Germany: “Refugees“ refuse moving into gymnasium – demand flats

An original translation by Carpe Diem with much thanks.

From this German news site

Chemnitz / district Markersdorf – On Friday the city wanted to accommodate 60 asylum seekers in the gymnasium at Dittersdorfer Street. 100 protesters wanted to avoid that, but that was not necessary. The “refugees“ refused to move into the building.

The newspaper reports: Police, protesters and helpers stood puzzled in the street. The “refugees“ were afraid to stay in Markersdorf for fear of assaults. But that was not the only reason. The Syrian woman Mai (20) said it clearly: “This isn’t comfortable enough. This is just a gymnasium!“

The asylum seekers, foremost families with children came from the initial registration facility in Adalbert-Stifter-Street and should be brought to accommodations run by the city. The flats are all crowded, thus there is a temporary solution in Markersdorf.

For the “refugees“ from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan this isn’t good enough. Interpreter Attar Nasser (48): “ The people are stubborn ,they absolutely want flats or a home.“

The atmosphere among the “refugees“ turned more and more aggressive. Some said loud, they wanted to leave Germany immediately and demanded a bus towards Austria. “Rather back to Syria than staying here“, they said.

At the moment there is no such bus. Detective Sergeant Rico Lenk (36) was stunned: “A confused situation. They should be willing to compromise.“

But the asylum seeker are not. They are playing for time and expect the city to capitulate. Police are waiting, too – for now. One police officer: “Tonight we won’t let them stay on the parking lot. Then we have to do something.“

For 6.00 p.m. there was a town meeting planned at the Bonhoeffer Church opposite the parking lot about the accommodation in Markersdorf. In addition, the city prepares another accommodation for “refugees“ in this district – the gymnasium of the high school in Arno-Schreiter Street.

Last update from Friday 9.50 p.m.:

About 60 “refugees“ still wait in front of the gymnasium. If they want to spend the night in the open or will move into the gymnasium, remains unclear. Half-Syrian lawyer Peter von Wolffersdorff (52), who got to know about the refugees’ protest via MOPO24 (the newspaper), rushed to Markersdorf to negotiate. The lawyer will accommodate a family with two kids at his home. Mayor Miko Runkel gave his OK for that.

(Video of protesters in Markersdorf calling: „We are the people“ from this German source)


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