Immigration, sharia by murder, media steers towards reality slowly, but in time? Links 1 on Aug. 7 – 2015

1. Hillary Clinton Email probe by the FBI is a criminal investigation.

2. Alameda Coast Guard Crew Seizes Narco-Submarine Carrying 8 Tons Of Cocaine

(Drug busts are not the typical fare of this site but at this magnitude and with this method of transport it is geopolitical and much bigger than mere crime)

ALAMEDA (CBS SF) — A U.S. Coast Guard crew from Alameda stopped a semi-submersible vessel carrying more than 16,000 pounds of cocaine in the Eastern Pacific Ocean last month — the largest bust of its kind in Coast Guard history.

On July 18, the crew apprehended four suspected smugglers and captured 275 bales of cocaine worth more than $181 million wholesale from the self-propelled semi-submersible (SPSS) vessel, a low-riding vessel often used to smuggle massive quantities of narcotics across the ocean nearly undetected.

3. Glenn Beck seems to have noticed the issue. He did NOT used to be onside with the counter jihad. In fact he was quite hostile to it if I recall correctly. But he seems to have noticed it now.

4. UPDATED: Rapist jailed for ten years for grooming girl, 12

(Did I post this one already? I dunno. Reporting on an adult muslim raping a non-muslim child is getting like reporting on a traffic light. Its hard to say if I mentioned that it turned green again for the 97th time today or if it was the same report as the one I made a minute ago. Then there is this one from Germany as well)

And then this variation on the theme, the leftist adult who spins reality into data points for fiction…

Liberal Activist Raped By Black Man In Haiti, Blames White Men

"Never let a crisis go to waste"

“Never let a crisis go to waste”

There’s two groups of people liberals will try to blame for just about everything they can – conservatives and white males. In true liberal fashion, activist Amanda Kijera was violently raped while on a humanitarian trip in Haiti, then turned around and tried to place the blame on white males as if they had anything to do with it.

Ironically, the activist was in Haiti to dispel the “myths” that violence against women in the island nation was an epidemic and widely overstated by women’s rights organizations in need of more money. She was advocating on behalf of the black men there that were being portrayed as “savages” across the globe and claims she wanted to stick it to “the man” with her efforts.

One night while writing what she said was a “clever” editorial about violence against women in the predominately black nation, one of the men that she had worked so hard advocating for cornered her on a rooftop and raped her repeatedly.

Which also reminds me of this story from a few years ago:

5. Very little if any new information on the simultaneous bombing of 2 churches in New Mexico.

6. The Irish preacher, Pastor James McConnell, that was arrested for telling the simplest most honest truths about islam, speaks after his first court appearance.

Over 1000 people turned up at court to support Pastor McConnell

(Video below is the same event different angle, a few extra seconds at the start)

7. Another secular blogger murdered in Bangladesh 

Aug 7 – 2015

Niloy Chakrabarti, a Bangladeshi blogger known for his secular views, has been murdered, reportedly in a religiously-motivated attack. Niloy Chakrabarti blogged under the pen-name Niloy Neel and is the fourth blogger murdered in Bangladesh this year.

ARTICLE 19 calls on the highest levels of Bangladesh government to immediately and unequivocally condemn this murder, and to clearly commit to holding accountable those who are responsible for the attack. 

‘The murder of yet another blogger is utterly condemnable. The silencing of expression by violence creates an atmosphere of fear in which self-censorship becomes rife. The state has a duty to prevent, protect and ensure accountability for such attacks on expression: a speedy, independent, and effective investigation must occur,’ commented Tahmina Rahman, ARTICLE 19’s Director of Bangladesh and South Asia. 

Thank you Richard, M., and all who sent in materials. More to come most assuredly.

Allegedly, Prime Minster Stephen Harper last night in the TV debate specifically referred to the Islamic State and explained why people should. If that can be found,  we will try and make it available here.

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  1. 2 – This is important for several reasons, 1) the amount of cocaine discovered, this is enough to flood the market in all of North America and do massive damage to people. 2) the money this will take out of the economy and put into the hands of the drug cartels. 3) The way the drug cartels are partnering with jihadists (for money) this same route could and probably has been used to smuggle in contraband other then drugs. 4) the growing sophistication of the subs being used by the cartels. They aren’t armed yet but how much longer will that remain the case.

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