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3 Replies to “Stephen Coughlin coming to Ottawa and Montreal”

  1. Others like him who want to defend the US and freedom have been purged from the US military, the purge has become worse since the massive cuts in personal has started. Under Obama we are forcing our best officers and NCOs out and massively reducing the numbers of the military at the time when all of our enemies are busy enlarging their military working to decrease our lead in having cutting edge military equipment.

  2. ‘We didn’t deal with the Nazis, then we had to deal with the whole German People… We don’t deal with ISIS we will have the radicalization of Islamic Moderates.’

    First remove the socialists, then the communist unions, then the giant corporation cartels, and finally the Christian criminal-enablers. Peacefully, by removing prejudicial equality laws so that only the merit of ability lies between you and a job so that you do not screw the customer and run the nation into the ground. Returning to capitalism and the competitive free market in The West.

    Or the alternative is fascism. National Socialism. Bare Naked Islam.

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