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8 Replies to “First of a deeply passionate series of videos on Rotherham and its meaning”

    • “…the crime of Islam and its sub-human devotees..”

      The persecuters and those very young made to swear an oath three times who cannot go back on a lie.

      The Communists and the self-deluded to feel special – Socialists – who cannot go back on a feeling of love and acceptance.

      • If you are going to argue with a person that it is better for them to walk on two legs, when for a lifetime they walked with one leg and a crutch… Then at least identify correctly the leg which they can stand on, the unused leg’s potential and the support culture that weakened them to their dependency.

        Any less than this is trying to save a flayling person from drowning.

  1. The self hate has been implanted and carefully nurtured by the left, if they don’t keep the self hate going they can’t take over the world.

  2. I found the video intriguing.
    Being a real dunce at the nuances of the internet, I don’t know how to be alerted to further videos. Will you let us know?

    • If you follow what is happening around the world and know history you can see revolutions building in all Western nations, the socialist governments in the west are blind as to what is happening and in the case of the Obama administration are ignoring several flat out warnings that a revolution is coming if he continues on the path of destruction that he has chosen. At least 3 of the warnings came from retired officers and NCO’s, many of the officers are Generals and Admirals.

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