Larger media admits that Britain has abandoned law for sharia, a rash of attacks in Israel and more: Links 1 on Oct. 8 – 2015

1. A great collection of political cartoons from Power Line.

2.  Jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi wins Pen Pinter prize

Raif Badawi’s family have warned he could die if the 1,000 lashes are carried out

[…] Accepting the award for Mr Badawi, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said the British government should “show moral leadership” and seek his release.

“Raif should have been honoured for founding a website that allowed healthy public discourse in Saudi Arabia; he should not have been held behind bars, facing flogging,” he added.

Saudi Arabia enforces a strict version of Islamic law and does not tolerate political dissent. It has some of the highest social media usage rates in the region, and has cracked down on domestic online criticism.

3. So while Sweden is self destructing with massive muslim immigration and suppression of any attempt to preserve its former liberal values, an interesting thing is happening in a tiny Swedish enclave in Finland. See, there is this group of Islands which are Swedish, but in Finnish sovereign space and the locals there, despite the fact that they have fought for and won, the multicultural right not to integrate in any way with the Finnish language culture or customs have made it extremely clear that no muslims will be accepted to their islands whatsoever. How terribly quaint. 

4. Secret EU plan to throw out thousands of migrants

(Who would care to bet against the idea that there is no secret plan to deport anyone, but there was a plan to leak a fictional secret report so that there can be a huge protest against this plan and it can be scrubbed without ever having existed at all. We will of course know if there are large astroturf protests against it)

Hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers will be deported from Europe within weeks under secret plans leaked to The Times.

Brussels will threaten to withdraw aid, trade deals and visa arrangements if countries such as Niger and Eritrea refuse to take back their economic migrants. The proposals also envisage EU states detaining thousands of migrants to prevent them from absconding to avoid deportation.

5. New stabbing hits Jerusalem as Israel reels from violence

The stabbings have deeply unnerved Israelis and authorities have struggled to prevent them, with the suspects often young Palestinians believed to be acting on their own.

Police said the victim of Thursday’s attack was a 25-year-old Jewish man who was in a serious condition after being stabbed in the neck near one of Jerusalem’s main thoroughfares.

The attack took place near a tramway station close to the national police headquarters, police said.

6. The Latest: Hungary OKs Border Help From EU, NATO Forces

The Hungarian government has authorized allowing troops from countries in the European Union or NATO to help defend the country’s borders in the midst of the migrant crisis.

A government decree published Thursday says up to 1,000 troops from Hungary’s allies can take part until March 15 in the “Common Will” operation of border defense. Their tasks may include participating in joint exercises as well as direct support of the Hungarian troops on the border. Some 4,700 Hungarian soldiers are now at the country’s southern borders with Serbia and Croatia.

Zsolt Nemeth, head of Parliament’s foreign relations committee, saw nothing unusual about EU countries sending troops to guard a border with another EU country, even if Croatia is not in the EU’s Schengen zone of passport-free travel.


7. Unequal Justice: UK Favouring Muslims Over Non-Muslims In Court

(Do you think that Breitbart just noticed this?)

There have been a couple of disturbing signs lately that the United Kingdom no longer aspires to have one law for all, that instead UK Muslims are entitled to preferential treatment. Both signs take the form of extending special privileges to Muslim women in judicial proceedings.

The result may be to disadvantage non-Muslims vis-à-vis Muslims, while simultaneously institutionalizing the sexism of Sharia law against Muslim women.

Raping Muslims More Serious Than Raping Non-Muslims

The United Kingdom has chosen to allow rape of an “Asian” girl to be sanctioned more severely than a similar crime committed against a white girl.

As notedpreviously, British authorities frequently use “Asian” as a synonym for “Muslim,” as in a government report of sex-grooming in Rotherham. The report describes perpetrators of this scandal as “Asian” and sometimes “Pakistani,” but it is clear that many of the perpetrators are Muslim because the response refers to training packages for Muslim community leaders.

Authorities ignored the situation for 16 years, partly because of their contempt for the victims – underage “white” girls – and partly out of fear that they would be branded as “racist” (read, “Islamophobic”) for prosecuting the perpetrators.

8. Ten Year-Old Girl Raped by Muslim Man in Minnesota Elevator (Video)

(The thing us anti-multicultural racists don’t understand is, if he muttered the right incantation they were ‘married’ and of course we should all celebrate how he emulated the life of islam’s prophet mohamed. Of course, I doubt they had elevators back then)

A Minneapolis man is charged with raping a 10-year-old girl in her apartment building in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood.

A criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County charges 34-year-old Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, Abdi faces the prospect of spending more than 30-years of his life in jail.

“People are sad, they’re shocked, and they’re concerned for the welfare of the young girl, and they’re looking saying, what happened? What could have been done differently?” Mohamud Noor, a Somali community leader and a former Minneapolis school board member, told KARE.

9. Palestinian attacker stabs 5 with screwdriver in Tel Aviv

(I think this is just a couple of hours old)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A 19-year-old Palestinian man who stabbed five people with a screwdriver in Tel Aviv was shot dead.

The Wednesday afternoon attack, which occurred across the street from the headquarters of Israel’s military, was the second stabbing attack of the day by a Palestinian assailant and the fifth in the past two days.

None of the injuries were considered serious.

10. Bulgaria arrests Dutch trio on ‘terrorism’ charges

Bulgarian authorities said Thursday that three Dutch people wanted on “terrorism” charges were arrested allegedly trying to cross the border into Turkey.

The two men, 18 and 22, and a woman, 17, are wanted on European Arrest Warrants issued by their home country for “participation in a terrorist organisation,” Bulgarian prosecutors said.

European Union member Bulgaria is a major crossing point for Europeans heading to join jihadists of the Islamic State organisation fighting in Syria and Iraq (ISIS).

Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Tichard, 🙂 and many more.

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  1. 4. ‘Secret plans’ are a great way to print “news” with no source whatsoever.

    Almost as good a removing descriptions, images and real names of any muslim criminals.

    Then surely these two kinds of university-trained journalists should be called behavioral-politicisers and political-behaviorists?

  2. The Palestinians’ New Intifada

    “I saw a mob of 40 to 50 masked Palestinians on the side of the road. They were holding rocks and cinder blocks. … I have no doubt that I would be dead now if I hadn’t used my gun. They were going to kill me.” – Josh Hasten, Oct. 7, 2015.

    Arab children watch other Arab children on television throw rocks and firebombs, and speaking of knifing and shooting Jews, and they want a part of the action.

    When Arabs hear from their leaders that Jews are “desecrating” Islamic holy places with their “filthy feet” and plotting to destroy them, it is a code, telling them to go out and attack Jews.

  3. MB whore.
    Breaking from White House, Clinton Calls for Assad’s Removal and No-Fly Zone in Syria

    Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is further distancing herself from the foreign policy of the administration she served by calling for the removal of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and imposing a no-fly zone over that country.

    On the campaign trail yesterday, Clinton said of Syria, “We need to be putting together a coalition to support a no-fly zone,” adding that Russia would have to lend their support to the initiative for it to be successful, The Huffington Post reported. Her statement reflects a position expressed in a television interview last week, during which Clinton called for enforcing a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors in the war-torn country, according to The New York Times.

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