Geopolitics, Europeans starting to notice and an endless supply of muslim rapists and child sex slaves: Links 5 on Sept. 11 – 2015

1. Pro-Germany Germans march in Heidenau to show displeasure at being destroyed as a people by their elected representatives

2. Afghan Taliban 9/11 Statement: Victory Over U.S. ‘Occupiers’ Imminent

(Video at site)

KABUL — The Afghan Taliban marked the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States with a statement claiming their victory over American “occupiers” was imminent.

American troops — due to withdraw from the country completely in 2016 — will leave the country “ashamed and humiliated,” read the statement, sent to reporters on Friday. The Taliban intensified its attacks after the U.S. formally ended its combat mission at the end of 2014, and has captured territory across the country.

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“History has proven that we are a free nation and have never accepted subjugation and submission to foreigners,” according to the statement issued by a faction led by Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor, who was unveiled as leader in July. “Soon we will defeat the American led occupiers,” it said.

(The irony of course is that muslims ARE the Foreigners in Afghanistan. It was a Jewish nation at one point and a Buddhist one more recently)

3. First Anti-EU Referendum Being Forced by Dutch Citizens

(Its about time)

  • Above all, Dutch citizens seem affronted that they were never consulted by their elected officials, who never even mentioned the EU-Ukraine treaty during the 2012 national elections.
  • “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?” — Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.
  • A referendum in the Netherlands would create the precedent of even having EU referenda by “mere” citizens. The process could easily be replicated for future referenda.

The European Union, the supranational governmental body that seeks an ever-increasing political and economic unity of the European continent, has for years been struggling with dwindling popularity among its member-state citizens.

4. Austria: Police close border with Hungary for “security” reasons

(I wonder how the EU will adjudicate on that)

5. The gates at Mohamed’s bar and brothel register 100 new entrants tonight as the body count is added up under the crane hit by lightning in Mecca near the big cube people walk around before they kiss the vagina stone.

6. BREAKING: Iran Reports Repeated Sabotage Attempts Against Its Nuclear Facilities

Iranian and Lebanese media reported today that the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has revealed that there have been two attempts recently to sabotage nuclear facilities in Iran.

Asqar Zarea’an, the deputy head of the AEOI, reported last week that unnamed ‘enemies’ carried out sabotage acts at the Fordow underground uranium enrichment plant. He claimed that the swift reaction of Iranian security forces foiled the attempt.

7. Dozens of Muslim Men Raped One 12-Year-Old Schoolgirl, But Only Five Have Been Jailed So Far

(Try to imagine what a headline like that would have done in the 197os when humanity had a vestigial moral compass)

At least five Muslim men have been sentenced to a combined 82 years for their roles in a child sex grooming ring in the picturesque market town of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the South East of England.

The taxi drivers and market traders had been found guilty in July, but have now been sentenced for a range of crimes including rape of a child under 13 and child prostitution.

(The article goes on to show a disgusting bias by the judge. He should be disbarred for his comments)

8. French honorary consul ‘sold boats to migrants’ in Turkey

France has suspended the country’s honorary consul in the Turkish port of Bodrum after a television report showed dinghies being sold to migrants from a shop that she owned.

Footage secretly filmed by France 2 TV shows Francoise Olcay selling dinghies and life jackets to migrants hoping to reach the Greek islands.

The body of three-year-old Alan Kurdi was washed up at Bodrum last week.

Ms Olcay said the items would be bought elsewhere if she did not sell them.

(Oh, well OK then)

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Buck and all who sent in materials. 911 is nearly over. Maybe next year we can give Islam a day it won’t forget easily. Maybe near the end of December. Maybe somewhere in Mecca.


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6 Replies to “Geopolitics, Europeans starting to notice and an endless supply of muslim rapists and child sex slaves: Links 5 on Sept. 11 – 2015”

  1. 5. To go on a pilgrimage to Mecca is a pillar of Islam a sacred duty to be achieved at least once in every single Muslim’s lifetime.

    These are the sheeple, attending Islamaland in synchronicity with the moon – a cartoon city of spires with a secret box.

    These accidental deaths have wrought great sorrow to the families back home and questioning of allah.

    My battle is with the wolves, the Muhammadans who make such Neverlands to entice their peace-submitting adults to bring the children to be raped and turned into flesh hungry cannibals.

    ISIS however are puritans. No one has a soul but Allah, and no muslim gets to go to a gay-bazaar like Mecca. No one allowed to retreating into the head of a dreamer to make poetical what is barbarous.

  2. I have always said that the EU wouldn’t work, the left thought they could create an European nation to rival the US in size and power, but being leftist they ignored the idea of building a Continental defense force probably because they thought the US would always be there to defend them. The actions during the formation and after were designed to destroy all patriotism and loyalty to any European culture. In their quest for utopia they have sown the seeds for the destruction of the EU and possibly civilization itself.
    They have done their best to undermine the foundations of Western Civilization and have succeed to a remarkable extent, now under the threat of the Islamic Conquest the EU is unraveling and the citizens of the various nations are remembering their history and are telling their governments to protect the Citizens of the nations and the cultures of the nations. The governments are for the most part telling the citizens to shut up.
    As the “refugee” crisis grows in stature and numbers and the trained fighters in the “refugees” start making attacks in the nations that have welcomed them the protests of the Europeans will become more and more violent as vigilante groups are formed to protect the people the governments are betraying. As this happens we can expect the European nations that don’t decide to side with their citizens to turn more totalitarian and repressive.
    The left has created a living hell for our future and we have no way of knowing which nations will survive or which nations will remain free.
    We are sailing uncharted waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a massive storm.

  3. Quote from a comment elsewhere:

    Europe tried to ethnically cleanse the few survivors of the Shoah AFTER the war. There were pogroms. The Anglo American committee chartered with figuring out what to do with them seriously considered keeping them in concentration camps for life.

    The Red Cross was able to find 97 intact Jewish families after the war. Breath that in for a minute.

    Whereas Europe can’t get enough enough mid east Arabs. I say go for it. Let 40 or 50 million in. Let them ALL in.

    No more than half of the 1.3 million Jews left in Europe will leave no matter what, so for 650,000 Jews, we need to make plans to rescue them. After that, let Europe burn to the ground and all the people in it.

    Let the piles of stinking corpses reach Genghis Khan proportions. Let Europe become a depopulated lunar landscape fit for rats wild boars. Let it die screaming.

    • How will an Islamic States of Europe benefit this author – other than than give them their ‘fairness’ of six million dead Jews for sixty million new victims of the Holy Angels of Fascism, Yuckie?

      Is this inter-seminal warfare?

      The West are ruled by the traumatised grandchildren of Nazism – this third-generation left to the parenting of the State.

      They see the influx of emasculated muslims to be people just like themselves, whereas muslims see them as feminine-impregnated kuffar. Opposite brain-hemisphere perception because both fixate on women for their source strength but from the opposite poles of total submission to total domination. The domesticatedly tamed believers that women-are-the-better leaders, (no one argued for a minimum 40% males in the Women’s Institute), embrace these islamically paranoid afraid-of-women-as-leaders. When two Scribes go to war.

      Feminists say, “it’s not my species going to fight, so why get involved? We have contempt for whoever wins, and the Third-Wayers who now have absolutely nothing to do with women at all – make us laugh”.

    • I so fully agree with you and share your anger, yuki !

      I won’t be around so much now here, so I hope you’ll see this, “happy New Year to my favorite Yanky Kuffar” for lack of a more hebraic way of saying things 🙂

    • If this would help I would agree with you, the problem is we need Europe and we need it at least semi free.

      Yes there is a very deep and wide strain of Jew Hatred in Germany but remember there were many in all of the European nations who risk death and in some cases died sheltering Jews. Take that anger and hatred and move it to one side and store it in a take of liquid nitrogen, you can pull it out later when the time for revenge arrives. Now is the time to work to save what use to pass for civilization. While civilization may fall we don’t need to help it by acting like the barbaric savages we are fighting.

      Remember that the person telling you this was raised country, you don’t have to scratch too deep to find a hillbilly, to a large extent we still have the Scottish Clan mentality and while there are no active feuds that I know of it wouldn’t take too much to restart several old ones or start several new ones. Wait until after the war and then if you still want revenge and I am still alive come see me, I will help you.

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