Video: 8 dead in Paris arson attack – one Algerian in custody

An original translation by Sassy

From Kabylie news

An Algerian, Saidi M., is in custody following today’s arson of a residential building in the arrondissement XVIII that killed eight people, including two children. He was arrested not far from the site of the blaze.

The person responsible would be Saidi M., Algerian-born in 1979. He was apprehended around 11h15 a.m., in front of a taxi phone, on a street parallel to Myrha Street where the arson occurred early Wednesday, September 2nd.

Surveillance cameras in the neighbourhood helped to identify him as the individual responsible for the arson.

The fire was started in the stairwell of the buil

ding. According to firemen, it was extremely violent and spread very quickly to the apartments resulting in the death of eight people, including two children. Paris Prefecture confirmed two of the victims threw themselves out of a window while the others died inside the building.

[Additional notes: Oz-Rita adds that predictably, the official leftist press in France, Le Monde, is already chirping the usual lines about the arsonist who murdered 8 people with the fire he set at their building, has ‘mental problems’ because somehow, when it comes to muslims, every leftist media in Europe seems able to get the most private and confidential of psychiatric records before the ink dries on the arrest report.

Rita also mentions that this video showing extreme cultural enrichment and cultural monoculture is nearly exactly where this building was torched.


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3 Replies to “Video: 8 dead in Paris arson attack – one Algerian in custody”

  1. The video shows indeed the beginning of the Rue Myrha – the arson attack happened No. 4 Rue Myrha.

    While I dont know the facts of this drama yet, here is just my take on a little premature ejaculation of the French Media, in this case the “respected” (not by me) Left Establishment “Le Monde” who cannot resist some subtle but nasty manipulation:

    After suggesting that the suspected arsenist was “psychiatrically disturbed”, they try, subtly, to lead us into believe that this arson attack was directed against “the Muslim community”

    “…La communauté musulmane avait été également ciblée après les attentats de Charlie Hebdo, en janvier, et des tracts islamophobes avaient été distribués dans les boîtes aux lettres des riverains….”

    ” … The Muslim community had also been targeted after the attacks of Charlie Hebdo, in January and Islamophobic leaflets had been distributed in mailboxes of residents ….”

    Promoting in advance a win-win situation for those who really really really want to be victims of Islamophiles at all cost.

    • whoops: correction:

      Promoting in advance a win-win situation for those who really really really want to be victims of Islamophiles at all cost.

      I meant, of course: “IslamoPHOBES”

      ^^^ It’s the IslamoPHILES who make me confuse my suffixes ! Pffffft 😉

    • Myrha, a bad place. Very Islamic area. It might even be among the ‘sensitive’ zones in and around Paris. I’m sure it will be on France’s official map. There is one ‘very sensitive’ arrondissement that has some .5 million population, this could be the one.

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