The muslim invasion of Europe and a tiny sampling of its effects: Links 2 on Aug. 6 – 2015

1. Italian police describe most gruesome murder/attempted murder in their experience.

(Thank you Par0 for the translation)

2. Hungarian government invests heavily in fences

(It would be a little bit of Schadenfreude to see which of these nations objected formally to, or criticized Israel for building a fence for identical reasons and are now building their own despite EU opposition)

3. Bomb attack in Baghdad with 17 dead

(The Islamic State very well may take all of Iraq for its insurgency)

4. Daniel Greenfield Obama sends terror suspects and convicts to therapy

(If only we had thought of that in WW2. We could have lost that war in record time with no losses on the enemy side at all!)

You plot to behead Americans. You go right to the therapist’s office.

The FBI is now referring some potential terror suspects for psychological counseling as part of a new touchy-feely strategy to defeat homegrown Islamic State supporters.

Rather than lock up everyone in the U.S. suspected of potential terrorist activity, the FBI will direct up to 10% of the thousands of people under investigation to the shrink’s couch, where they can rehash the indignities of their childhoods that led them to seek retribution by opening fire on crowds of innocents or blowing up jetliners.

5. Kerry Doubts Iran Wants to Destroy Israel

(And yet if I said that I hoped Iran does to him and his family what they want to do to Israel the FBI would be at my door in minutes. Go figure! Much like if you say to a muslim: ‘I would like to see happen to you exactly what you preach to your coreligionists should happen to all unbelievers” we would suddenly be guilty of a hate crime by the same people who insist islam doesn’t really teach that)

Kerry’s statement comes despite the fact that Ayatollah Khamenei published his strategy to eliminate Israel in a new book published last week.

Iran may not mean it when it says it wants to destroy Israel—that’s the shocking statement that Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview published yesterday. And his reason for thinking that the Iranian regime is nicer than its calls for genocide make it seem? Because Iran hasn’t tried it yet.

6. Muslim invaders are seen here enriching a section of a Serbian city.

(Waiting to see if a translation is worth the effort on this one)


Thank you M., Richard, ML., and everyone who was thoughtful enough to send in materials. Today and yesterday have been really busy news days. It is almost as if the Western world’s media has decided, ‘what the hell. Maybe we should actually report on some of the things that are actually going on as they are’. Too much to hope for? Maybe but it feels like it today.


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5 Replies to “The muslim invasion of Europe and a tiny sampling of its effects: Links 2 on Aug. 6 – 2015”

  1. 4. Sending Jihadis to psychotherapy will help, but only under one single proviso… It reveals the way for them to give up and leave Islam. If they come out still revering muhammad, like Nazis revering Hitler or Communists Mao or Stalin, then all you have is someone who says they’re cured simply because they are now nice and polite to their jailers.

    When they come out they will find somebody weak and stab them and utter Allah is Greater, Hitler mein fuhrer, or Socialist Workers unite.

    The cure is for them to totally remove the BS, to not to leave the glove of group-think behind in the sewn up wound.

    For a Western education system that does not produce free-thinking human beings any more, that’s a pretty tall order.

    • So tall that while I think we will succeed against the Moslems it is highly probable that civilization and freedom will disappear for quite a long time.

  2. 5 – Remember Kerry’s son in law is Iranian and the son of the Chief Iranian negotiator was best man for Kerry’s son in law.

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