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3 Replies to “Germans send the army to try and control the immigration issue near Hamburg”

  1. The Moslem invasion is rapidly coming to a head, the aboriginal people of Europe are getting madder and madder and the various governments are ignoring them, this is a recipe for first civil disobedience and since this is occurring and being ignored civil war as the people try to change the governments to ones that will address the problems in a way that keeps them safe.

  2. Many EU countries depend on tourism, this will fade as many folks come home with accounts of the ‘real Europe’ they see when on vacation. A family member just returned from London and Paris, and was quite taken by the ‘changes’ over 10 yrs. Lately I prefer Eastern Europe, many of the places I visit are safe and mostly ‘migrant or refugee free’.

    • As the tourism falters in the west the politicians may, I say may because they are mostly socialist, realize what is the cause of the drop and work to correct it.n

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