The US seems to have lost the cold war and not really noticed: Links 2 for Aug. 4 – 2015

1. US universities adopt Soviet model of political reeducation

(Please take the time to watch this video with full concentration. It is not trivial)

2. Austria: overwhelmed refugee centre closes to new arrivals

3. New Libyan regime torturing Ghadaffi’s 3rd son

4. Calais France: Work begins on better fence. Lack of protestors or BDS campaign against France not noticed by anyone

5. Louis Farrakhan Urges Black Community To “Rise Up And Kill Those Who Kill Us”

Thank you JU., M., Richard, GoV., and many more and much more to come.


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10 Replies to “The US seems to have lost the cold war and not really noticed: Links 2 for Aug. 4 – 2015”

  1. 1. ‘Write down your own punishment.’

    Self-harming is blaming yourself and giving yourself what sufference you think you deserve. Your bully no longer even needs to be there. They can just say “Allah is watching you”.

    This initiation therefore is to bid high enough and yet still remain well under the bar of their intended punishment – the one that will increase proportionally with how you match their dissatisfaction. To flatter with your recognition of their dominance, by offering a big enough prize that will to do the least harm to you. In other words, careful not to insult them but neither to give them permission to take absolutely everything away.

    It is like the question, “how many times do you beat your child?”

    The assumption is that smacking your child for any discipline, light or hard, is wrong. To address the term “beat” before the question of frequency which you can’t at that moment quite know, makes you look and feel guilty, and also bewildered by the deliberate unfairness of the question and the dawning mistrust for your accuser. You resign to the accusation overwhelmed thus defeated.

    This abuse using the intimidation of authority is that you have to please THEM, this mini-Muhammad or Stalin, and not refer to the rule book; this is the game being played: you are guilty for giving, for you too didn’t refer to the rule book in order to avoid a beating, because you now accepted their offer.

    You must never punish yourself. Period. If you can’t be kind to yourself you can’t be kind to others; becoming always overly gracious or too uncharitable. Either way, you will then be played for the cowardly ego you submitted yourself to become.

    Now there’s two hurdles: to forgive yourself and to apologize for resenting their cunning trickery in order to return the gift back over to them. Your handler though, will quickly strike to congratulate you for coming to your senses and cement the deal with praise – which you will internalize as Pride in doing the right thing, and reinforce loyalty to the group.

    But now you will be their bitch-dog or male hyenna forever, too fragile and brittle to admit it, but at least that’s better than being an outsider you are led to believe, known as the outcast, kafir or unsaved.

    But let’s start first with some gentle Dobby Training:

    Go forth to making Shariah-compliant streets.

  2. How does Farrakhan continue to get away with that? It’s a criminal offence in the United States to counsel people to commit crimes, and that video clearly shows him exhorting a room full of black people to go and kill white people. How is that different from giving somebody ten grand to go and whack somebody? How is that different from telling a kid to go out and rob a liquor store? The present administration doesn’t even bother to pretend to care about fairness, it seems. If it’s black, it’s good, if it’s white, it’s bad. Simple as that. If that was a white guy talking like that, special agents would be streaking to the ground from helicopters and rushing the guy off to a supermax in Maryland…

    • Perfectly reasonable, if you are a reader of the Nation of Islam’s Hadiths.
      “Yakub said to have been born in Mecca at a time when 30% of original black people were “dissatisfied”.[3] He was a member of the Meccan branch of the Tribe of Shabazz. Yakub acquired the nickname “big head”, because of his unusually large head and his arrogance. At the age of six, he discovered the law of attraction and repulsion by playing with magnets made of steel.[4] This insight led to a plan to create new people. He “saw an unlike human being, made to attract others, who could, with the knowledge of tricks and lies, rule the original black man.”[4] By the age of 18, he had exhausted all knowledge in the universities of Mecca. He then discovered that the “original black man” contained both a “black germ” and a “brown germ”. With 59,999 followers, he went to an “isle in the Aegean Sea called Pelan”, which Muhammad identifies with Patmos. Once there, he established a despotic regime and set about breeding out the black traits, killed all darker babies, and created a brown race after 200 years. Yakub died at the age of 152, but his followers carried on his work. After 600 years of this deliberate eugenics, the white race was created.[5] The brutal conditions of their creation determined the evil nature of the new race: “by lying to the black mother of the baby, this lie was born into the very nature of the white baby; and, murder for the black people was also born in them — or made by nature a liar and murderer”.[2]”

  3. 1 – This is a prime example of Communist survival on the US campuses, the really scary thing is that way too many people both students and non students think the schools are doing nothing wrong.

      • When the left managed to get control of the US Universities, this occurred in the 1970s with control they started slowly changing the history that is taught until in the 80s most young people no longer considered communism a threat and this allowed the radical far left (communist) to take over the Democrats and convince people they were the true moderates. The moderate to far left managed to take over most of the media during the late 50s to early 60s and control of the universities gave them control of the journalism schools. It was also during the 70s that the far left took control of the Entertainment industry and stopped making movies and TV shows that showed the US in general and the US military in pratictular as the good guys. I know you have noticed the difference between the old movies and the modern movies, there are very few movies that show the US military as the good guys.

  4. That’s true. Movies made by those who know nothing about war, but presume to judge those who do. No more Good Guys for cultural Marxists who disdain concepts of right and wrong, true or false.

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