-old Fatema. She disappeared from the country’s main asylum centre in Ter Apel two months ago.

    A police spokeswoman told the BBC they feared she had been taken overseas. She has been placed on their list of missing children….”

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