Large number of Al-Azhar imams protest in front of Russian Embassy

A couple of things that should be known to give context to this video.

The chopped Santa hat seen in this video can only be worn by a person who is a graduate of the most prestigious institute of Islamic learning in the world by literally an order of magnitude. To paraphrase Stephen Coughlin on this, where Al_Azhar is #1, there is no number 2 and so on down to about 12 where the next one is. Al-Azhar is essentially Oxford, Yale, Harvard and the Vatican rolled into one.

So when you see a Santa-parae like this one protesting in front of the Russian embassy, presumably about the bombing of the Islamic State, it becomes rather more difficult to claim that the Islamic State is not truly Islamic. Now I do not speak Arabic so its possible that in fact they are protesting the treatment of lab animals or GMO foods in Russia, but I would wager that when Rita Malek gets back to me on this, they are protesting Russian expeditions against IS targets.

It is also possible that judging by the signage they are spinning it as Russia supporting Assad and that is killing muslims or whatnot. But that is onion paper at best as many islamic groups have already sent out instructions for muslims to start attacking targets in Russia as a response to bombing IS targets.


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7 Replies to “Large number of Al-Azhar imams protest in front of Russian Embassy”

  1. After 9/11 the Americans should have dropped about a hundred bunker-busters on the Al Azhar University and left nothing but an extremely deep hole where that piece of architectural garbage used to be. Al Azhar is the very center of evil on the planet Earth. There is no more evil place than the Al Azhar University and there are no more evil men than the creeps who work there. It is the brain center of the Jihadist movement…

    • Precisely correct, Ross. Probably all set up by Huma Abedin herself. God Damn the mainstream media for concealing this from the people. Half the American populace actually thinks that everything is fine and that Obama is doing a great job. They don’t even know that the MB are the baddest of the bad guys and that the party of JFK has actually sided with them. Only right-wing characters such as us seem to know anything at all…

      • Oh, Chris – Lord’s name in vain on one vile line, tsk, tsk…
        And JFK was as much of a dog as his Nazi father. The LSM gave him a pass as wide as Donner’s.

  2. Thousands of Iranian troops in Syria.
    Prime Minister of Turkey Davuto?lu said: “There’s not a 180 degree difference between our Islam and ISIS’s, there’s a 360 degree difference”
    I am sure, he is right. 😉

    • Is our little Turk upset?
      He finally opens Incirlik base to the “Coalition”, gets into the swing of things by bombing those pesky Kurds, sooo satisfying…
      …then Uncle Vlad slams his big foot down!

      Suddenly the little Turk cries NATO!
      but the Patriot missiles are no longer there - oh, my

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