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(Stephen Coughlin speaks in Ottawa Canada today!)

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  1. Slovenian police halt train carrying some 200 refugees

    DOBOVA, Slovenia, Sept 17 (Reuters) – Slovenian police halted a train on Thursday carrying refugees at the Dobova train station on Slovenia’s side of the border with Croatia.

    “The train with some 200 refugees on it has been stopped,” police spokeswoman Vesna Drole told Reuters.

    This is the largest group of refugees that has tried to enter Slovenia since the refugee crisis erupted in Europe, police statistics show.

    The police said they would make a statement later on Thursday.

    The Slovenian government said on Monday it would not allow illegal migrants to pass through Slovenia but it would enable them to ask for asylum.

    A Reuters TV crew said migrants tried to leave the train but were stopped by the police

    Slovenia police say will return migrants on train to Croatia

    Slovenian police said on Thursday they would to return to Croatia some 150 migrants on a train from Croatia halted at the Dobova train station on the Slovenian side of the border.

    “We will return them to Croatia in the shortest time possible,” Anton Stubljar, head of the sector for state border and foreigners at the Novo Mesto police administration, told reporters

    Croatia: Refugees scuffle with police as they try to board buses

    • Croatia bans traffic on roads to seven border crossings with Serbia

      The Croatian police said on Thursday it banned all traffic on roads leading to seven border crossings with Serbia.

      “The measure is valid until further notice,” police said in a statement.

      The traffic ban includes the border crossing of Tovarnik, near where most migrants entered Croatia from Serbia over the last two days. Police said 11,003 migrants have entered Croatia since Wednesday morning.

      Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said earlier on Thursday that Croatia would close its border with Serbia if the inflow of migrants again hits 8,000 people a day. He also said that Croatia had no capacity to receive new migrants.

  2. CANADA CBC -Toronto airport security guard suspended for anti-Muslim comments

    Remarks captured on video after apparent confrontation with taxi drivers

    A security guard at Toronto’s Pearson airport has been suspended pending an investigation after making offensive remarks to a Muslim cab driver that were captured on a cellphone video.

    The video was shot just before 11 p.m. ET Wednesday night during what appears to be a confrontation between the guard and taxi drivers at Pearson’s Terminal 1.

    On the video, which was sent to CBC News, the guard accuses a taxi driver of being a “scooper,” a term used to describe cabbies who illegally solicit fares from inside the terminal.

    The security guard swears, calls the driver a “bad guy” and accuses him of “harassing” passengers waiting in line for a taxi.

    At some point, the person shooting the video is identified as a Muslim. The guard responds by saying, “I don’t give a damn,” and goes on to make offensive remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, a revered and holy figure to Muslims.

    Guard could face disciplinary action

    Alan Cakehead, a manager at ASP Security, confirmed to CBC News on Thursday that his company is investigating a complaint about the incident. Cakehead said he spoke to three people at the airport who filed a complaint.

    “ASP has a strict human rights policy,” Cakehead said in a statement to CBC News. “If we find through our investigation that there has been a violation of that policy, disciplinary action will be taken. That may include dismissal.”

    He said the security guard has been suspended without pay while the investigation takes place. Unifor, the union representing the security guard, has also become involved.

    ‘It’s just not acceptable,’ cab drivers say

    A group of taxi drivers who spoke to CBC News Wednesday night said it’s unacceptable that an airport security guard would make such remarks.

    “All of a sudden, this security guy in uniform … he calls your prophet a bad name, it’s just not acceptable,” said one driver.

    “To talk about someone’s religion, and bring their prophet into it is very wrong,” said another driver. “We are very disappointed and hurt from what we have heard.”

    A spokesperson from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority referred all inquiries from CBC about the incident to ASP Security and said airport officials are looking into what happened.
    Moderate Muslim Cabbies Protesting “Islamophobia” At Toronto Airport Chant “Allahu Akbar!”

    • CITY NEWS – Pearson guard suspended after making racial remarks to cabbie

      In the video, a guard confronts a taxi driver at Pearson who he calls a “scooper” for picking up passengers inside the airport instead of in the taxi lane.

      “You’re supposed to leave,” the guard says. “You’re a bad guy. What you are doing is harassing people, there on the taxi line.”

      Then the cabbie goads him into commenting on his religion.

      “Your Muhammad prophet – I don’t give a damn,” the guard says. “Muhammad prophet’s a goatf*****. He’s gay. I don’t give a damn. I can say whatever I want.”

      video on the page :

  3. NYT – Bowe Bergdahl Had ‘Severe Mental Disease or Defect,’ Lawyer Says

    SAN ANTONIO — Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who faces a possible life sentence for endangering the troops who searched for him after he left his Afghanistan base in 2009, at the time had a “severe mental disease or defect,” one of his lawyers said Thursday.

    The diagnosis was later made by an independent Army psychiatry board, said the defense lawyer, Lt. Col. Franklin D. Rosenblatt of the Army. Because of his psychological problems, Sergeant Bergdahl washed out of Coast Guard basic training three years earlier, Colonel Rosenblatt said, and had to obtain a waiver to join the Army.

    The revelations came during the first day of a preliminary hearing, known as an Article 32 hearing, in which Army prosecutors hope to persuade a hearing officer to recommend that Sergeant Bergdahl, 29, be court-martialed on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

    Colonel Rosenblatt’s statements, which came during questioning of Sergeant Bergdahl’s former platoon leader, Capt. John P. Billings, appeared to hint at part of the defense team’s possible strategy: to argue that the military indirectly shares blame for Sergeant Bergdahl’s decision to leave his remote outpost in the middle of the night, spurring a huge manhunt by American troops, because officials should have known that he was mentally unfit for combat.

    Sergeant Bergdahl disappeared in eastern Afghanistan on June 30, 2009, and was held captive by the Taliban for nearly five years, until President Obama agreed to exchange him for five Taliban detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, in a deal that spurred criticism from Republicans.

    Prosecutors hope to convince the hearing officer, Lt. Col. Mark Visger, an Army lawyer, that Sergeant Bergdahl, who was a private first class at the time, acted with what they termed “deliberate disregard” for the consequences of his actions when he left the base to seek out a senior commander.

    A prosecutor, Maj. Margaret Kurz, sought to portray Sergeant Bergdahl as vain and selfish, arguing in her opening statement that he had walked off his base “to bring attention to himself so he could have a private audience with the general.”

    “For 45 days, thousands of soldiers toiled in the heat” with little rest during the search, Major Kurz said, adding that the operation to find the missing soldier meant the military had to neglect its most significant tasks, partnering with and supporting Afghan security forces and ingratiating itself with Afghan civilians.

    Defense lawyers have previously said that Sergeant Bergdahl left so he could hike to another base and report undisclosed “disturbing circumstances” at his unit to a high-ranking officer.

    Captain Billings testified that he was shocked and devastated as he realized that Sergeant Bergdahl was missing.

    He suggested that he was unaware of any problems with Sergeant Bergdahl, describing him as “a great soldier, by all accounts” who had scored high on his physical fitness tests and who “always did everything he was asked to do.”

    But the captain awoke that morning to find that Sergeant Bergdahl had left his weapon and his night-vision goggles on his cot, with no sign of foul play or physical scuffle. (Major Kurz said Sergeant Bergdahl had taken a knife, a compass, snacks and local currency.)

    Captain Billings said he hoped his troops were just playing a trick on him when they said they could not find him, as he prepared to send a message telling his company commander of what had happened. Then, he said, his heart sank when his platoon sergeant told him, “You should have sent that 10 minutes ago.”

    He described a feeling of “internal franticness” and “absolute utter disbelief.” Soon, though, those emotions gave way to a desperate search. He led a nine-member patrol looking for Sergeant Bergdahl, as company, battalion and division forces came to the tiny outpost to help.

    They searched nonstop for 20 days, all of it off-base and “outside the wire,” Captain Billings testified. His men were weary, frustrated and mentally exhausted.

    “One day bled into the next,” Captain Billings testified. “At some point, the guys just looked at themselves and said, ‘When is this going to end?’”

    The hearing is expected to last several days, with six witnesses — three for the prosecution and three for the defense.

    The lead defense lawyer, Eugene R. Fidell, made a one-sentence opening statement, which seemed to reveal his frustration that the Army continues to block the release of the unclassified transcript of an interview that his client gave to Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, the officer who conducted the official investigation into his disappearance.

    “The government should make Sergeant Bergdahl’s statement available to the public, not just to you,” Mr. Fidell told the hearing officer.

  4. British clubs playing in the Champions League and Europa League have agreed to donate ticket money from games towards funds for Europe’s refugee crisis.

    However, supporters of some leading European clubs have voiced their opposition to the ECA’s proposal.

    A fans’ group of Polish club Lech Poznan said it did “not agree” with the move, while supporters of Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv raised a banner with the message “Refugees not welcome” in their game against Kiryat Shmona.

    • POLAND – Lech Poznan supporters boycott Europa League match

      During last home match fans of Lech Poznan displayed banners against refugees and chanted anti-refugees songs. At one banner you could read “This is obvious and simple for us. We do not want refugees in Poland”.

      Thursday this week Lech Poznan play home against Belenenses (Portugal) in Europa League. UEFA announced that all clubs participating in the competition have to pass the € 1 from each ticket sold on their forthcoming match played at home on refugees.

      As a result of that Lech Poznan supporters have announced they will boycott the home match this week against Belenenses to make sure they don’t contribute with money to the refugees!

  5. Austria sends refugees to Slovakia

    Just 18 of an agreed 500 Syrian asylum-seekers arrived in Slovakia on Thursday under a deal with EU neighbour Austria that has sparked protest in the village where they will stay temporarily.

    Depending on whether their asylum requests are recognised, the Syrians will either be ultimately returned to Austria or deported from the EU, Slovak interior ministry spokeswoman Michaela Paulenova told AFP.

    The 18 men were transferred by bus from Austria’s Salzburg to a temporary asylum camp in Gabcikovo, a southwestern Slovak village of 5,400 people.

    Five hundred asylum-seekers are to be temporarily accommodated in Gabcikovo under the agreement with Vienna.

    “This number will be reached in the following two years. We have no information on how many asylum-seekers and when they will arrive. It’s up to the Austrian interior ministry,” Paulenova said.

    Gabickovo held a referendum last month in which 97 percent of voters rejected the temporary asylum camp, but the interior ministry “is not obliged to act according to its results”, Paulenova said.

    Getting off the bus on Thursday, one asylum-seeker thanked “all the good people” for the possibility of staying in Slovakia, local media reported.

    But villager reaction on social media was cold.

    “Who wants them here anyway? I know I don’t,” Gabcikovo resident Beata Lelkes wrote on Facebook.

    “Many homeless here would appreciate accommodation like they (migrants) are getting,” resident Zsuzsanna Varga added.

    The nation of 5.4 million people is among several eastern EU members staunchly against a system of fixed quotas proposed by the European Commission to distribute 160,000 refugees among the bloc’s 28 members.

    On Wednesday, leftist Prime Minister Robert Fico alleged the EU was no longer safe and raised the spectre of terrorists entering Slovakia under the guise of refugees, a possibility experts deem unlikely.

  6. Channel 4 – Refugee crisis: the boats taking Syrian refugees to Europe

    »»» most men … educated … engineers, teachers……… technicians , skilled trained people «««

    • Pastor: Wilson students being brainwashed with Islam

      A Mt. Juliet pastor went on video with concerns Wilson County Schools is indoctrinating and brainwashing students with Islam through its curriculum, which generated a denial by the district on its Facebook page.

      Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church filmed the video in front of West Wilson Middle School, which was posted on his Facebook page. The video was also on the Parents of Wilson County Schools page.

      Locke said church families were concerned and upset about middle school students being taught “a half-page of watered down Christianity,” in sixth grade and then are taught 28 pages of Islamic curriculum.

  7. Dr. Phyllis Chesler: When Women Commit Honor Killings

    Female-on-female violence has been minimized because male-on-female violence is far more visible, dramatic, and epidemic. However, women sometimes kill infants, spouses, and adult strangers, including other women. Indeed, as this study shows, women play a very active role in honor-based femicide, both by spreading the gossip underlying such murders and by acting as conspirator-accomplices and/or hands-on-killers in the honor killing of female relatives….

    For example:
    Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud murdered her daughter Rofayda Qaoud after the young woman was raped and impregnated in her West Bank home by her two brothers. The mother wrapped a plastic bag around her daughter’s head and sliced the girl’s wrists. The 43-year-old mother of nine said, “This is the only way I could protect my family’s honor.”

  8. Germany: Far-right protesters march against government policy on refugees

    Around 100 far-right protesters gathered in Freital and marched through the city centre in opposition to the German government’s policies towards the ongoing refugee crisis, Thursday evening.

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