The new normal thanks to Islam and leftists: Links 1 on Aug. 25 – 2015

1: Sweden: Woman raped twice – by different men – at different locations – within an hour

(I guess she should count herself lucky that Swedish authorities haven’t arrested her for racism for reporting it)

During Saturday night, a woman was subjected to an assault rape in Strängnäs.

When she escaped the rape, she was raped again by other men outside an asylum accommodation – all within an hour.

According to the local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren, which refer to “informed sources”, the woman was raped outdoors twice. When she fled after the first rape she was assaulted once again by “other men”, according to the newspaper.

Lars Liwenborg at Sörmland police confirms that the information is correct.

2. Sweden Democrats gain in another record poll

(One wonders if stories like the top one might be responsible for stories like this one)

The survey by Novus for broadcaster TV4, published on Tuesday, suggests that 19.4 percent of Swedish voters now support the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats. The party mainly sees support growing among labour union members and people in northern Sweden, according to the pollsters.

3. Spain arrests FOURTEEN muslims in it’s politically correct game of Whack-A-Mole in which they specifically deny the enemy at the start.

4. Greek island of Lesbos: “Everybody’s violent”

5. Suicidal Germans, (Germicidal?) march in solidarity with invaders

6. Refugees from war-torn Syria claim racism in Germany is so extreme they want to GO HOME as growing unrest and anti-Muslim feeling sees attacks on foreigners soar

(Cost benefit equations generally yield accurate sums. Making things difficult for people tends to want to make them not be there, while feeding them and supplying air conditioning to their tents and no consequence for violent riots tends to make them want to be destructive and multiply)

Refugees from war-torn Syria claim racism in Germany has become so extreme they want to go home as a growing anti-Muslim movement sees soaring attacks on foreigners.

The nation has been gripped by a spate of anti-foreigners rallies, violence and arson attacks against refugee homes or would-be shelters as hundreds of thousands seek refuge in the country.

This year has already seen about 200 arson and other attacks against refugee housing while support for anti-Muslim movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA), has been growing.

8. It would appear that many Germans are not happy with the EU and German government ready to abandon its own culture and laws and accept islamic norms without a vote.

9. CSIS warned accused terrorist’s jailhouse attacker about death threats

“I think the evidence shows it wasn’t an unprovoked attack,” Giancaterino said after the sentencing hearing. “Clearly, there were threats to my client and his family and the threats culminated. The final straw was the statement that someone was going to blow up my client’s family’s house.”

RCMP arrested twin brothers Carlos and Ashton Larmond in January on terrorism charges. Both remain in jail awaiting trial.

Carlos Larmond is also charged with threatening and intimidating guards and fellow inmates at the Innes Road jail.

(This deliberately deceptively written article is trying not to explain that what happens was, a muslim inmate threatened another inmate that they had to convert to islam or his muslim co-religionists on the outside would attack his family and blow up their home. Brian Lilley is covering this now on Will post the link to the show when its available)


Thank you M., Richard, Buck, CB Sashenka, and all who sent in materials. There are a lot of materials. Please remember to scan the links on the daily comments posts to get a more full picture of what is taking place.



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  1. 7- the videos are showing more and more sickening and at the very least borderline illegal activities, they are probably building to a finish that will cause Planned Parenthood to become an outlaw orginization.

  2. 6 & 8 are showing the future of all western nations, the way far to many governments are outlawing anti Islamic speech is also showing the future, a future of civil wars and politicians being hung, both legally and illegally.

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