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4 Replies to “Pegida speech by Tommy Robinson, October 11th 2015”

  1. And how long will it be before the EU has Tommy jailed again on some trumped up charge. I think Saudi Arabia has bought and payed for England and Germany .

    • I agree many in the political class in the UK,EU,and USA have prostituted themselves to the $audi$, They have been wined,dined,and POCKET LINED by the horde of criminal fixers or lobbyists allegedly ‘representing’ Saudi interests. When an official elected or appointed sells out their own nation, it sure looks like treason to me.

      • To quote a vet I run into at the store the west has been so weakened the nations can’t defend themselves, it is now up to the private citizens to protect their families and cultures. Things are going to be very bad and I would suggest that everyone who can save copies of books and movies that show the facts of history and the many good things about out civilization. The more copies that are out there the better the chance that some will survive.

        During WWII ordinary people wrote histories of what was happening and buried them in glass jars in their backyards, almost all of those histories have been recovered.

  2. the last time tommy was in this neck of the woods was an edl demo
    where they barely escaped knife wielding mahgreb muzzies.
    some windows were badly smashed on the tour bus. when tom my & kev
    realized they had escaped, they joked about it. there’s an old edl demo vid
    with tommy speaking with the accompanying music, ‘no need to say goodbye’ ..

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