More muslims in the West plot destruction, more media avoids any salient facts: Links 3 on Sept. 15 – 2015

1. Teen Arrested for Planning Alleged ISIS-Inspired Attack on Pope

(Near contentless video at site)

The FBI quietly arrested a 15-year-old boy outside of Philadelphia last month for allegedly threatening to launch an ISIS-inspired assault on Pope Francis while the world leader tours the United States next week, ABC News has learned.

The case, like so many others in recent months, highlights just how effective ISIS has become in using social media to radicalize Americans, particularly children.

“The minor was inspired by [ISIS] and sought to conduct a detailed homeland attack which included multiple attackers, firearms, and multiple explosives, targeting a foreign dignitary at a high-profile event,” according to a joint intelligence bulletin by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued to law enforcement across the country on Aug 14.

2. Danes throw candies and food packets and goodies from bridge as muslims walk down the highways presumably to Sweden where the welfare is better.

(Many people are referring to a book called, The Camp of Saints, which apparently describes the situation in Europe perfectly now. I hope to read it or if there is a movie, see it. But I am familiar with this song which seems to fit rather well)

3. Hungary cracks down, makes first arrests

4. Thailand’s national police chief said Tuesday that authorities are now certain that last month’s deadly bombing at a Bangkok shrine was related to the trafficking of Uighur Muslims from China to Turkey.

Somyot Poompanmoung’s comments marked the first time authorities have publicly linked the Aug. 17 bombing to the smuggling of Uighurs, after weeks of hinting at it and saying only that they believe the attack was carried out by human traffickers angered by a crackdown on their network.

In the past week, several Turkish and Chinese links to the bombing appeared to strengthen the theory that the attack was to avenge Thailand’s forced repatriation of more than 100 ethnic Uighurs (pronounced WEE-gurs) to China in July. The deportations stirred anger in Turkey, where the Thai Consulate in Istanbul was attacked by a group protesting the expulsions.

5. More hi jinx and well intentioned revelry by the muslims at the mosque in Jerusalem for the third day in a row. More to come on that soon.

6. This video of the new rules by Hungary is so full of nonsense its practically farcical. If the intonation was just slightly different it could be a 1970s Monty Python script.

I love the line where he says: “As of midnight it will be a crime to enter the country illegally”


Less so the opening attempt to compare the flood of fake refugees, all of whom are not refugees, the vast majority of whom are there looking for welfare and state handouts and some of whom are there to deliberately destroy classical civilization, with Nazi holocaust victims. I am sorry, that doesn’t wash. Doubly so in Austria. As Chris Hitchens was fond of saying,

“Austria is the country that fooled everyone into thinking that Hitler was German and Beethoven was Viennese”

7. Germany ramps up pressure on other nations to take more migrants

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, and many more. Much more to post. And yeah, its only Monday.

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2 Replies to “More muslims in the West plot destruction, more media avoids any salient facts: Links 3 on Sept. 15 – 2015”

  1. The sophistry is piled so thick and heavy that it makes it hard to pull it apart, so I won’t bother. (Though as I eat my pulled pork sandwich tonight I shall do so with muslims in mind) These western journalists criticizing Hungary, it’s leader, and it’s new laws are so very stupid. Now I can say in epiphany that maybe all of those years stuck under commie rule may have been a sort of insulation against the smug moral superiority eating the west like psychological gangrene. Perhaps the Alinsky gang left the east block alone thinking they had the area covered so they could concentrate on spreading their cultural form of the disease, not realizing that in fact the iron curtain was protecting the east from this very sinister project. Who was it, Vlad or Eeyore, who I once heard say that irony was the most common element in the universe?

    And this journalist, whose job it is to be objective, insults the courageous Victor Orban with sarcasm in the name of (obliviously) the previous great protector of western Europe against muslim invasion Janos Hunyadi, who the Pope of the time called one of history’s greatest men. (The Ottomans thought him the devil, he having defeated them something like twelve times). Even then did the western states not help. Rather, they allowed these proud Magyars with the odd language and unknown origins to sacrifice themselves.

    It took those Magyars 150 years to defeat the Ottoman Empire, but defeat them they did. They even called their dogs Muslim names into the last century, so to savour the lingering resentment.

    Don’t forget that this British journalist was permitted entry by a government fully aware that he would file damaging leftist propaganda. Conversely, the leftist answer to truth is to muzzle.

    Imre Kertesz was a good Hungarian communist. In the west he was a good socialist. Now, finally, in his twighlight he is a realist. He says Europe is committing suicide. If only he went a little further and said that Europe’s suicide is not really at the hands of Muslims who can be defeated with just a little resolve, but at the hands of his own socialists.

    Indeed, who will be on the right side of history?

    • History is going to judge all of the leftist harshly, the left is so blinded by their false sense of superiority that they are unable to see the reality that is threatening them as much as it is their western political enemies.

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