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  1. Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

    Obama is busy destroying the US military and Putin is busy stating a new arms race, one that we aren’t joining, this is a first strike weapon that needs to be countered. The good news about a new arms race is it will fuel a new massive jump in technology. The micro electronics industry started in the ballistic missile development yes the micro computer came from NASA but the original work in integrated chips cam from the nuclear missile program.

      • That is his goal, I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have heard vets or Hillbillies say that they think Obama is setting us up for an invasion and that it is going to be up to the civilians to stop it since our military has been destroyed.

  2. Number of Saudi-led coalition troops in Yemen rises to 10,000: Al Jazeera

    Saudi fights for dominance over the Arabian peninsula they face the challenge of having enough group troops to offset the massive population imbalance between them and Iran, they have bet this challenge by by building a coalition of Sunni and nominally Sunni nations. Below is the article listing the countries that are contributing troops to the fight.

    Here are the members of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and what they’re contributing
    Associated Press

    JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press

    Read more:

  3. Ukraine still faces threat of Russian military offensive: Poroshenko

    Putin still wants to rebuild in the Russian Empire and is willing to do anything he has to to achieve that goal. He doesn’t want a direct military confrontation between the NATO and Russia but he is willing to restart the arms race and to a slightly lesser extent the Cold War. If the US responds (as it should, not responding by entering the race and war is surrender) by entering the race and Cold War it gives Putin more options and lessens the chance of a military confrontation. During the Old Cold War the world was really a safer place then it is now and with a smaller chance of a nuclear war.

    • During the Old Cold War the world was really a safer place then it is now and with a smaller chance of a nuclear war.

      You got that right. Plus with today’s transportation the world is so much smaller, we’re closer to hot spots everywhere.

      But what does the average voter think?

  4. Syrian refugees granted asylum in Uruguay are now fighting to leave

    Uruguay accepted the 42 Syrians fleeing civil war in October 2014, but the families said they felt the leftist government had failed to deliver on a promise of good incomes.

    In Uruguay, a secular country with a tiny Muslim population of about 300, the refugees receive housing, health care, education and financial support from the government. Even so, they have struggled to settle in and relations with locals have been strained.

  5. Hungarian bishop says pope is wrong about refugees

    […]“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose dominion stretches across the southern reaches of this predominantly Catholic nation. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”

    […]And despite the heat that Orban has taken worldwide for attempts to crack down on some of the globe’s most vulnerable people by halting their journeys or throwing them into prison, his stance has seemed to only burnish his reputation here as a no-nonsense nationalist who will defend the country against an onslaught of “tens of millions” of new arrivals.

    “I’m in total agreement with the prime minister,” Kiss-Rigo said in an interview Monday.

    The pope, by contrast, “doesn’t know the situation.”

    The situation, as Kiss-Rigo describes it, is that Europe is being inundated by people who are posing as refugees but actually present a grave threat to the continent’s “Christian, universal values.”

  6. A lion in winter
    The intriguing eclipse of a military hero

    Maj.-Gen. Qassem Suleimani, 58, commander of the Quds Force, the foreign wing of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), has all but vanished from view in recent months.

    Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s most senior Shia cleric, issued a public rebuke of Suleimani on March 13, following a series of boastful remarks by the general about Iran’s mighty influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain.

    “He is under the control of a council now and can no longer act as a de facto foreign minister,” according to a well-placed source in Tehran.

    Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister, now dominates Iran’s foreign policy – a break with recent years, when General Suleimani was often seen as Iran’s power-broker abroad.

  7. Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Will Mean War
    Imagine Jihadists with nukes on both sides.

    The real test won’t be in Syria. It has already come and gone in Yemen. It will probably come in Bahrain. Bahrain has a majority Shiite population and is the home of the Fifth Fleet. During the Arab Spring the Saudis put down Iran’s “civilian” uprising in Bahrain using tanks. The next time, it won’t be that easy for the House of Khalifa or the House of Saud. If there’s one thing that Iran knows it’s how to arm and train insurgencies and this time around its bid for a takeover of Bahrain will have Russian backing.

    Whether he understood it or not, by signing off on Iran’s Shiite bomb, Obama was also signing off on an Egyptian-Saudi Sunni bomb. Israel’s nuclear capability was tacitly understood as a defensive weapon of last resort that would not trigger a regional arms race. Genocidal military invasions of Israel came to an end and any weapons remained under wraps

    Iran however is not looking for a deterrent weapon against its neighbors. With the fall of Saddam, it faces no serious threat of invasion by Sunni forces. Today its nuclear program can have no other purpose except to expand its power and territory while forcing the United States out of the region. Nuking Israel would help seal its right to rule over the Muslim world while intimidating its enemies.

    A Middle Eastern MAD with Iranians and Saudis in a nuclear standoff would be bad enough, but both powers have a long history of using terrorists to do their dirty work. And the transfer of nuclear materials to terrorists is a lot harder to track than ICBM launches.

    Iran and Saudi Arabia getting the bomb won’t be the end. It will only be the beginning

    Richard comment

    And this is not taking into consideration the way the Iranian leaders keep saying they were born to bring back the Mandi.

    • That’s a horrible picture – I was shaking before I started to read the article. After, even worse.

      On another subject ~ ~ ~
      Israel is developing technology to help the Japanese clean up their radioactive mess. Some kind of clothing innovation, I’ve heard.

      • I hadn’t heard about this one, I know the Japanese are working on robots to help in cleaning up sites that are highly radioactive. These are tools all civilized nations are going to need in the future.

        • Not as many as a soldier on active duty in Germany during the Cold War.

          But threatened with the annihilation of my people, I can’t afford depression.

          It’s a very delicate emotional balance.

          • The trick is to prevent the depression form stopping you from doing things. Perhaps depression isn’t the right word, to an extent you decide that you are already dead and that all you can do is keep doing your job. If you end up alive so much the better. That isn’t the best way to describe the process but thinking that way helps. It is like gambling, when you set down at the table consider all of the chips as belonging to the casino until you have cashed them in to go home. If you can’t do that don’t gamble.

  8. DIALY MAIL – Trussed up and forced to watch the burning fuse that will kill them: ISIS place two doomed ‘spies’ in the ruins of a building before demolishing it with dynamite

    Nashaat Mahmood, 22, and Haidar Assad, 21, were both executed by ISIS
    The two men appear in the latest violent video from extremist group
    They were allegedly Shiite spies, but that cannot be confirmed indepently

    video on this page :

  9. The Mideast Migrant Crisis Requires Mideast Solutions
    How did the West become more responsible for Syrian refugees than the countries that created the crisis?

    It was easy, the Moslems and the left both want to destroy the west and thus have been pushing propaganda to say we are responsible.

    We aren’t responsible for the invaders or the refugees (unless they aren’t Moslem but are truly fleeing Islamic persecution)

  10. What I Wrote About Obama’s “Real Plan for Iran” Back in 2008

    Here’s how I described Obama’s real plan for Iran back in 2008.

    Negotiate with Iran without pre-conditions. Play along with the charade of a civilian Iranian nuclear industry. Turn a blind eye to violations. Remove sanctions. Prevent any Israeli pre-emptive strike against the reactor. Deride anyone who disagrees as paranoid.

    It’s Munich all over again.

    Israel will be prevented from any strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons. Part of the negotiations will be to lift US sanctions on Iran and aid Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for useless promises that Iran will not pursue a nuclear weapons program. The US may even provide Iran with a Security Guarantee against any Israeli attack.

    What will actually happen is that Iran will use its Shiite proxies to seize power in Iraq, leading to an intensified bloody civil war between Shia and Sunni. An American blank check for Iran’s nuclear weapons program will lead force an acceleration of nuclear programs by Sunni states such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia which are already seeking one in order to counter Iran.

    Iran will be emboldened to seize control in Lebanon and generate Shiite terrorist proxies across the Middle East. The result will be a quantum increase in terrorism, regional war, nuclear armed states rising all across the Middle East and the possible nuclear annihilation of Israel and Iran or both.

    Again, much of this has already happened.

    Iran is in the driver’s seat in Iraq. Its Houthi Jihadists have captured a sizable chunk of Yemen. Sunnis are pursuing their own nuclear program. Iraq is being torn apart by a Sunni-Shiite civil war.

    This wasn’t hard at all to predict. What was really hard was predicting anything else.

    • Another easy prediction, major ground war in the middle east by this time next year with violence between different Islamic sects and ethnic groups in Europe and the US.

      I don’t see how anyone who is awake and thinking can predict anything else.

  11. ‘Terrorist don’t move by timetable, our borders completely open‘ – Frmr German Deputy Defense Min

    The unending influx of migrants has reinvigorated fears that Islamic State fighters could be hiding among the crowds storming Europe’s borders. Some reports suggest that thousands of extremists have already been smuggled in. Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service chief Gerhard Schindler said that terrorists would rather travel by plane on forged documents than use overcrowded migrant routes. But a former German Deputy Defence Minister Willy Wimmer doesn’t quite buy that.

      • I read some of the comments. They want this guy to be a Jew – I’ll spare you the ugly cliches.

        In fact he’s a Catholic, just doing what the Pope says is the right thing.
        Catholics better watch out – before you become the target of blood-libels.

    • UN warns new Hungarian migrant law could lead to chaos

      Budapest (AFP) – The UN refugee agency on Tuesday warned that Hungary’s tough new emergency migrant law, due to go into effect next week, could cause chaos if it was not implemented properly.

      “It is important that the implementation of that legislation is well thought through… Otherwise that could lead to chaos after September 15 at the border,” said Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR director for Europe after meeting government officials in Budapest.

      “There is a need for much better coordination between all the actors: police, the office of nationality and immigration, the army eventually, local authorities and humanitarian agencies at the border.”

      Hungary’s border with Serbia has become a major crossing point into the European Union for migrants and refugees in recent months, with some 167,000 entering so far this year.

      Cochetel said at least 42,000 more were likely to arrive within the next 10 days from Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

      In response to the huge influx, Hungary has built a razor-wire barrier along its 175-kilometre (110-mile) frontier with Serbia, but the fence has failed to stop large numbers of people getting through.

      Last Friday, the parliament passed a raft of anti-immigration laws, which included the criminalisation of illegal border crossing.

  12. Iraqi deputy justice minister Abdulkarim Fares abducted in Baghdad (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “An Iraqi government minister has been kidnapped in north-eastern Baghdad, said security sources.

    The officials say that the acting deputy justice minister, Abdulkarim Fares, was stopped in his car by a number of gunmen dressed in black.

    Two security guards and another man – identified either as another ministry official or Mr Fares’s driver – were also abducted, said reports.

    The identity of the kidnappers is not known.

    Kidnappings happen regularly in Baghdad – either motivated by financial gain or to achieve political ends.”

  13. Middle East dust storm puts dozens in hospital (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “A large dust storm has hit western parts of the Middle East, putting dozens of people in hospital and leading to public health warnings.

    After hitting parts of Syria on Monday, the dust spread to larger areas of the country on Tuesday morning.

    Parts of Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Cyprus were also affected. Lebanon’s state news agency said two people died – one an elderly man found on a roof.

    Syrian media said the weather stopped fighting in Hama and Idlib provinces.

    The pro-government al-Watan newspaper said (in Arabic) that government helicopters were prevented from flying because of the dust.

    The poor weather was down partly to a low-pressure system over the entire region and sand blowing in from the east, Syria’s state news agency, Sana, said (in Arabic).

    Poor visibility may last until the end of the week, it added…”

  14. The Christian militia taking on Islamic State in Iraq (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “Across the sun-scorched landscape of the Nineveh Plain in Iraq, north of Mosul, a small contingent of fighters in sand-coloured uniforms is on patrol, 7.5 miles (12km) from the frontline with the self-styled Islamic State.

    Nothing unusual in meeting men with guns in this part of the world, of course. But this unit is something new – these are all Christian soldiers.

    Assyrian Christians say they are descended from the 1st Century peoples evangelised by the disciples of Jesus Christ. They still speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus.

    They have suffered persecution before – in 2006, for example, when Sunni Muslims attacked some Christian areas. Then last year, Islamic State (IS) militants drove them from Mosul, Qaraqosh and other major Christian cities.

    Now, a group of Assyrian Christians with military experience has said it is time to take up arms and make a stand….”

    • These are the people we should be helping, we should evac any who wants out to the US and support the others with weapons, training, equipment and any other thing they need. We won’t do this while Obama is in office and after he leaves office the bureaucrats he managed to convert to his way of thought will work to hamper our efforts to help these people.

  15. Turkey sends ground forces into Iraq after militant attacks (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “Turkish ground forces have crossed into Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish militants for the first time since a ceasefire two years ago.

    Government officials said the incursion was a “short-term” measure to hunt down PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) rebels.

    Turkish warplanes also launched a wave of air strikes on PKK bases in northern Iraq on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, at least 14 Turkish police officers died in a bomb attack blamed on Kurdish militants on Tuesday.

    The attack in eastern Igdir province came a day after suspected PKK bombs killed at least 16 Turkish soldiers in south-eastern Hakkari region.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the PKK had suffered “serious damage” inside and outside of Turkey and was in a state of “panic”…”

    • Turkey wants to destroy the Kurds (the ancient Medes, they were a pain for the Byzantine also) but don’t want to destroy ISIS, they want to control it to recreate the Ottoman Empire.

  16. Gunmen kill murdered Pakistani activist Sabeen Mehmud’s driver (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “Gunmen in the Pakistani city of Karachi have killed the driver of a prominent activist who was murdered in April.

    Ghulam Abbas was shot dead in the Korangi area of the financial capital late on Monday night.
    He was a witness in the murder of Sabeen Mehmud who was killed after hosting a gathering to discuss violence in Balochistan.

    Police say they are not sure if the two killings are linked but are increasing protection for other witnesses.

    Reports say two men on a motorbike shot Mr Abbas dead outside his home, before escaping. Police say he suffered three bullet wounds.

    “Ghulam Abbas used to work as Sabeen Mehmud’s part-time driver,” police official Rao Iqbal told Dawn newspaper.

    “The witnesses insisted that the attackers knew him personally so we can’t reach any conclusion with authority about the motive behind the killing.”

    Ms Mehmud had been driving her car with Ghulam Abbas sitting on the rear seat when she was attacked in April. Mr Abbas drove the activist and her injured mother to hospital after the shooting….”

  17. UK – Man jailed for Islamophobic abuse of McDonald’s staff

    A McDonald’s customer has been jailed for 12 weeks in prison after asking a Muslim employee if he was going to chop off his head, The Daily Mirror reported.

    Drunken Patrick Maughan, 65, was harassing the assistant manager of the local restaurant in Crawley, West Sussex, by making reference to the sickening ISIL-style beheadings. After that he mimicked the way Muslims pray.

    Melanie Wotton, prosecuting, said: “At about 7pm Maughan went into McDonald’s where Mr Mahroof was working as an assistant manager and Mr Bahar as a security guard.

    “Maughan leant over the counter and read Mr Mahroof’s name badge before asking him ‘Are you Mohamed?’ and adding ‘Are you a Muslim’?

    “Mr Mahroof responded by saying ‘yes’ and when Maughan asked him again he ignored him.

    “Maughan then said ‘I’m Christian, you are a Muslim, do you want to chop off my head’? and he made a gesture across his throat to show a beheading.”

    He was asked to leave, but after turning away, he returned to the counter to harass Mohamed some more.

    Ms Wotton added: “Speaking to Mr Mahroof, Maughan again said ‘You Muslim, you want to chop off my head’.

    “He then knelt down and pretended to pray to mimic how a Muslim would pray.”

    Laura French, defending, said: “He is embarrassed and deeply regrets his actions.

    “He says that wasn’t the type of language he would usually use.

    “He feels ashamed. He was in a drunken state and responded in a foolish way.”

    The court heard Maughan was given a 15-month community order in June for a separate incident of racially aggravated harassment.

    Maria Kempshall, chair of the bench of magistrates, said: “These offences are so serious only a custodial sentence can be justified.

    “These were aggravated offences of harassment of a racial nature against two people carrying out their employment in a public place.

    “This was also the second similar racially aggravated offence you have committed in a short time span.”

    • Yale University Announces Gift to Establish Center for Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School

      Yale University President Peter Salovey and Yale Law School Dean Robert C. Post announced today a $10 million gift to create the Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School.

      This generous gift is from Abdallah S. Kamel, chief executive of the Dallah Albaraka Group, LLC, a banking and real estate enterprise based in Saudi Arabia.

      “Mr. Kamel’s extraordinary generosity will open up exciting new opportunities for Yale Law School and for the entire university,” said President Salovey. “The Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization will enhance research opportunities for our students and other scholars and enable us to disseminate knowledge and insights for the benefit of scholars and leaders all over the world.”

      The center will bring prominent scholars of Islam to the Yale campus for public lectures, seminar discussions, visiting fellowships, and visiting professorships, attracting students from the Law School and other schools at the university to its lectures and other opportunities for collaboration.

      “The creation of this center reflects the growing interest at Yale and other academic institutions in a deeper understanding of Islamic law, history, and culture,” said Dean Post. “Islamic law has a long and proud tradition, which encompasses great intellectual achievements. It is also a subject of immense contemporary importance. There is a tremendous need for an interdisciplinary center to support scholarship in the field. The Abdallah S. Kamel Center meets this need.”

      The gift to establish the Center stems from an earlier gift to support the Dallah Albaraka Lectures on Islamic Law & Civilization at Yale Law School.

      […]“The Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School will benefit the entire world. It will enable our students and faculty to form lasting connections with scholars and experts in the Middle East and elsewhere,” Dean Post noted. “It will make a vital contribution to the study of law at Yale and beyond.”

  18. Britain conducts a drone assassination (economist, Sep 8, 2015)

    “IT WAS, Britain’s prime minister conceded, “a new departure”. David Cameron’s announcement to the House of Commons on September 7th that a Royal Air Force (RAF) Reaper drone had targeted and killed Reyaad Khan (pictured, at left) in Syria, an Islamic State (IS) fighter from Cardiff and a British citizen, raised as many questions as he was prepared to answer. The strike, which killed two others who were travelling in the same vehicle, including another Briton, took place on August 21st near IS’s stronghold in Raqqa. While America has for many years used drones for the targeted killing of terrorists in places such as the tribal territories in Pakistan and Yemen, it is the first time that Britain has done so. Previously, RAF drones have been used for lethal strikes in Afghanistan, but only when British or allied forces were threatened by fighting on the ground….”

    • If he will keep fighting like this I will start to believe it was the collation government that was holding him back in the fight.

  19. Kenyan men arrested with ‘mall IED’ in Nairobi (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “Three men have been arrested at a shopping centre in Kenya’s capital with a suspected explosive device, which has since been detonated in a controlled explosion, police say.

    The Garden City Mall, one of the biggest shopping centres in the city, has also been evacuated.

    One of the men refused to be searched by security guards and was overpowered in a scuffle, a witness said….”

  20. Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP party offices attacked in Ankara (BBC, Sep 8, 2015)

    “A crowd has attacked the headquarters of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP party, amid rising violence between Turkish forces and the militant Kurdish PKK group. Pictures from the scene appeared to show the HDP building in the capital, Ankara, on fire. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has appealed for calm…”

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