Merkel shows another card from her communist past and more: Links 4 on Sept. 16 – 2015

1. Obama Admin: Iranian Ballistic Missile Tests Not a Nuke Deal Violation

(Those whacky whacky zany characters in the White house. Is there anything they won’t do or say?)

Iran is permitted to test-fire ballistic missiles under the parameters of the recently inked nuclear accord, according to private disclosures made by Secretary of State John Kerry to a leading U.S. senator, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Nothing in the nuclear deal prevents Iran from testing a “conventional ballistic missile,” which could be used to carry a nuclear weapon, according to series of written answers provided by Kerry to Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.).

The Obama administration’s failure to rein in Iran’s ballistic missile program has emerged as a key criticism among critics of the deal. They argue that during the 15-year duration of the agreement, Iran will be given the opportunity to perfect its ballistic missile program, which could put it much closer to an operable nuclear weapon.

2. Ezra offers analysis on the three federal leader’s reaction to the court decision to allow muslims to wear a disguise during the citizenship swearing in ceremony

3. Serbia: Hungarian riot police remain at border following earlier clashes

4. Ex-Stasi Agent Hired to Censor “Xenophobic” Facebook Posts

German government cracks down on dissent against migrant influx

Paul Joseph Watson
September 16, 2015


The German government and Facebook are working with an organization led by an ex-Stasi agent to oversee a new program that will identify “xenophobic” posts made on the social networking website and punish people who make them with fines and jail sentences.

The German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas met with Facebook this week to form a special task force that will work to remove comments from the website that “call for hatred” against migrants.

The organization will be overseen by Network Against Nazis (Netz gegen Nazis), a group led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane.

(We are wel informed on good authority that this woman is a horrific cultural Marxist and genuine racist who is on record for whining that German is too white. Perhaps we will do a special post on this influential German, her history, and her racist and anti white, anti Western values)

5. Germany: Clashes erupt at Nuremberg station after far-right demo & counter-protest

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, (Green Arrow and Nash Montana for work yet to finish) and all.


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4 Replies to “Merkel shows another card from her communist past and more: Links 4 on Sept. 16 – 2015”

  1. 1. (Those whacky whacky zany characters in the White house. Is there anything they won’t do or say?)

    In a sane society you create market of competition between industries so that none are allowed to become a monopoly that prevents new opportunities of enterprise. Sure, be a monopoly, but no political wing of lobbyists or army of lawyers to resemble any country of dictators. The inefficiency of centralisation brings them down hard.

    The heart and soul of a nation adapts to repel harm to itself.

    An unsane society of half-brains resembles a world of competing gods where the most brutal holds Sharia and The True Sacred Name; or of competing breeding-hearts until Communism gives them an identity of particular rights, hate-crimes and waivers to be the Messiah of Love to cross the borders of the minds.

    A society of using your head, or your head being used without you seeing a thing while impending poverty is all around.

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