The totalitarian knob moves up a notch everywhere, and in Germany its getting obvious: Links 3 on Sept. 14 – 2015

1: German Man Who Had Facebook Users Sacked For Anti-Immigration Comments Granted Anonymity

(The list of reasons not to use Facebook grew another thousandth)

A man who has cost people their jobs by reporting anti-immigration comments made on their private Facebook accounts to their employers has been granted anonymity in a media report about his actions. The man, known only as “David” describes himself as a “social justice warrior” and a “good man”.

Along with four friends, David scours Facebook for anti-immigration comments, which he screenshots, along with the user’s name and profile information and passes along to their employers. He was prompted to do so after visiting a refugee camp himself.

Some of that information has led to those he has targeted losing their jobs, although he does not say how many people that has happened to.

2. In Chain Reaction, Austria, Slovakia, Netherlands Reinstate Border Controls

As Europe’s migrant crisis reaches a head, Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands announced their intentions Monday to join Germany and the Czech Republic in reintroducing border controls to stem the tide of migrants crossing into Europe, especially now that Germany seems unwilling to receive them.

Austria has experienced a massive influx of refugees in recent days, most of whom intended to use Austria as a bridge to Germany and northern Europe. “At the moment there are some 18,000 refugees in Austria,” says Interior Minister Johann Mikl-Leitner. At the Hungarian-Austrian border in Nickelsdorf police records currently show about 9,000 refugees.

3. Austria prevents a crowd of opportunists from making it to the rail platform.

4. Hungary: Mad Max-style train barricade signals final closure of borders with Serbi

A train wagon with razor wire attached to its front was brought and set as a barricade on Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke village, Monday. The wagon blocked the railway track passage which was being used by refugees for months. The refugees who arrived at the border after work started on the fence have been sent back to Serbia, according to reports. This train signalled Hungary’s closing of all crossing points with Serbia except the official road borders for vehicles which are still in use but have checkpoints.

5. Ezra suspects that the leftist elites are the ones who benefit from the mass migration which is why they cheer for it.

6. Revealed: SECOND passenger claims Aylan Kurdi’s father was working with people smugglers and was driving the boat on which his son died

A second passenger on board the boat that claimed the life of Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi says the boy’s father was driving.

Amir Haider, 22, repeated allegations that Abdullah Kurdi, who lost his wife and two children in the tragedy, was at the helm of the boat until it sank.

Last week, another passenger, Zainab Abbas, whose son and daughter died on the doomed boat trip, first made the claims, which were vehemently denied by Mr Kurdi.

(Video at site)

7. Hamburg Germany: Large scale and long term riots by ‘anti-fa’ people who seem to have raided the 1980s for fashion and put far more time into how they look than rational people have time for.

8. Merkel urges Facebook to act quickly (and harshly?) against people who disagree with her view of what immigration should be in Germany.

(Now this simply is fascist)

“When people stir up sedition on social networks using their real names, it’s not only the state that has to act, but also Facebook as a company should do something against these slurs,” she told German newspaper Rheinische Post (via Reuters).

Despite Facebook holding its 1.4 billion users to a strict code of conduct that prohibits racist comments, Merkel has claimed there is inadequate enforcement of these rules.

“The rules need to be implemented,” she urged.

9. PEGIDA Today

Today has been a little chaotic. So I may have lost track of people more than I us usually do. But many people have been diligently sending in important material helping to chronicle the unraveling of things while the media and what you see out your window grow and grow as disparate data sets to describe reality. It appears as if there are two groups of people left in the civilized world. The grasshopper, who insists it is his or her basic and violently defended right to take the produce of the ant, and the ant who feels they should have some say in what happens to the fruits of their efforts. Official state media seems to be the main source of reenforcement for the thinking of the grasshopper while the ant prefers to look out the window. The grasshopper insists that if enough people pretend hard enough that what they see on the BBC and CBC is true that it can be. The ant knows that never works cause at some point, someone has to grow enough food. No amount of redistribution can ever change that.

So thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana, Buck and all who keep looking out the window and sending in reports. Don’t forget that it matters. Sometimes it is quality that counts more than quantity and its also worth remembering that the hysterical left and a segment of the muslims may be the loudest, but they may not have the numbers it appears they do when and if people grow weary of their demands and damage.

I need to add this. I remember distinctly when the attack on the US embassy happened in Libya, people we all are familiar with here speculated at the time that something very nearly exactly like this was the case. In fact I think they were selling weapons or giving weapons to the people who now form the Islamic State. Now it looks like conventional wisdom. It did not at the time.

Video at site names Hillary and Huma Abedin as conspirators.


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  1. Serbia is saying that it will block deportation of migrants who registered in Hungary. Vulin said “It’s no longer our responsibility, they are on the territory of Hungary and we expect from the Hungarian state to treat them as fitting” Also , Serbian borders will be patrolled by military.
    Vulin is Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy in the Serbian government.

  2. I never use twitter or face book, both are going to cause a lot of kids massive problems as they mature and find future jobs are scarce because of what they posted when they were kids.

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