Evry (Essonne, France) He Kills His Wife With A Machete Right In Front Of His Children

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From Yahoo News:

A man in his 50s killed his wife with a machete in the family’s apartment at Champtier-du-coq in Evry (a municipality in the southern suburbs of Paris), in Essonne (a department in the region of Île-de-France, France), Monday morning.

Solidarity is being organized in Evry (Essonne), after the terrible tragedy that occurred at Diderot Square, in the rather quiet residential area of Champtier-du-Coq. Since Wednesday, a fund-raising appeal has been circulating on social networks to collect enough money for the funeral of a mother. Monday morning she was killed by her husband with a machete, right before the eyes of their children.

The drama took place in an otherwise uneventful morning, in the family’s apartment. “A known family in Evry, in a good way,” assures someone from the neighborhood. The couple – parents of two older daughters of 16 and 18 and of 6-year old twins – was at home. On this vacation day, one of the older daughters was baby-sitting, which seemed to bother her father.

A conflict broke, and the 50-year old violently attacked the girl. The mother, who was not working that day, quickly intervened. She stepped in, but her husband at that point was uncontrollable. He hit her, struck her several blows with a machete, slashing off her feet and a hand. One of the children called for help but his efforts were futile. The victim died upon arrival at the hospital.

The couple’s children, and the two small children that the eldest daughter was babysitting, were all hospitalized. A psychological evaluation was also set up. The father was immediately arrested and had to be committed. “A real tragedy, I do not know what else to call it, absolutely barbaric, says Francis Chouat, the PS (Parti Socialiste) mayor of Evry. The involuntary commitment of the father suggests serious psychiatric disorders, but this was never a problem before in the family.”

Neighbors and family friends set up a fund-raiser at www.yourebe.com for the repatriation of the deceased in Algeria. The investigation was entrusted to the police of Evry.

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  1. Paranoia caused by Islam, the kingdom of ‘the least shall be last’, cannot tolerate the freedom of women.

    It would be as turning a cross into a dagger.

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