LIVE broadcast of UMI protest in Italy

UPDATE: Here is the link to the story on all this.


This is a LIVE broadcast of what appear to be muslim unidentifiable invaders demanding more and better stuff from their Italian reluctant hosts. Click and watch!

(CORRECTION: This appears to be a looping video of some protest by UMIs (Uninvited Muslim Invaders) from earlier perhaps today in Italy.)

H/T CB Sashenka and Bare Naked Islam.

This has apparently been going on since before midnight local time.

It is interesting that all of them seem to have expensive gear, nice clothes and are men of military age.

Here is an Italian news article about what they are protesting for, which is their human right  for air-conditioning in every tent and more. Something not all Italians have.

LiveLeak has a decent translation of the above that is quite good.



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  1. »»»» That was earlier today – Monday morning – Aug 24 2015 ««««

    From LOCAL.IT :

    Asylum seekers protest over living conditions

    About 150 asylum seekers protested on Monday over poor living conditions at a Red Cross refugee centre in the outskirts of Milan as Europe grapples with an unprecedented influx of migrants.

    Holding pieces of cardboard saying “we’re tired, we want our documents”, they also called for Italy to give them residency permits, Corriere reported.

    Traffic ground to a halt as the asylum seekers protested on viale Fulvio for almost two hours on Monday morning, before returning to the centre in Bresso, in Milan’s northern outskirts.

    They also protested over being made to sleep in tents, with up to eight people, which had had been set up by the centre and became waterlogged after heavy rain last week, Corriere said.

    The protest followed a weekend in which Italy’s coastguard picked up another 4,700 migrants.

    The latest arrivals will lift to more than 108,000 the number of asylum seekers and other migrants to have arrived in Italy this year.

    Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Sunday that the deepening migrant crisis is threatening to rip the “soul” out of the European Union.

    He said the kind of chaotic scenes witnessed this weekend at the Greece-Macedonia border represented a real threat to the free movement of people across the bloc.

    “On immigration, Europe is in danger of displaying the worst of itself: selfishness, haphazard decision-making and rows between member states,” Gentiloni told Il Messaggero.

    Gentiloni urged Italy’s EU partners to stop squabbling and start working on a common solution to the crisis.

    »»»» All the videos on this page : «««««

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