Attack in Egypt, German muslims destroy asylum center, selective refugee practice by US and more: Links 1 on Aug. 20 – 2015

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1. Bangkok suspect spoke “neither Thai or English” on phone on way to bomb site

(It is amazing how hard one has to work to extract any actual information out of a news report these days. But this would appear to be a real data point pointing at motive)

2. No Asylum in America for Yazidis Fleeing ISIS

(But they sure are taking a hell-of-a-lot of muslims)

Despite the thousands of Yazidis who have been displaced by the Islamic State, only 10 Yazidi families have received asylum in the United States.

Those in America have entered on visas connected to a program for translators who served with American forces during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, according to Yazda, a Yazidi rights organization based in America.  “None of these families [in U.S.] are related to the crisis” Abid Shamden, who works with Yazda, told Fox News.

“But many are still there” he added. “They are not given any special status. They are all treated as the same. My family has been waiting since 2012 for visas.”

There are an estimated 700,000 Yazidis in the world. Yazidis follow of a unique and ancient faith indigenous to the Middle East. Their religion is a unique blend of Persian Zoroastrianism with influences from Christianity and Islam. They worship Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel, which has led to accusations of devil worship.

Last year, an estimated 40,000 Yazidis were trapped on Mount Sinjar in Iraq without food or water, encircled by Islamic State forces. Many were later rescued after a U.S. bombing campaign, but not before several thousand died.

3. Islamic State publicly whips 20 women for not veiling eyes

The whipping marks the first time that ISIS militants lashed the local women themselves. Previously, ISIS has sent not send foreign female vounteers to mete out such punishments.

Reports in the Iraqi newspaper A-Sabach (The Morning)  say that the woman were lashed on their backs and legs.

A.Y., a victim who spoke to the paper on the condition of anonymity, described the terrible scene:

“I didn’t know about this new ridiculous rule of ISIS, that now we have to have a black cloth covering our eyes on top of the required niqab (face veil).  I was shopping in a store in the market when an ISIS militant violently grabbed me  and dragged me outside. He was shouting over and over, ‘La Illaha Illa La’ (‘There is no God but Allah’).

4. North and South Korea trade artillery fire as tensions soar

(Nothing like a weak US president to get all the world’s despots attacking their neighbors again)

5. Ten injured in German refugee shelter riot over ‘torn Koran’

At least 10 people were injured in a riot at a refugee shelter in central Germany over a torn Koran, police said Thursday, in fresh tensions as the country braces to host 800,000 asylum seekers this year.

Violence erupted after about 20 refugees in the overcrowded shelter went in pursuit of another resident late Wednesday, accusing him of ripping pages out of a Koran, local police said.

The man was eventually saved by the shelter’s guards as well as police, prompting the mob to turn their anger on the security forces.

About 50 people armed with steel rods began throwing stones at the officers, leaving at least 10 people injured, including three police.

(Germany, like the rest of the world, seems to have forgotten the most basic facts of life. The right and need and obligation to criticize religious and political authority is central to preserving our cultures and freedoms. They seem to think that appeasing these monsters will end with laws banning criticism of islam. But it never has, and certainly never will. In a culture where status is measured by fanatical escalation of outward devotion, they can only make more demands on us)

6. Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ in Germany, go on hate filled destructive frenzy based on the rumor of a torn koran. At one min. 30 you can see the damage done to an office, which one might presume to be set up for rendering them assistance.

(There is much more video on this which needs translation. Waiting for the German team now)

Daily Mail article on this here

7. Egypt: Blast rips through national security building in Cairo

8. Breitbart covers the German asylum seekers’ riot and adds that they were screaming allah hu ackbar while doing it.

Riot police were forced to fall back and barricade themselves inside a building as the intensity of sectarian violence grew around a refugee centre in Germany last night.

The riot turned Thuringa, Germany into a warzone on Wednesday after “religious differences” between different Muslim sects over their interpretation of the Koran led to mass demonstrations at an asylum centre in the town. The building was trashed, with windows smashed, doors and stud walls demolished and furniture destroyed. Eighteen, including six police officers, had to seek hospital treatment.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, and all who sent in materials. Much more to come.

Now and again, one is tempted to indulge in a debate with leftists on comments here and there. The past couple of days i allowed myself to engage with a few people from Canada’s political left under the video of the man who, when interviewed out East on Harper’s campaign tour, decided to react to the CBC’s insane and out of context line of questions about Mike Duffy instead of any of the important points, both good and questionable, that Stephen Harper had brought up.

What I noticed was that this comment thread followed the exact format that nearly every ‘debate’ follows with a leftist. A near total refusal to address the claims that they make as well as an immediate insulting response to a polite and clear request to substantiate their claims

So I made a graphic which illustrates the methods that the political left use, many consciously but most unconsciously, to illustrate the method.

scissors tactic-1

Like most Frankfurt School, Alinsky style attacks its brilliance is in its simplicity. First, make an unsubstantiated claim. It doesn’t matter what it is or if its true, only that it makes the target(s) look bad.
Then, when actual requests for evidence are made, or when evidence is presented that indicate that the claim is likely false, follow up with a personal attack on the person questioning the claim immediately until all uneducated observers of the debate mentally disqualify the detractor from the claim and therefore, unconsciously accept the validity of the claim and the diminished value of those who disagree with it.

In this ‘debate’ there are several participants against me, who all use this exact tactic. The ‘best’ one of them, will be the one that comes up with the most effective insults and degradation of my character without actually dealing with a single point I raised.

Below, the most recent slur in response to my pointing out that no-one has actually presented any information to substantiate the initial claim of the argument:

(I am Generic News)

+Generic News Now that is one out there, sadistic logical fallacy you made there. Real messed up stuff. I’m happy I don’t know you, and I’m very happy that the majority of Canadians are not like you.
(Notice the casual use of ‘logical fallacy’ as none are present in my previous post which is why he doesn’t say what it was. Another unsubstantiated claim actually mixed in with the attack)
In any case, the illustration hopefully will add lucidity to anyone who attempts to discuss real world events with someone who has bought into the Frankfurt School narrative, knowingly or not and should help you either extricate yourself quickly or refute it effectively.

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  1. Yes a weak American President puts everyone at risk by every wanna be world conquer, it is especially bad when the President isn’t really weak but rather working to destroy the west by destroying its major protector.

    While the exchange of artillery fire between the two Korea’s may be simply a small escalation of the routine violence during the annual US ROK military exercises it could be the harbinger of a major move in the far east. I say this because China knows of our current limited military resources around the world and would want those in the Far and Mid east tied up around Korea before they started any major military adventure. Given China’s economy self destructing and our small military the Chinese leaders have to be at the very least tempted to resort to the time tested action of starting a war to stir patriotism and steal enough treasure to stimulate your economy for a few years.

    Add the above scenario to the action in the Mid East and Europe and you can see why the Chinese leaders and the leaders of other nations and wanna be nations think could, probably are, thinking that now or the real near future is the time to make their move.

  2. No one will ever convince me that the failure of the Obama administration to accept Christian refugees is not a deliberate act to aid the Jihadists in their goal of destroying Christianity.

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