Muslims are heroes for traveling on a fake passport. British people are jailed: Links 1 on Sept. 17 – 2015

1: Man tripped by Hungarian camerawoman warns her of karma

(If this man had been caught raping a woman and she tripped him as he fled police then she would be getting a medal of honour and leaders would use her name for political gain. So I guess it all boils down to what laws you break and exactly who you trespass against)

(Video at site)

Laszlo was fired by her employer and apologized for her actions.

But Mohsen told CNN he doesn’t buy it.

“I tell her, be sure you Hungarian journalist that karma will get back to you, and God will not leave this be,” he said.

Mohsen, 52, said he was carrying his 7-year-old son, Zaid, in his arms when he was tripped.

He said the stampede from the Hungarian camp was triggered by the desperation the migrants inside felt. There were thousands of migrants packed into a small area, some with tents, but many others with no shelter, Mohsen said.

(Yeah and you know he used the word ‘God’)

2. Migrants plough through police lines in Croatia

(Many times we have posted and said on radio that responding to what is a military problem with police, in other words treating a problem which is political in nature with a law and order solution must lead to a loss. The video above is a better example than i had even imagined)

3. This is a problem that I simply have no idea how it could possibly ever be solved. It is insurmountable. I guess we have to just let this happen.

4. Croatia cannot take more migrants

5. MI5 boss warns of technology terror risk

(Sometimes its the subtle things that are worrisome. Like an unprecedented interview by a sitting MI5 leader. Almost an Osman warning for the entire Western world)

Advances in technology are allowing terrorists to communicate “out of the reach of authorities”, the head of MI5, Andrew Parker has told the BBC.

The serving boss of the UK’s home security agency told Today it was becoming more difficult to obtain online information.

He said internet companies had an “ethical responsibility” to alert agencies to potential threats.

6. Predictably, Golden Dawn rallies are growing in numbers and intensity. Multiculturalism was guaranteed to be a bridge too far and was likely designed to be.

7. Migrant Crisis: ‘You should fight for what you want in this world’ BBC News

(Ok. But you should also fight to stop what you don’t want. Namely those who fight to take what you built away from you and turn you into slaves and 2nd class citizens with none of your own historical rights allowed)

8. Guardian live updates of the Croat Serb border as migrant crisis heats up

(You can know how honest it is if it describes cries of allah ackbar and if it talks of muslims acting aggressively. If it doesn’t find another live source)

9. More footage of UMIs forcing their way past police lines in droves

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Maria J., and all.

There is a lot of news already today. Please check the daily links post for more of it, and much of it is of a more local nature as well.

I believe Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL in England, was sentenced to real prison time for using a false passport to travel on at least one occasion. A questionable action no doubt whatsoever. But it does seem odd that when UMI’s do it, the UN stands up for them, they get a free house and a lifetime of benefits and a bonus just for making it to Germany etc. Their crimes are a multiple of what Tommy’s are, yet the treatment is the polar opposite. How long do we stand for that from the people who take our money forcibly, allegedly to represent us, in those nations?)\






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21 Replies to “Muslims are heroes for traveling on a fake passport. British people are jailed: Links 1 on Sept. 17 – 2015”

  1. 3. said, “This is a problem that I simply have no idea how it could possibly ever be solved.”

    You’re joking right? They’re heading to Germany and Sweden because they promised $11,000 each for the first 300,000. I’m thinking of going myself.

    • said, ” I was thinking the same thing.”

      If department store promised the first 300,000 people $11,000 each they would be sued for those that were hurt in the stampede it created.

      The western governments are creating this show. I just don’t understand why.

        • Their utopia cannot be achieved without the destruction of the West — and I do mean Christendom; this is why non-western foreigners are given preferential and deferential treatment while native Europeans are given the shaft and made to pick up the tab. Not even the fact that Europeans are largely secular, and not Christian, can save them; they are still enlightenment Westerners — and white — and must make way for the new world order, operated out of the UN. Everything points to this, and we keep asking why this and why that because we don’t want to face the truth of what the one-worlders are planning for us.

          • You got that right, when the Europeans defend themselves they are called racist, when the non Europeans attack them the Europeans are always blamed. The left is driving all non racists of European descent to racist attitudes and organizations by their attacks.

            I don’ t think the left or the Moslems will take over Europe or North America, but there is a very real possibility they will severely damage if not destroy civilization. If they do the resulting Dark Age will be very nasty.

  2. Eeyore I agree with you. There is no answer apart from the inevitable conflict.Let the dice role as they may. That is me not giving up but wanting whatever happens to come sooner rather than later. Before I am too old to defend my family and before my young son is old enough to have to defend me.

    • It will probably start next year, at least in the US. Obama wants to have massive violence to blame on the Republicans.

      I know what you mean by old age, yesterday was my 69th birthday and I know I have to stand and fight since I can’t run and maneuver

      I have also learned they are planning on setteling 20 “refugee” families in my home town..

  3. It seems that all these illegals want to go to good universities – preferably Oxford or Cambridge. They clearly feel that the Europe owes it to them that they get admission, as well as pay all the costs. Mad Merkel has unleashed a storm that threatens to drown Europe.

    Merkel is clearly not in her senses. She should be removed from office on health grounds, and all her decisions of the last month recscinded.

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