A concerning First: A robbery with an explosive belt in Brussels

An original translation from Oz-Rita

From DHNet in Belgium

This is a first in Belgium, according to judicial authorities … A totally surreal robbery took place on Tuesday in the Post Office bpost Avenue Charles Thielemans in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre:

A thug threatened to blow up everything shortly before 14 pm. He was wearing an explosive belt. This has never been seen in the flat country according to a confession by the judicial authorities.

According to our verified information, there were only two staff present when the robber burst in. He said he wanted to send money via Western Union before throwing a piece of paper on the counter on which instructions were written in broken French: “If you do gesture to call police or if I hear police, I blow up everything”

He repeated these instructions orally while opening his jacket to show the credibility of his threat.

[EDITOR: Fascinating that there is no description whatsoever of the suspect. The “broken French” tends to give up the game but really, the media in the Western world is now tuned to deceive and not to inform. The basis for a revolution if ever there was one]

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