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  1. France’s Marine Le Pen to Go on Trial for Anti-Muslim Remarks (nbcnews, Sep 22, 2015)

    “French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen will go on trial for comparing Muslim street prayers to wartime Nazi occupation, party officials and the prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday.

    Le Pen, whom polls see likely to win a regional election in northern France in December, has widened the National Front’s appeal since she took its helm in 2011 by expelling extremists and cracking down on anti-Semitism.

    But the party also thrives on concerns over immigration and radical Islam. In a meeting in 2010, Le Pen criticized Muslims praying in the streets when mosques are full.

    She will be judged on Oct. 20 over charges of “incitement to discrimination over people’s religious beliefs,” the prosecutor’s office in Lyon said…”

  2. Orban mobilizes Hungary’s troops, prisoners, jobless to fence out migrants (reuters, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Built in a matter of weeks by soldiers, prison laborers and cadres of the unemployed, a vast new wall along Balkan frontiers is a monument to the ruthless efficiency with which Prime Minister Viktor Orban has mobilized Hungary against migrants.

    Orban describes the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees and other migrants in Europe this year from Asia, Africa and the Middle East as an attack on the continent’s Christian welfare model…”

  3. The Latest: Slovakia Goes to Court Over Migrant Quotas (NYT, Sep 23, 2015)

    “… 12:40 p.m. Slovakia’s prime minister says his country is challenging a European Union decision to redistribute 120,000 asylum seekers.

    Besides the legal complaint at an EU court in Luxembourg, Robert Fico says his country is not ready to accept the plan to share the burden of migrants across the EU.

    “We won’t implement this decision because we think it can’t work,” Fico told reporters Wednesday ahead of a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels.

    Slovakia opposed the plan along with the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.

    Fico says the quota system is “irrational.” He says his country “is not ready to respect it. We always rejected it as nonsense.”….”

  4. Could Iran, U.S. tag-team ISIS? ‘You must be dreaming,’ Iranian general says (CNN, Sep 23, 2015)

    “… Some of Iran’s top commanders we spoke to laughed off any notion of cooperating with the U.S. in the battle against the extremist group.

    Many of the country’s military and political leaders accuse the United States of being responsible for ISIS’ rise. They also believe that the American-led air campaign to root out ISIS is deeply ineffective.

    “You must be dreaming,” Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, the military’s chief of staff, says. “The Americans are the ones who created ISIS. American officials hypocritically play two roles. They lie in politics and they lie in security.”…”

    • Replace Obama for America and this is the truth.

      Given the Iranian lies in the negotiations he needs to be careful about calling others liars.

  5. Is Russia preparing to move troops to 2 new Syria bases? (CNN, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Russia may be preparing to station troops at two new sites in Syria as it continues its rapid military buildup in the conflict-ravaged nation, a research firm says.

    IHS Jane’s said Tuesday that it had spotted two previously unreported sites in satellite imagery of western Syria where steps appear to be being taken to receive Russian forces.

    The U.S. government, which has been monitoring with concern the influx of Russian troops and military hardware into Syria, said last week that Russia appeared to be setting up a base near Latakia, a port city on Syria’s Mediterranean coast.

    Moscow is a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom the United States has repeatedly called on to step down to help bring about an end to the bloody civil war…”

  6. US-Trained Syrian Rebels Investigating Alleged Defection (abcnews, Sep 23, 2015)

    “A group of U.S.-trained rebels that recently returned to Syria says it is investigating reports that one of its members has defected and handed over his weapons to the al-Qaida affiliate in the country.

    The reports first circulated on social media after the group of about 70 rebels returned to Syria last week. They were armed and trained by the U.S. in Turkey.

    On Wednesday, the group known as Division 30 posted a statement on its Facebook page saying if allegations are true, it will refer the officer in question to a military tribal on charges of treason, but that it has so far been unable to contact him.

    The U.S. Central Command confirmed Monday the graduates had re-entered Syria with their weapons and were operating alongside anti-Islamic State forces.”

  7. Malaysia arrests six people, says they may have aided Bangkok bomber (reuters, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Malaysia has arrested six people suspected of being part of a human trafficking network and who may have helped a bomber who killed 20 people at a Bangkok shrine last month escape from Thailand, police said on Wednesday.

    The suspects joined two people already in Malaysian detention who may have helped the bomber, who Thai police said was a foreigner of unknown identity, flee across southern Thailand’s border with Malaysia, police in both countries said.

    Four of the six people arrested last week were believed to be minority Uighur Muslims, who come from China’s far western Xinjiang region, said Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, director of the Malaysian police counter-terrorism unit…”

  8. Afghan insurgents kill NATO force member in attack on U.S. base (reuters, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Afghan militants killed a NATO coalition force member during an attack on the U.S. air base at Bagram, outside Kabul, NATO said in a statement on Wednesday.

    The attack on the main military airfield in Afghanistan took place on Tuesday evening and the nationality of the service member could not immediately be released, a NATO official said.

    The NATO statement did not identify which militant group was responsible for the attack, though most of the groups active fall under the broad umbrella of the Taliban.

    Bagram air base, which is guarded by U.S. Marines and partnered forces, frequently comes under rocket attack from militants.

    Fighting in Afghanistan has escalated since most foreign forces withdrew from last year and Afghan forces are bearing the brunt of the conflict…”

  9. Turkish jets pound Kurdish militant camp in northern Iraq: security sources (reuters, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Turkish jets launched air strikes on a Kurdish militant camp in northern Iraq late on Tuesday, targeting a facility being used as an “education and logistics” hub, security sources said.

    The jets took off from an air base in Diyarbakir, southeast Turkey, the sources added. Turkish security forces have regularly targeted camps belonging to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) since the collapse of a ceasefire in July…”

  10. ISIS barbarians execute 10 – including 15-year-old – for ‘being gay’ (express, Sep 23, 2015)

    “The teenager was allegedly arrested when he was just 14 and locked up until his senseless death.

    Seven men were also shot dead in Rastan, in the Homs province of central Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), which tracks the conflict in Syria through a network of sources on the ground.

    Two other men and the 15-year-old were executed in the town of Hreitan in northern Aleppo.

    Large baying mobs watched the sickening killings, but the terror group destroyed any cameras used to film the murders, according to Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of SOHR.

    The executions are the latest in a string of public killings, which are seen as a trademark of the savage jihadis…”

  11. Egypt ends first stage of military operation in North Sinai after 16 days (ahram, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Egypt’s army announced late on Tuesday the end of the first stage of the “Martyr’s Right” operation, which involved the killing of over 500 militants in North Sinai as the armed forces battle an Islamist insurgency in the restive province.
    The army announced the end of the first stage, which lasted 16 days, after the “achievement of its primary objectives”, which include destroying terrorist hideouts and artillery storage facilities.

    “This operation reflected the cohesion between the army, police and the people of Sinai – as well as the unprecedented welcoming [of the people of Sinai] of joint cooperation to control the security situation and to regain their rights of security and stability,” the army said in a statement…”

  12. MORE fences! German politician calls for extra barricades to go up because ‘hundreds of thousands of refugees are wandering uncontrolled through Europe’ (dailymail, Sep 23, 2015)

    “More fences will be needed to protect Europe’s borders, a conservative German politician claimed this morning – sharpening the tone in a debate about how to deal with refugees.

    ‘There will have to be more fences,’ Manfred Weber, an influential member of the sister party of chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, told the Passauer Neue Presse newspaper.

    ‘It simply can’t be that refugees in their hundreds of thousands are wandering uncontrolled through Europe,’ said Weber, who heads the European People’s Party in the European Parliament.

    This evening EU leaders will gather in Brussels in the hope of adopting a unified approach to Europe’s worst migrant crisis since the Second World War. 477,906 people have arrived Europe from the Middle East, Africa and Asia in recent weeks, according to estimates by the UN refugee agency…”

  13. Georgian soldier killed in attack near U.S. base in Afghanistan (reuters, Sep 23, 2015)

    “Insurgents in Afghanistan have killed a Georgian soldier in an attack on NATO forces near a major U.S. air base, NATO and Georgian officials said on Wednesday, a relatively rare death of a foreign soldier since most withdrew last year.

    Afghan security forces have been bearing the brunt of an intensified Taliban insurgency this year, with the militants showing no sign of agreeing to peace talks to end their war against the U.S.-backed government.

    The Georgian soldier was killed on Tuesday in a clash while on patrol outside the perimeter of the sprawling Bagram air base, north of the capital, Kabul. One Georgian was wounded, the Georgian military said in a statement.

    The base, which is guarded by U.S. Marines and allied forces, frequently comes under militant rocket attack, though they rarely cause serious casualties.

    Teams that patrol the base sometimes come under fire or are targeted with roadside bombs…”

  14. Drones Armed With High-Energy Lasers May Arrive In 2017

    Predator maker looks beyond Hellfire missiles to the weapons of the future.

    Flying military robots armed with high-energy lasers? It’s a future that is exciting, terrifying — and perhaps just two years away.

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., or GA-ASI, the San Diego-based company that makes the Predator and Reaper drones, is undertaking a privately funded study to integrate a 150-kilowatt solid-state laser onto its Avenger (née Predator-C) drone. If the company gets its way, a drone with a high-energy laser will be a reality at some point in 2017, company executives told Defense One.

    “We’re funded right now to develop a laser module compatible with the aircraft and study putting it on the Avenger,” Michael Perry, Vice President for Mission Systems at GA-ASI, told Defense One. “We hope to be funded to do that,” he said.

    The company is far better known for its MQ-1s and MQ-9s — the backbones of the Pentagon’s drone strike force — than for its work with lasers. But in June, the company delivered a 150-kilowatt liquid laser to the Pentagon for extensive testing at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The wattage refers to the power required to run the laser, not the actual energy put on target. For comparison, the 100 kw laser currently on the Ponce in the Persian Gulf has an output of 30 kw, more than enough to destroy an enemy drone or blow a hole in a boat.

  15. Petraeus accuses Putin of trying to re-establish Russian Empire

    Washington (CNN)One of America’s top former generals compared the situation in Syria Tuesday to a historic nuclear disaster, implicitly criticizing the U.S. for allowing it to worsen, and accused Russia’s President of trying to re-establish an empire.

    Retired Gen. David Petraeus, testifying before the Senate Armed Service Committee, also recommended that the U.S. establish safe zones for Sunnis inside Syria and potentially put American boots on the grounds in Iraq to stop the spread of ISIS.

  16. Robot Revolution Sweeps China’s Factory Floors

    In China’s factories, the robots are rising.

    For decades, manufacturers employed waves of young migrant workers from China’s countryside to work at countless factories in coastal provinces, churning out cheap toys, clothing and electronics that helped power the country’s economic ascent.

    Now, factories are rapidly replacing those workers with automation, a pivot that’s encouraged by rising wages and new official directives aimed at helping the country move away from low-cost manufacturing as the supply of young, pliant workers shrinks.

    It’s part of a broader overhaul of the economy as China seeks to vault into the ranks of wealthy nations. But it comes as the country’s growth slows amid tepid global demand that’s adding pressure on tens of thousands of manufacturers.

    With costs rising and profits shrinking, Chinese manufacturers “will all need to face the fact that only by successfully transitioning from the current labor-oriented mode to more automated manufacturing will they be able to survive in the next few years,” said Jan Zhang, an automation expert at IHS Technology in Shanghai.

    • This revolution is also fueled by the Chinese Government demanding more and more money to pay the welfare payments. These demands are what drove and is driving so many western manufactures to move their factories to countries where they have a more stable labor market.

  17. Office of Personnel Mgmt: 5.6M estimated to have fingerprints stolen in breach

    he Office of Personnel Management announced Wednesday that 5.6 million people are now estimated to have had their fingerprint information stolen.

    That number was originally thought to be about 1.1 million, OPM said in a statement. About 21.5 million individuals had their Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information affected by the hack.

  18. Migrant crisis and Euro tensions threaten to trigger catastrophic conflict claim experts

    Both the Hungarian and Italian prime ministers have spoken of huge dangers of unchecked floods of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East which have set previously peacable EU nations against each other.

    The scenario – especially the one currently being played out in Serbia and Hungary – is hauntingly similar to that which triggered the First World War.

    The problem has manifesting itself in central Europe where Hungary is besieged by growing numbers of refugees passing through from Serbia and Croatia, forcing its government to build fences to stem the influx.

  19. Hungary PM rejects Merkel’s ‘moral imperialism’ in refugee crisis

    Bad Staffelstein (Germany) (AFP) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Wednesday rejected what he called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “moral imperialism” in Europe’s migrant crisis.

    When asked what he expected from Merkel while Europe grapples with an influx of asylum-seekers, the hardline leader grinned: “I have a long list.”

    Orban accused Merkel of trying to impose her vision of an open EU on the rest of the bloc.

    “The most important thing is that there should be no moral imperialism,” he said during a visit to the southern German state of Bavaria.

  20. Thriving mafia sucks hope from Italy’s struggling south–business.html

    PALMI, Italy (Reuters) – Most southern Italian businessmen do not cross the ‘Ndrangheta mafia. Gaetano Saffioti did, and paid a high price.

    The owner of a successful cement business near the small town of Palmi, Saffioti in 2002 became one of only 30 people to turn state’s witness against Calabria’s ‘Ndrangheta.

    That year, out of deference to the mobsters or fear, 55 of his 60 employees quit, local banks closed his accounts, and his clients shunned him. His company’s sales fell 97 percent, and he and his family have lived under 24-hour armed guard ever since.

    “Most businessmen learn to live with the ‘Ndrangheta,” Federico Cafiero de Raho, chief prosecutor in the region’s largest city, Reggio Calabria, said of the crime syndicate with a global reach and deep pockets thanks to narcotics.

    • You use to be able to count on the ordinary criminal including the MAFIA to be patriotic, after so many decades of leftist propaganda that is no longer true.

  21. Divided EU leaders to offer cash for Syria refugees

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union leaders could promise billions of euros in new funding for Syrian refugees at an emergency summit on Wednesday where they will also try to patch up bitter divisions over the migration crisis.

    Meeting for dinner a day after interior ministers overrode furious objections from four eastern states in a vote that will distribute asylum-seekers around the bloc according to mandatory national quotas, government leaders will try to focus on ways to curb the inflow of migrants that has hit records this summer.

    But feelings are running high as chaotic crowds and varied responses from national capitals have seen borders close inside Europe’s cherished passport-free Schengen zone and diplomats expect “theatrics” from some of the 28 leaders as each seeks to shore up domestic support in the face of fears of immigration.

  22. Russia may put missiles in Kaliningrad if U.S. upgrades nuclear arms in Germany: Interfax

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia may deploy Iskander ballistic missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad if the United States upgrades its nuclear weapons in Germany, the Interfax news agency cited a military source as saying on Wednesday.

    “A final decision well be taken after detailed analysis of the potential threat,” the agency cited the source as saying.

  23. Time to ‘John Paul Jones’ the non-deal ‘Iran deal’

    “I have not yet begun to fight!”

    John Paul Jones, commanding the Continental Navy, Battle of Flamborough Head

    23 September, 1779

    If we went by the triumphal proclamations of the mainstream media, we would think opponents of the unsigned Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – described inaccurately as a “deal” with Iran – were out of options at this point.

    Operating on the process set in motion by the Corker-Cardin bill, the House has voted against approving the JCPOA. But the JCPOA’s opponents in the Senate have failed twice to move the JCPOA to a vote. A 42-vote minority has prevented a Senate vote, and Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is unwilling to use the “nuclear option” of overriding the effective filibuster by the minority, and forcing a vote on the JCPOA.


  24. NETHERLANDS – A Muslim teen in Rotterdam reportedly walks up to a woman and punches her in the face over the way she is dressed. After he knocks her down, he and a friend stomp the girl while she’s on the ground. It’s very brutal!

    Video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook after taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In the clip, a Muslim man approached a woman to object to her choice of outfit, thinking she was dressed immodestly – a sleeveless t-shirt. Hardly street-walking attire.

    He starts out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore,” and it got ugly real fast after that. Understandably the woman’s initial reaction was to argue with the man. But as with so many misogynistic Muslim men, that just set off his rage…

    • Yeah I have seen that floating around for a few days now. I’m unsure of it. It isnt like this doesnt happen a hundred thousand times a day but this one is uncertain and even the Right spot link is cautious about the way it presents it. Remember the girl in France that was knocked down by the Maghrebi muslims though? That was confirmed.

    • Thanks — so…. that brutal agression took place in IJmuiden ( Netherlands) in 2014

      and the name of the aggressor is “Soufian” a typical Muslim name


      JAN 28 2015 – Boys filmed beating girl, 15, sentenced to community service

      Two boys, aged 14 and 16, were sentenced to 80 hours of community service for assaulting a 15-year-old girl from Beverwijk in September. The incident in IJmuiden, Noord-Holland was caught on tape and the video soon went viral.

      The boys hit the victim in the face twice, causing her to fall and hit her head on a shop front. While down, the girl received a kick in her hip and another at the height of her head.

      The two boys received 80 hours of community service, of which 40 are conditional. During a two-year probation period, they must adhere to specific conditions and attend requisite meetings with juvenile rehabilitation.

      When determining the punishment, the severity of the act needed to be taken into account, according to the court statement. “Both parties were surrounded by a large group of young people who knew in advance there would be a fight. This created a charged atmosphere that influenced the behavior of the accused and the victim,” said the court.

      The video had a big impact on both the victim and the accused, the court states. The victim has often been recognized on the street and approached by people, thus repeatedly reminded of the abuse. The two suspects were forced to go into hiding for some time because of threats they received.

  25. FBI Carries Hillary’s Water in Email Scandal

    The FBI’s bizarre and shocking refusal earlier this week to cooperate with legal efforts to force the public release of emails from former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hacker-friendly private Internet server is yet more proof that the Obama administration is continuing to provide political cover for the 2016 presidential hopeful.

    This strange behavior comes as Republican lawmakers escalate their criticism of Mrs. Clinton’s unusual emailing habits. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) is demanding that U.S. Attorney General and Obama lackey Loretta Lynch appoint a special counsel to investigate the case. Other lawmakers want hearings to consider compelling testimony from Bryan Pagliano, a former Clinton staffer who installed the server in her private residence.

    The Department of State is also dragging its heels in processing the electronic correspondence, Citizens United President David Bossie said. The agency is “slow walking” the Freedom of Information Act requests for the almost-certainly damning emails to prevent their release before key Democratic primary elections next year, he said.

    The server is at the heart of the growing scandal over Clinton’s mishandling of an Islamic terrorist attack in militant-infested Benghazi, Libya on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 that left four Americans, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, dead. Even now, three years after the assault, the Obama administration has failed to provide an autopsy report about Stevens who was initially reported to have been ritualistically sodomized before being murdered by Muslim terrorists.

  26. No Refugees, No Terrorism

    Jordan’s Queen Rania told Europeans that they could either take in the Syrian refugees that her country doesn’t want or the refugees would turn to terrorism. And what if these “refugees,” like so many of the other Muslims who had settled in Europe over the years, decide that they like terrorism anyway?

    A tenth of London approves of ISIS now. Support for the Islamic State among the younger population in the UK, where Muslim demographics predominate, reaches as high as 14 percent.

    What will it look like when tens of thousands of Muslims from the homeland of the Islamic State are added to the population? How much support will there be for Islamic terrorism a decade from now when the mass Muslim migration has fundamentally reshaped the UK’s religious demographics?

  27. Obama wants China to Sign “Non-Proliferation” Hacking Agreement
    An idea so stupid, only Obama could come up with it

    After stealing all of our national defense secrets, major weapons system designs, classified information and detailed profiles of employees, Obama is getting serious.

    President Barack Obama signaled a readiness to slap Beijing with sanctions over their alleged rampant hacking of American companies on Wednesday, continuing to ramp up pressure ahead of the Chinese president’s state visit to Washington.

    Wait, sanctions? Where does Obama plan to get more money to loan from China to buy solar panels from China that he will pay China to put up in China?

    But sanctions sound serious. It might cut off the easy money that he uses to fund such vital national security projects as Russian rocket engines and Planned Parenthood, but at least he finally got some steel in his spine and…

    “We are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the Chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationship if not resolved,” Obama warned, though he didn’t specifically use the term sanctions. “And that we are prepared to take some countervailing actions in order to get their attention.”

  28. Why Ben Carson Is Right
    Dispelling the myth that Sharia is as American as apple pie.

    The leftist media’s uproar against Ben Carson’s personal opinion against electing a Muslim U.S. president must be met with a much stronger and direct response from mature and informed Americans.

    Dr. Carson’s opinion about Islam is correct, but the lack of a supportive counter-uproar by Americans is giving power to the leftist mainstream media. The Left cannot or will not accurately and objectively determine the dangers of an Islamic president, while there are also those leftists who just don’t want to know the truth.

    The media claim that the majority of Muslims are “moderate,” but they ignore that fact that in the Muslim world, the “moderates” are out of power and always will be. The reason is not because they represent the true peaceful Islam, but because Islamic guides and books are not on their side. Islamic books, including the Quran, don’t support the concept of “moderation,” peace or forgiveness, but support the concepts of vengeance, retaliation and jihad. It is a fact that Islamic books have always sided with radicals, with no exceptions.

    The only acceptable advocacy regarding Islam in America today is the propaganda that “moderate” Muslims are the real Muslims who reject Sharia and jihad. This is wishful thinking and pure fantasy. Meanwhile Muslim countries call Jihadists and Sharia-lovers the real Muslims.

  29. “Wake Up!”: Muslim Persecution of Christians Abetted by the West
    Mideast Christians beg Western governments to stop aiding the slaughter.

    “Wake Up!”: Muslim Persecution of Christians Abetted by the West
    Mideast Christians beg Western governments to stop aiding the slaughter.


      Not only is the Islamic State (IS) persecuting Christians but so are the U.S.-supported “rebel” forces, which the Obama administration assures are “moderate.” According to a recent NPR report, “With backing from U.S. allies, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, this [U.S. supported] rebel coalition fights both the Syrian regime and the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS. But the coalition has extremists in its own ranks who have mistreated Christians and forced them out of their homes”—just as IS has done.

      In response, Mideast Christian leaders made clear that, far from expecting the West to intervene on their behalf, they merely wish that the West stops arming, supporting, or simply facilitating the Islamic terrorists making their lives a living hell—as plainly spelled out in a Christian Today article titled, “Syrian Christian leader tells West: ‘Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people.”

      According to the Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, “If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks. State institutions need to be strengthened and stabilized. Instead, what we see is their forced dismemberment being fueled from the outside.

  30. Germany and the New Dark Age
    How two unfortunate photo-ops engendered Europe’s migrant crisis.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffers from a decided lack of charm and charisma. One particularly slow news day last July, she endured a clumsily choreographed photo-op with a gaggle of teenage students that prompted newspaper headlines around the world to crow: “Merkel makes Palestinian refugee girl cry!”

    This so-called “refugee” (born and raised in Lebanon, actually) had suffered an unfortunate auto accident leaving her partially paralyzed and in need of expensive medical attention. Her family opted to exploit Germany’s generous asylum laws, which granted cost-free medical care while they awaited a prolonged decision on their spurious application for asylum. According to social media archives, this precocious and outspoken teenager vilified Israel’s very existence. Hamas would indeed be proud.

    Needless to say, “refugee status” cannot be inherited from generation to generation, so Chancellor Merkel correctly reminded her:

  31. Al Jazeera instructs staff to refrain from calling al-Nusra Front ‘al-Qaeda’

    Labelling al-Nusra Front ‘al-Qaeda’ is ‘irrelevant in this context’ says news head at Al Jazeera English

    Al Jazeera English will stop referring to al-Nusra Front in Syria as “al-Qaeda” in future articles and programmes, a leaked staff email has suggested.

    In an email obtained by Islam-focused website 5Pillars from Kelly Jarrett, the executive producer of news at Al Jazeera English, staff have been instructed to stop referring to al-Nusra as “al-Qaeda affiliated”.

    “Syria’s war is complex and the battlefield is crowded with competing ideologies and aims,” she wrote. “We have a hard enough time trying to explain the state of play without including labels that mislead.”

    “The reality is that al-Qaeda isn’t the organisation it used to be and it’s irrelevant in this context. Al Nusra Front is part of Syria’s rebel coalition which is made up of multiple armed rebel groups including many based on religious ideology with various funding streams, our viewers need to understand that these armed groups form the main opposition to the government led by President Assad. And these rebel groups are opposed to, and actively fighting ISIL [the Islamic State group].

    “ISIL is opposed to, and actively fighting the government. The government is attacking civilians, while fighting the rebels and ISIL. By describing al-Nusra Front as affiliated with al-Qaeda we’re adding another layer which causes only confusion. This applies to many of the stories we cover regularly, from Yemen to Somalia to Nigeria, please consider the context before adding any labels.”

    Al-Nusra Front pledges allegiance to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda who took over after the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011.

    In May, Al Jazeera Arabic released an interview with Abu Mohammed al-Jolani, the leader of al-Nusra, which came in for criticism in some quarters for being too lenient on the militant leader.

    “It’s all part of a normalisation process that al-Qaeda in Syria has been seeking to do for some time now,” said Charlie Winter, an analyst at the Quilliam Foundation.

    “It wants to appear more palatable to the West … It was kind of like an infomercial for ‘al-Nusra, the moderates’.”

    During the interview Jolani said he would be happy to protect Syrian Alawites so long as they “leave their religion”.

    Al-Jazeera is owned by Qatar, which is currently supporting a number of rebel forces within Syria, including the Jaish al-Fatah coalition in northern Idlib province of which al-Nusra is a member.

    It was previously reported that Qatar had been in talks with al-Nusra about the group potentially severing its links with al-Qaeda in return for more resources, though this has yet to materialise.

  32. CBC – TORONTO –2 Via Rail terror plotters sentenced to life in prison

    Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier, the men convicted earlier this year on terrorism charges for plotting to derail a Via passenger train, were both sentenced to life in prison today in a Toronto courtroom.

    In passing sentence, Superior Court of Justice Judge Michael Code said the unusual gravity of terrorism offences means he had to send a strong enough message to deter others considering carrying out similar crimes. He said there was little evidence presented that mitigates the presumptive sentence of life in prison.

    “These are the most serious of terrorism offences, designed to result in indiscriminate killings of innocent human beings,” he said.

    “I am satisfied that life imprisonment is the appropriate sentence,” the judge added, noting that the men would receive credit for time already spent in custody.

    He said both men have not renounced their violent, jihadist ideology and have shown no remorse.
    Crown sought life sentences

    In March, both men were found guilty of conspiring to commit murder for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a terrorist group.

    Esseghaier, of Montreal, was found guilty of all charges against him, while Jaser, of Toronto, was convicted of all but one charge. The jury also found the men guilty of six other terror-related charges between them.

    The Crown was seeking life sentences for both men.

    Jaser’s lawyer argued for a sentence of 5½ years in jail which would include three years for time already served. Esseghaier made no sentencing submission.

    After the sentences were delivered, Jaser shook his head, closed his eyes at one point and held his face in one hand.

    Esseghaier crossed his arms and leaned back in the prisoner’s box as Code read out his 53-page sentencing decision.

    “The life sentence doesn’t have any meaning for me,” Esseghaier told the judge after his sentence was delivered, adding God read Allah was his “master.”

    A copy of the ruling was offered to Esseghaier after it was read by the judge, but he threw it back.

    Mental health questions

    Regarding Esseghaier, the judge addressed in detail questions about his mental health, including Esseghaier’s assertion that it is currently the year 2014 and that he and his soul, will be released from jail on Dec. 25 of that year.

    The judge called them “realizations” not “delusions” and said he’s skeptical Esseghaier is schizophrenic?. In short, he said, Esseghaier’s mental health was not a mitigating factor in the sentence.

    “The evidence is overwhelming that he was not delusional or psychotic at the time of the offence,” Code said. “It is unprecedented to adjourn a sentencing hearing indefinitely to await treatment.”

    Code said it was “unnecessary to arrive at any firm conclusions regarding Esseghaier’s alleged mental illness.”

    FBI recordings prove critical

    The most important evidence in the case was 25 hours of secretly recorded conversations between the two men and an undercover FBI agent. The agent posed as a wealthy Egyptian-American real estate developer whose views had supposedly become more hard line in recent years and who was a willing accomplice in the conspiracy.

    The court heard conversations in which Jaser and Esseghaier discussed their ideologies, the plot to derail a Via Rail train travelling between New York and Toronto and other ideas for potential attacks.

    Jurors were also shown aerial surveillance of the two accused and the undercover officer scouting a railway bridge in September 2012 in broad daylight as several trains passed by only metres away.

    In passing sentence Wednesday, Code rejected Jaser’s argument that he was entrapped by the undercover FBI agent, saying both he and Esseghaier were predisposed to carry out violent acts before the agent was introduced to the group.

    Both men must serve 10 years before they are eligible for parole.

    • He isn’t a Christian his actions from belonging to Wrights weird Church for 20 years proves that, his actions say he is more Moslems then any other faith.

  33. CNN – Is the GOP using Sharia Law as a scare tactic?

    Lt. Col. Shareda Hosein, a 35-year U.S. Army veteran, speaks with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about how GOP candidates’ rhetoric is harming Muslim in America.

  34. HUNGARY – Ahmed H. had seven different passports when he got caught

    After being caught, seven different passports were found in Ahmed H.’s possession, all of them with valid Schengen visa. According to the Police, Ahmed H. is one of the leaders of the Röszke rebellion, and is a member of the Tablighi Jamaat, an Islam fundamentalist organization.

    Ahmed H. (39) Syrian citizen, was arrested on Tuesday at Szeged, after being caught by the Counter Terrorism Commando on Saturday at the train station at Gy?r. He is suspected of being the leader of an aggressive migrant group which attacked the officers defending Röszke 2. on 16 September.

    According to official sources, Ahmed H. is a Cyprus citizen, has a work permit, and he’s a member if the Tablighi Jamaat (Society for Spreading Faith), which is a terrorist cover organization for sending radical activists into the target countries.

    According to Népszabadság, Ahmed H. had seven different passports in his possession, all of them with Schengen visa. It is unknown how he was able to get hold of seven passports, or why he chose to enter Hungary illegally, when he is not a poor man; Ahmed H. is a business man and also has a fishing-boat in Cyprus, along with a wife, five cars and a soon to be built house worth €90.000. Nevertheless, Cyprus authorities denied his citizenship request.

    It is unclear if Ahmed H. has any connections to Jaszír, who is also believed to be a terrorist. Jaszír is suspected to be the man with a red backpack who encouraged (some sources say he actually tried to help) the radical group attacking Röszke.

    Jaszír’s situation was later confirmed by György Bakondi, (Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister on Internal Security), and by PM Viktor Orbán as well. However, according to secret service related information it is not yet affirmed by international agencies that Jaszír really is a terrorist. The only thing for sure is that Jaszír sympathized with certain radical Islam groups.

    The Counter Terrorism Center, the Police and the Secret Service are all investigating Ahmed H.’s and Jaszír’s affiliations and calls, to get a greater picture about their Hungarian and European relations. They intend to find out if Ahmed H. took part in the Röszke rebellion at Tablighi Jamaat’s order. The reason for this thorough investigation is that the Police gained new information stating that the leaders of the demonstrations did not come to Hungarian with the migrants, but some of them travelled by plane, and only joined the migrants in Hungary.

    Migrants were talking about people who were “not one of them”, and they “suddenly disappeared.” At first refugees believed that these people travelled further with the help of human traffickers, but after countless disappearances they started to suspect the Police. Nevertheless, neither the Police, nor the Counter Terrorism Center, or the Secret Service admitted to arrest any of those people, despite the fact that according to experts, removing the peace-breakers would have been the best.

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