Turks selling Chinese muslims as cannon fodder? BBC calls the IS the IS without modifier and more: Links 4 on Aug. 7 – 2015

1. BBC does staggeringly dishonest piece on the migrant wave into Greece

(Showing tourists and illegal migrants juxtaposed that way utterly ignores the fact that the illegal migrants are dependent on the locals while tourists actually support the locals. Its insane to compare the two groups. Its like saying food and insects are living in two worlds in the same homes. Of course, if hundreds of thousands of Christian or atheist Europeans started washing up on middle Eastern muslim state shores and started expecting rights and material goods from the locals I think sudden cases of lead poisoning could be expected pretty quickly)

2. Mali hotel siege: Gunmen take hostages in deadly raid

Gunmen in Mali have killed at least five people in an attack on a hotel in the central town of Sevare, officials say. The dead include Malian soldiers.

The UN mission in the country said it believed “a member of the international personnel” was killed in the attack.

An unknown number of hostages are still being held at the Byblos Hotel, which is popular with UN workers. Two of the gunmen have also been killed.

Mali has been fighting Islamist rebels in the north for a number of years.

(Mali may want to consider the Cameroonian example)

3. Nigeria to establish weapons factory, says President Buhari

BBC claims Nigeria has retaken most muslim seized lands






Nigeria is going to establish a domestic weapons factory in an effort to cut its dependence on imported arms, President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

The defence ministry had been told to develop plans for a “modest military industrial complex,” the president, who came to power in May, said

Nigeria has been battling the militant Islamist group Boko Haram for the last six years.

The US has refused to sell arms to Nigeria citing human rights abuses.

(But arms sanctions against Iran have been lifted)

4. Uyghurs sold as ‘cannon fodder’ for extremist groups: China

(Here is a fascinating article from July this year)

Uyghurs from China’s Xinjiang are being given Turkish identity papers in Southeast Asia by Turkish diplomats and then taken to Turkey where some are sold to fight for groups like Islamic State as “cannon fodder”, a senior Chinese official said.

Uighurs from Xinjiang are being taken to Turkey where some are sold to fight for extremist groups

Beijing says the Turkic language-speaking Uyghur minority are firstly Chinese nationals, and those who flee China should be returned to their home region in the far west of the country bordering central Asia.

“Turkish embassies in Southeast Asia will give them proof of identity,” Tong Bishan, division chief of the Ministry of Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Department, told a small group of foreign reporters in Beijing on Saturday.

“They are obviously Chinese but they will give them identities as Turkish nationals.”

The accusation is likely to further anger Ankara, already alarmed by the return of more than 100 Uyghurs to China from Thailand this week.

5. Anne Marie Waters: Response to Ridiculous Claims of HnH

(A Gates of Vienna mirror of an article about various left wing extremist groups maltreatment of classical liberals trying to fight for real equality before the law)

Anne Marie Waters is the founder of Sharia Watch and one of the leading organizers of the Draw Mohammed event coming up in London on September 18. The left-wing establishment in Britain seems to be alarmed by Ms. Waters’ successful counterjihad activism, and has sicced its fice dog, HOPE not hate, on her.

Anne Marie Waters has now published a response to the coordinated attacks against her. The following essay was originally published at Sharia Watch.

6. Islamic State militants ‘abduct Christians’ in Syrian town

(The BBC refers to the Islamic State as the Islamic State without mitigation. Extraordinary in these times)

Islamic State (IS) has treated Christians harshly in other places under its control.

The group follows its own extreme version of Sunni Islam and has previously ordered Christians to convert, pay jizya (a religious levy), or face death.

7. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood protest against New Suez Canal

8. Kurds clash with Turkish police in two southeastern towns

(If anyone knows the whey to take on the Turks its the Kurds)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Yucki and all. More to come I bet.

AFP video on Cameroon. The original was so quiet it couldn’t be followed if you have air conditioning on anywhere. This should be OK

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4 Replies to “Turks selling Chinese muslims as cannon fodder? BBC calls the IS the IS without modifier and more: Links 4 on Aug. 7 – 2015”

  1. Hope/Not Hate.

    These are two registered organisations masquerading as one.

    Remain in the Pen/Attacked for trying to leave the Pen.
    We are good/They are bad.

    “HOPE not hate Educational Ltd (HNH Ed) is our charitable wing, which is the main vehicle for the development and execution of our community action & engagement plans, training and educational services. HNH Ed seeks to equip local communities and groups to defeat hate at a grassroots level.”

    This is the same as the use of tmadrassas and government schools to reach the niave and innocent.
    Muhammad is taught to children as a saint who does good works. Homosexual are taught as living parallel equal lives where butter would not melt in their mouths.
    The soft jihad for a perfect peaceful world. Now nobody one wants to stop that and be called wobbly wobbly fascist kuffar pig racist do they?

    “HOPE not hate Ltd (HNH) was originally established as Searchlight Information Services in 1986. HNH’s main role is to investigate, expose and campaign against the activities of the far right and other promoters of hate in Britain and Internationally. ”

    “Searchlight relies for its material on those involved in the far-right. This includes a range of infiltrators, defectors and casual informers. The best known defectors were Ray Hill,[16] and Matthew Collins,[17] now of the HOPE not hate campaign.”
    History section: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Searchlight_(magazine)

    Now we come to the meaning of why people rationalize that they need these Defenders of the Faith for justification of preventing their exposure. The muslim for not being exposed as not being a man, the feminist for not being a woman and the homosexual for not being straight. They can all get back to what they were born as, beautiful human babies, yet their wounded pride says they never will. So they summon the bridges from hell to climb back up into the world, into the nations to change it. The Architects to intimidate and entrap the populations. And the trojan horse is their education wing into the schools that you are forced to send your children to, because one man’s wage is no longer able to sustain a large family and a home as it once was and the infants no longer know their mother tongue. Welcome to the abyss.

  2. Listen to the BBC reporter’s tone. Very sympathetic, at the same time urging the West to accept these soldiers of allah into its unprotected bosom.

  3. I find it fascinating that turkey is selling Chinese Moslems to ISIS as cannon fodder, the Turks are returning to the habits of the Turkish Empire including slave soldiers. Personally I don’t see the logic of owning slaves much less arming them and expecting them to fight for you.

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