Merkel: Chairman of the German deconstruction project. a wholly owned subsidiary of the EU deconstruction project. Links 1 on Sept. 8 – 2015

1: Danish police close motorway as refugees march to Sweden

Copenhagen (AFP) – Police in southern Denmark late Monday closed a motorway as groups of refugees marched towards the border with Sweden, known for its more generous asylum policies

“This is being done for the safety of the people who are walking along the motorway,” local police said in a statement after closing the first 29 kilometres (18 miles) of the road from Rodby harbour in southern Denmark to Copenhagen.

(Islam will record this period in Koran 2.0 as the second great great hijra to conquer the West on foot)

2. Some UN Stats on the second great Hijra

3. Denmark:

4. Meanwhile the other coalition forces, the Saudi led ones in Yemen, grow to 10K

5. Syrian refugees granted asylum in Uruguay are now fighting to leave

MONTEVIDEO (Reuters) – Five families of Syrian refugees granted asylum in Uruguay last year protested outside the president’s offices on Monday, demanding they be allowed to leave the South American country in search of better jobs, even back in the Middle East.

(They want jobs and to live in the Middle East. Europe should be so lucky with it’s hijra)

6. Phyllis Chesler “It doesn’t matter what you have done for women; what matters is whether you are or are not pro-Obama and anti-Israel.”

7. Daniel Greenfield on the current migration scheme

8. UN: A million Muslim march to Europe

9. RT video on clashes between German people who believe that they should have been asked before the utter and total deconstruction of Germany and those who think anyone who questions national suicide through mass muslim immigration is a racist and should have no right to be heard.

I frame it this way because its orders of magnitude closer to the facts than the way the media presents it.

Thank you M., CB Sashenka, Richard, M., Maria J. And many more. Please also check the comment under daily links post. Also a friendly reminder that Stephen Coughlin will be speaking in Montreal on Sept. 16 and Ottawa Sept. 17 and all who can come hear him really should. Yes, someone will be there filming most likely and it will be available afterwards but the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of others who can’t make it or don’t know about it makes the final thing much more valuable.

More to come.

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  1. The German people are starting to fight back against the destruction of their nation and culture, at one point the Germans were the defense of Europe against the Huns, now they are starting to defend themselves against new invaders.

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