Canada leaps backwards, Soros funding info to UMIs in Turkey to go to Europe and so much more. Links 4 on Sept. 15 – 2015

1. Ezra Levant weighs in on the recent Federal Court of Appeal decision to allow a burka to be worn during a citizenship court swearing in ceremony, something the government of Canada specifically passed legislation against.

2. We Need to Talk About Islam’s Jihadism Problem

It’s time to confront Islamism head on—without cries of Islamophobia. Holding Islam up to scrutiny, rationally and ethically, must not be confused with anti-Muslim bigotry.

Ours was an inauspicious first meeting. Nawaz, a former Muslim extremist turned liberal reformer, had just participated in a public debate about the nature of Islam. Though he had spent five years in an Egyptian prison for attempting to restore a medieval “caliphate,” Nawaz argued in favor of the motion that night, affirming that Islam is, indeed, “a religion of peace.” Harris, a well-known atheist and strident critic of Islam, had been in the audience. At a dinner later that evening, Harris was asked to comment on the event. He addressed his remarks directly to Nawaz:

(It is a shame at that time Harris didn’t know how to defuse that tactic of taking the academic and making it personal so you can’t pursue a line of reasoning. Its a sophomoric tactic so Mr. Harris probably wasn’t expecting anything that trivial. Read on at the source and you will see what I mean in the next paragraph)

3. Ok this one is worth researching. The claim: George Soros directly or via one of his endless communist or culturally Marxist proxies funded the making and distributing of these booklets for UMIs/Migrants/invaders/refugee claimants. 

From the Sky News link:

The “rough guide” contains maps, tips and phone numbers of organisations which might help refugees making the perilous crossing.Refugees heading to Greece on people smugglers’ boats are given a ‘migrants handbook’ packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe.

Among discarded life jackets and punctured rubber dinghies, Sky News discovered a tattered copy of the unique travel guide washed up on a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos. […]

Sonia, who did not want to give her surname, is a volunteer with w2eu and told Sky News: “Activists from our network distribute the guides for free in Turkey”.

She explained one of the aims of the booklet is to help those who get into trouble on the water.

They can call a 24-hour hotline number provided in the guide, volunteers then pass their details to the relevant coastguard.

But the claim about the origin of these is here. 

4. Invaders call for Merkel’s help

(It should be pointed out that the migrants who put up the child’s jumper saying no food no water actually have food and water courtesy of their hosts. They just put it all in a big pile and claimed they threw it away and then said they dont have any. This is all detailed in a BBC video posted earlier today)

5. Old Arabic expression. “First you play the victim, then you take over”

6. Bill Clinton Worked Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda: “Helped Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base”

Known and documented, since the Soviet-Afghan war, recruiting Mujahideen (“holy warriors”) to fight covert wars on Washington’s behest has become an integral part of US foreign policy.

A 1997 Congressional document by the Republican Party Committee (RPC), while intent upon smearing President Bill Clinton, nonetheless sheds light on the Clinton administration’s insidious role in recruiting and training jihadist mercenaries with a view to transforming Bosnia into  a “Militant Islamic Base”.

In many regards, Bosnia and Kosovo (1998-1999) were “dress rehearsals” for the destabilization of the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen). 

With regard to Syria, the recruitment of jihadists (according to Israeli intelligence sources) was launched prior to 2011 under the auspices of NATO and the Turkish High command in liaison with the Pentagon. 


Thank you M., Gates of Vienna, Nash Montana, Oz-Rita (New video up of Aldo Sterone shortly) and all who sent in materials today. More to come still. Sorry bout that.

Ok this post was done and published but I had to add this. This is too good to wait for the next hail of horror post.

Ezra is freaking fantastic.

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  1. 3. I pointed out there is an organization i forgot to book mark it. that is financed by the Western governments that is doing this and pushing only men to come.

    I posted it here last week I think.

  2. 3 @ 6 Don’t forget that both the Clintons and Soros are far leftist who have been working against the US and western civilization most of their lives, thanks to them and other committed leftists we are facing what is probably the greatest threat western civ has faced since the last time Islam was on the march. we have the ability to fight this war and win but we lack a leader. It is like Ben Franklin said, we must hang together or we shall hang separately.

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