Turks sending ship loads of weapons to the IS? Hungary implements the inevitable solution for the invasion: Links 3 on Sept. 1 – 2015

1: Thai authorities arrest anther suspect in shrine bombing.

2. Center for medical progress publishes 9th video in its truly tragic and Jovian sized scandal on the Abortion industry.

(I am just waiting for some top level politician to say in effect: ‘This scandal is too large to prosecute’)

3. Anti-Muslim Buddhist group moves toward Myanmar’s mainstream

By Timothy Mclaughlin and Hnin Yadana Zaw

YANGON (Reuters) – Swathed in crimson robes, 77-year-old Ashin Tilawkar Biwonsa shuffles through a crowded conference room with the help of an aide, his supporters standing in respect as he takes a seat at the head of a table under a portrait of his own image.

It is from here, at an unremarkable roadside monastery just outside the city of Yangon, that the abbot is propelling the radical Buddhist group he co-founded into the mainstream of Myanmar’s politics.

Four bills drafted by his Committee for the Protection of Race and Religion, better known as Ma Ba Tha, have been passed by parliament and signed into law. Critics say the new laws effectively legalize discrimination against women and the country’s minority Muslims.

4. ‘Isis’ weapon shipment intercepted by Greek coastguard off Crete

A weapons cargo possibly headed to Islamic State (Isis) militants in Libya has been seized by the Greek coastguard off Crete. Greek authorities said the shipment was intercepted in a coastguard special unit raid south-east of the Mediterranean island.

The coastguard said the crew was arrested and the vessel was being taken to the port of Iraklion, Crete’s largest city for a further search and investigation. The foreign-flagged cargo ship was due to arrive there on 2 September.

Authorities would not immediately release further details about the nationality of the vessel, the crew and the type of weapons that were found on board. The coastguard told IBTimes UK more information about the operation will be released at a later stage.

Local media however reported the ship was sailing towards Libya when it was stopped, adding it is believed the weapons were intended for an IS local offshoot.

News website Fleshnews.gr identified the vessel as a Bolivian-flagged cargo ship operated by a mixed Syrian, Egyptian and Indian crew. The report said the ship had left from Turkey and was heading to the Libyan city of Misrata.

(This link seems to have more detailed information. 20,000 AK47s and a Turkish Captain for instance)

5. Somali Militants Overrun Base of African Union Forces

Al-Shabab overran an African Union base in southern Somalia early Tuesday, a Somali military official said, in the latest display of the Islamic extremists’ capacity to hit back amid a prolonged offensive against them.

The attack in the small farming town of Janale started with a suicide car bombing at the base’s gate, followed by a firefight which lasted more than an hour, said Col. Ahmed Hassan.

The African Union force in Somalia, known by its acronym as AMISOM, insisted on Twitter soon after the attack that it was still in control of the base but later issued a statement saying the troops “undertook a tactical withdrawal” and then returned to the base.

“Given the complex nature of the attack, AMISOM is currently verifying the number of casualties and extent of the damage,” the statement said.

Al-Shabab said it killed about 50 AU troops from Uganda at the base.

6. Hungary: Refugee influx prompts police to shut down Budapest main station

7. Migrants with tickets denied access to Budapest train station

8. Hungary makes laws to control the massive amount of immigration

The military is expected to have more power as well. Soldiers will have the right to stop any vehicles, to secure locations, to close areas, to use excessive forces and to take measures which restrict personal freedom. They may use guard dogs, rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear-gas grenades and interceptor nets. Hungarian soldiers may also use firearm if they see that the actions of the immigrants might endanger the life of others or their own safety, or if they attack any establishment secured by the military. Deputy Fidesz faction leader Gergely Gulyás said that the laws will most likely take effect in mid-September.

(The Hungarians are clearly very serious. But the problem is worthy of it. The fact that a solution like this is being implemented is a good thing given the circumstances. But the fact that the circumstances where created to allow it to happen is criminal. It will take great men with strong will many years to clean up this mess if it can be cleaned up at all)

Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., and all and yes, still more to come.

In the US in the meantime,  Florida county sends environmental specialist to investigate a BBQ. Lets just hope they didn’t have any lightbulbs.

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