A full day’s worth of horror in one short post: Links 1 for Aug. 4th – 2015

1. Great Chris Hitchens compilation on islam

2. Calais crisis: ‘1,700 intrusions’ at Eurotunnel terminal

(It is mind numbing by design how they invent new words to detract from any reality of what the muslims etc. do to us now. Like when they refer to a horror for which we have no single word or even expression, of taking vulnerable children, addicting them to drugs or threatening their lives and the lives of their families, and then making them into sex slave prostitutes for the pleasure of their coreligionists, and the media and governments call it “grooming” as if it was nothing more than brushing their hair. Frankly calling invasion an intrusion and calling the forced sexual slavery-for-profit of children grooming is so deceptive it should be considered complicity and a crime itself)

There were 1,700 “intrusions” by migrants who broke into the Channel Tunnel’s freight terminal overnight, a French police union has said.

But disruption was better managed than previous nights, the union said, with extra security and riot officers helping to control the situation.

It is unclear if migrants accessed UK-bound vehicles, they said.

It comes as French police figures suggested 70% of migrants processed in Calais leave within four months.

(Video at site)

3. We must talk about Islam: A faith that affects everyone should be susceptible to critique by all

(This is remarkable more for the venue than the content. That Salon is carrying this article is noteworthy)

Eight months after it suffered one of the worst terrorist attacks in French history, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo continues to provoke wrongheaded, confused and even cowardly analysis that disregards the facts and betrays a failure to understand – or a refusal to recognize — the stakes we in the West all have in what the publication stands for: freedom of expression.

Lest we forget those facts: on Jan. 7, the brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi burst into the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, and, shouting “Allahu akbar!” systematically gunned down staff members and others present. After doing so, they announced “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad! We have killed Charlie Hebdo!” Their motive: the cartoonists had satirized, on many occasions, the Prophet Muhammad, whose depiction Islam forbids. Put succinctly: inspired by their religion, the Kouachi brothers murdered cartoonists for drawing cartoons. They murdered for Islam.

4. Migrants are stealing our washing and wi-fi, claim angry French locals: Calais residents say they’re moving out of their homes and setting up traps to keep squatters out 

(The interesting question of course is, to what extent will French citizens and land owners be allowed to defend their own property?)

Desperate locals in Calais are putting their houses on the market amid claims that migrants have been stealing their washing and Wi-Fi connections.

One farmer living in the area has even set up thermal imaging cameras and electric wires around a vacant house he owns for fear that squatters may take over.

A sign displayed at the entrance to the gates, which are reinforced with barbed wire, reads: ‘Traps!’.

A sign erected by a farmer on the entrance to his property near to the 'Jungle' camp in Calais, which reads 'Traps!'

A sign erected by a farmer on the entrance to his property near to the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais, which reads ‘Traps!’

The farmer living in the area has even set up thermal imaging cameras and electric wires around a vacant house he owns over fears squatters may take over

5. Planned Parenthood 5th video released

(When an organization calls babies “The products of conception” its morally indistinguishable from calling Jewish people and the handicapped, “Proto-bars of soap”)

6. Blindfolded, bound and brutally murdered: Depraved ISIS fighters throw man from a building in Iraq for being gay as a baying crowd gathers below

Children stand among a crowd of laughing men as depraved Islamic State militants throw a man accused of being gay from the top of a building in northern Iraq.

Shocking new photographs show the man, who is blindfolded and has his hands tied behind his back, pushed off the top of a silo.

It is the latest proof of ISIS’ ambition to hunt down and execute anyone they believe is gay.

Depraved: The man, who ISIS militants claim is gay, is knelt at the top of the Silo in Iraq before being killed

Depraved: The man, who ISIS militants claim is gay, is knelt at the top of the Silo in Iraq before being killed

(And still, the vast majority of official gay rights organizations focus on Western fictional rights and invented offenses and refuse to deal with any of this, which proves that they are leftist fronts for Alinskyist Anti-West deconstructionists rather than ever having anything to do with real rights, like the right to exist, for homosexuals. The SD gay march through Rinkeby Sweden was a powerful data point on that)

Thank you very much, Oz-RIta, Buck, Gates of Vienna, M., Richard and all who sent in materials. More to come.

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13 Replies to “A full day’s worth of horror in one short post: Links 1 for Aug. 4th – 2015”

  1. 6. For anyone with a dissociation of affection disorder – be it gambling, promiscuity, abstinence, or anything of self-harm to make themselves feel better with distractions to fill the emptiness inside – I do sympathise. But I don’t let them wander near children or be out of my sight because envy and sabotage is sure to follow.

    Unfortunately, those who reinvent themselves into living a ‘saved’ Black and White simpleton existance, trump those living within an extremely complex and complicated narcissistic band of color.

    In the news Britain’s former Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath is alleged to have been a pedophile. This is not fair – as might declare many a True Christian Bisexual – because if the leader of the British People had put his member into both children and adults he would be correctly and fairly termed a “Transgenerational Homosexual.”


    I hope this matter is put to rest. There will be a Repentance March in solidarity for the hurt caused to real pedophiles next Saturday.

  2. #4 It’s really easy to steal wi-fi. All you need is an empty jar, and a wire coat-hangar (so the wi-fi can travel down it to get into the jar).

    Then you can use it later on when you need it.

    • I can see how they might do that if the jar wasnt already full of gasoline so it can be thrown at French authorities later on.

      So I guess they will have to steal Wifi the old fashioned way, with a copper mesh net and foil lined pockets.

  3. The steady drip drip drip o the planned releases of these videos is doing massive damage to Planned Parenthood, once again technology is coming to the rescue of those who oppose tyranny.

    • FYI :The street address for the particular location in this Planned Parenthood video is 4600 Gulf Freeway, Houston TX. It is “Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood”. At the very beginning of the video before clicking Play, you can see the outline of the building in the background. The step design of the floors gives it away. I think maybe it was in the 90’s when they bought that building. It used to be a Bank. “Planned Parenthood” is in letters at the top of one side of the building. Absolutely horrific thinking of them having a facility that large. Houston being my home town just makes it worse to think about….. I would love to have been a fly on the wall to see their reactions when they discovered they were in an undercover video being shared Everywhere !

  4. The fact that Salon is publishing articles like this is astonishing, it proves the tide is turning and people are starting to realize the danger from Islam, one of the reasons we won WWII is that Germany attacked the Soviet Union turning the western leftists against them. I don’t know what is turning the leftist against Islam but the fact that something is, is real good for the chances of the survival of the western culture.

  5. 3. 4000 years ago, something miraculous occurred in the Middle East that would affect all mankind. The Israelites put truth above kings. The idea of an absolute truth. So bonded to it, royal personages would wear sack-cloths in repentence for allowing the nation to slide into decadence and poverty.

    2000 years later another new idea shook the world. Absolute love. To hold alongside with absolute truth. To love your neighbor as yourself – with a kick up the backside if needed. Cruel to be kind, not kind to be cruel.

    That is, until 300 years later truth and love was made lower than the Church under Blasphemy Laws. Love became the grovelling gratitude of the undeserving sinner. The door sealed and a Mystery wheeled out only on birthdays and funerals, with a stolen kiss on a sacred ring.

    Then science came and the map of humanity.

    Then pseudoscience and pseudo-humanity.

    The Koran and muslims, Human Rights and socialists.

    There is another great revelation to come… (But only if Rita sends me another poem).

    • For the West have a book on it.

      The Old Testiment is full of every embarrassing episode of using truth blindsided by not having love. King David doing a muhammad by having sex with a soldiers wife, but then by not doing a muhammad by writing he can in his Koran, repents of his murder and tries to everything right by her.

      The new testiment is full of examples where you can demonstrate love, even to its healing properties.

      Do Christians read their Bibles, that many suffered death by burning on the stake by order of Church priests just to get it in print in a language we can understand? No. Or else they skip from verse to verse to make a point of prophesy, turning it into an almanac.

      The Koran inverts both truth and love to be that of an owned slave. Truth only because you will get a whipping and love because you won’t get rejected from receiving approval. An Arab spring from jail will result in rioting and warlording for themselves.

      While the West fornicate and mimic sterile sex on earth, muslim await to fornicate and mimic sterile sex in heaven.

      • And why do perverts love islam? Because you can make a person say they are a duck three times, and they’re a duck.

  6. 3/ This is about a documentary by “journalist” Max Blumenthal, one of the most vile, rabid anti-Zionist/ anti-Semites alive today. Like Neturei Karta, he’s well-regarded in Iran.

    You can read his toxic garbage on Mondoweiss or the ElectricIntifada. (I’d never go to either site directly of course, but ElderOfZiyon is selective and excludes most emetic material.)

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