Investigation of Czechs for Anti-Islam Placard

Original translation by JLH

From German Sports mag T Online


Jablonec, Czechia: Czech police are investigating soccer fans who held up an Islam-hostile banner during an opening game of the soccer league.

As Czech Broadcasting reported, the original charge is hate speech. The banner depicted Europe as a valkyrie booting a pig with a turban and a Koran. This was seen on Sunday, before the fans of F K Jablonec, during the game against Bohemians Prag 1905. The police are waiting for the opinion of extremism experts. Posters had already appeared in soccer stadiums with the motto “We do not want Islam in Czechia.”

(Czech Republic)

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5 Replies to “Investigation of Czechs for Anti-Islam Placard”

  1. So we have the authorities saying we want Islam in Europe and an increasing amount of people saying we don’t. Clearly showing that the EU is out of step and ramming it down our throats.

  2. I live in Canada with happy Slovak blood flowing in my veins and neither do I want Islam in Czechia nor in Slovakia nor in all of Europe or North America. God bless us all to uphold the truth and democracy and liberty and free speech and a free conscience.

    • This is a normal, rational state of a human being: “you did make that”.

      The rage of the Left and Right is not normal.

  3. How did this picture of Muhammad in Aisha’s dress ever get though the paranoid gaydar of the West to be republished unpixilated to not offend muslims?

    Is it because it is an exact reproduction taken from Dorian Gray’s art collection of how the hearts and minds of Islam and Czechoslovakians are today – and therefore sacred to not being destroyed, because every living member will then instantly revert back to this real image and the world will once again have to face living honesty?

    Only the newspaper editors shamefully know what they did in on The Day They Republished The Muhammad Cartoon, and are being questioned by extremist experts.

  4. Another European nation that’s government is setting itself up for a civil war, the socialist are proving that they are not interesting in anything but seizing power to force people to live according to the socialist way.

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