Hungary raises the anti, real guns in place, Obama sides against the police, again and more: links 3 on Sept. 16 – 2015

For those looking for as complete a picture as you can get from this site, please check the comments under the daily links post and all the posts. The posts will not be able to keep up with events as they are happening today, and likely this week. But we will try. Thank you all who send in the links. Polls would indicate it has an effect. The Harper govt. which seemed set to lose the election, had its fate turned around because of its stance on immigration. This suggests the public is becoming familiar with reality and not the CBC narrative etc. So it is not for nothing that we do these things.

1: Hungarian military vehicles mounted with guns at Serb border

Röszke (Hungary) (AFP) – Three “Humvee” Hungarian army military vehicles mounted with guns arrived at the border with Serbia on Wednesday evening as police engaged in major clashes with migrants, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

The vehicles were stationed 100-200 metres (yards) back from the border near the flashpoint border crossing at Roszke after migrants briefly broke through the frontier.

2. (sigh)

3. Qatari diplomatic immunity will prevent police from arresting street racers in California residential area where speeds exceeded 100 MPH (160 KPH)

(Qatari response: “Fuck America I can kill you and get away with it”)

4. British ISIS jihadist and former supermarket worker moans about Islamic State fighters not knowing how to QUEUE and using his phone charger in latest self-pitying blog post 

An Islamic State fighter dubbed the ‘Supermarket Jihadi’ has gone on an epic online rant – decrying the bad manners of his so-called Syrian ‘brothers’ in his most self-pitying post yet.

Omar Hussain, who used to work in Morrison’s, has accused his Arab neighbours of shoe stealing, bad table manners and an inability to queue in his latest blog.

He has also warned would-be jihadis considering making the journey from the west that their food will be stolen from the fridge, their phone chargers commandeered and their personal space not respected.

Scroll down for video 

ISIS fighter: Omar Hussain, 27, a former security guard at Morrison's in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, has warned would-be jihadis of the terrible manners and inability to queue of his 'Syrian brothers'

5. Marine Le Pen: Belgium admits all these migrants as a means to collapse European states.
(Make sure you click CC for captions, then click the gear and select English)

6. And this isn’t a battlefield, how?

7. Those muslims, they just love them some reverb when they talk bout killin Jews

8. Obama continues his tradition of never siding with the police

Compare the story to this one

9. Ezra on stickers in Montreal

10. Ezra on Merkel’s suicide note for Germany

(Regular Vlad readers may recognize the source video 🙂  )

Thank you M., Buck, Kathy, Johnny U., Richard, Gate of Vienna, Wrath of Khan and all.
Please do not forget, Stephen Coughlin in Montreal tonight and Ottawa tomorrow!


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  1. Things are heating up but should quiet down during the winter, but next spring and summer will see all hell breaking loose all around the world.

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