The reason for posting these articles is to counter the idea that Islam is not responsible for the things it does. It is. Links 2 on Aug. 7 – 2015

1. EXCLUSIVE – ‘I was taught how to cut a head off. Where I should aim my knife on the neck’: Yazidi boy, 13, relives his chilling experience at ISIS jihad camp for lessons in BEHEADING 

A 13-year-old Yazidi boy has told how ISIS brutes took over his school and turned his class into mini-jihadists – teaching them how to behead non-believers.

Taha Jalo Murad said the terror group tried to indoctrinate him and his classmates into becoming Islamic extremists.

They told the teenagers they would help form an army that would march on Rome and ultimately defeat the US.

The boys were taught Sharia Law, the Koran and were told precisely where to hold the knife on the neck during a beheading.

After instruction they were forced practise on fellow pupils at the front of the class in mock executions.

Terror training: Taha is just 13, but was among the oldest of the boys who was held at an ISIS jihadi camp, where the extremists tried to brainwash the boys into their warped way of thinking

Terror training: Taha is just 13, but was among the oldest of the boys who was held at an ISIS jihadi camp, where the extremists tried to brainwash the boys into their warped way of thinking

King Willem-Alexander, two years into his reign following the abdication of Queen Beatrix, has called for a “participation society” to replace the outdated system of government handouts. In a televised speech Monday, he asked citizens to take an increasing amount of responsibility for their social and financial health as The Hague slowly retracts taxpayer-funded welfare programs.

“The shift to a ‘participation society’ is especially visible in social security and long-term care,” the king said, reading out to lawmakers a speech written for him by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government.

“The classic welfare state of the second half of the 20th century in these areas in particular brought forth arrangements that are unsustainable in their current form.”

The proclamation comes after several years of spending cuts and a weak financial climate. The Dutch economy shrunk by about 1 percent in 2013 and is forecast to grow by a mere 0.5 percent next year. Willem-Alexander noted that the public desire for increased choice and freedom requires increased personal responsibility.

The Islamic State has threatened to bring slaughter to Germany and Austria in its latest execution video, calling on Muslims living there to move to the Islamic State, or if they cannot for whatever reason, to kill non-Muslims in their countries.

The video was shot in Palmyra and featured jihadists executing two soldiers of Assad’s army. It is in German with Arabic subtitles, speaking directly to its target audience.

One of the two jihadists featured in the video praised Allah and made the journey himself to the Islamic State (termed ‘hijrah’ – migration).

He called on German Muslims saying “My dear brothers, make hijrah with Allah’s permission. I swear in the name of Allah if you do this you will be very happy. You will live here knowing that the sharia of Allah rules all around you.”

(Videos of the threats with the usual executions for emphasis at link)

4. Video on murder of 4th secular blogger in a state which is officially secular, Bangladesh

5. Invaders protest in Italy because they aren’t getting money from governments or agencies. (More clear details to come on this soon)

6. “Stop Iran Now” Rally – Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.)

(Admiral Lyons gave a stunning and lucid presentation at a recent gathering set up by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy which has earned nearly TWO MILLION views on this mirror alone)

7. Meanwhile, Islam does the one thing it does well. Invents reasons to hate Jews.


Thank you M., Richard, Yucki and all who contributed and I know there are more and there is more to come.


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7 Replies to “The reason for posting these articles is to counter the idea that Islam is not responsible for the things it does. It is. Links 2 on Aug. 7 – 2015”

  1. Because children have grown up unable to crique the koran, they have no way of criticising the imam without finding their voice shaking, face sweating and having to sit down again. The stuttering due to childhood maddrassa beating. Killing someone who has commited shirk however, is by far easier.

    “According to Islamic Medicine, there are two kinds of epilepsy; the first type arises from a physical imbalance of hormones and impulses inside the body and brain. This type is commonly acknowledged by practitioners of modern western medicine and is treated with drugs and therapy. The second type is just as real and of just as much concern. It is the symptom which arises from the effects of negative spiritual forces (the Jinn) which have invaded the human body and are residing in it. This type cannot be treated with drugs or therapy. The negative forces can only be expelled from the human body by using Ruqya (recitation of certain verses of the Qur’an) administered by a righteous soul (an experienced Raqi).”

    There is the biological form, and then the much more common islamic.

    “Psychogenic NES

    Some NES are called ‘psychogenic seizures’. ‘Psychogenic’ means they are caused by mental or emotional processes, rather than by how the brain and nervous system functions (a neurological cause). Psychogenic seizures may happen when someone’s reaction to painful or difficult thoughts and feelings affects them physically.”

  2. Admiral Lyons gives a real good speech, now if we could find enough politicians with guts to follow his advice.

    7 – The man shows a very shaky hold on reality both scientific and economic, there is a lot more money then the fool thinks and it is spread around a lot more then he believes. as for the Jews paying doctors to “make” diseases why would they? What is in it for them?

      • From the above:
        The secret talks began in 2008, before Obama was even elected, and the back channel, as I was the first to reveal, was retired U.S. Ambassador William Miller, who confirmed the story to me and others.

        In other words, Obama entered the White House with the intention of forging an alliance with our most dangerous enemy in the Middle East. That fact has to be the baseline of any serious analysis of our government’s policies.

        Which takes us straightaway to the great unanswered question: Why does the president want this alliance?

        I don’t know the answer. I suspect there is no single answer, but many components. No doubt one component is Obama’s well-documented conviction that American misbehavior is responsible for many, if not most, of the world’s problems. He probably believes the myths about the 1953 events that restored the shah to power in Tehran. He may well share at least some elements of the Iranian regime’s hatred of past American actions.

        But those fairly widespread, basically secular, and quintessentially leftist convictions don’t get us there. They don’t begin to explain the president’s passion to embrace the Islamic Republic, the world’s biggest killer of Americans, a regime that slaughters and imprisons and tortures its own citizens in record numbers, especially in light of its consistently anti-American behavior throughout the Obama years.

  3. It’s more than Islam. It’s more than the Left. The Long March through the Institutions approaches the scale of treachery.

    How did all this back-&-forth with the wrong Iranians stay under the radar? Who’s been sitting at the Iran Desk for, say, the last ten years?

    Because Admiral Lyons is talking about deals going back at least that far. What do we know about the Iran lobby? Or its “agents of influence”, as Lee Smith called them way back in 2010.
    [“Iran’s Man in Washington,”

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