Geopolitics, immigration, sharia law here and there, Russia and the UK fight back: Links 2 on Aug. 2 – 2015

1. Prison for Afghan mullah who raped a 10-year-old girl inside his mosque

(This can only be considered progress if the sentence turns to reality. So far in Afghanistan, the courts do a show verdict then they default back to sharia norms in terms of what actually happens to the people. Refer back to the woman beaten and burned to death who was framed by an imam for burning a koran. An activity which probably should earn a good conduct badge anyway)

Extraordinary events have taken place inside a Kabul courtroom this week. Back in May, a 10-year-old girl was raped inside a mosque in a remote Afghan village. The mullah responsible – Mohammad Amin – had asked three young girls to clean for him when he started behaving inappropriately. The girls made a run for it, only one of them tripped and fell in a stream. Amin dragged her back inside the mosque, where she was raped and left with serious injuries.

According to Sharia Law, which the Mullah tried to rely on in court, rape is considered a form of adultery for which both parties are responsible. Amin’s defence lawyers argued that he should be sentenced to 100 lashes and then released – but that would have meant the girl also receiving the same punishment.

However, Judge Mohammad Suliman Rasuli slammed Amin’s defence, pointing out that the victim “cannot commit adultery; she is a child. This is rape.” Instead, the judge sentenced Amin to 20 years in prison.

(Read the rest of the story to understand that the zietgiest of the actual people of Afghanistan has not changed, even her own family’s)

2. Russian security forces kill 8 suspected Islamic State militants in Russia’s North Caucasus

Russia’s counterterrorism agency says its forces in North Caucasus have killed eight militants who had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The Anti-Terrorist Committee said Sunday that the militants killed in combat in the province of Ingushetia west of Chechnya were involved in a series of attacks on police. It added that they had recently swore an oath of allegiance to IS.

The agency said those killed included the group’s leader, Adam Tagilov, who was accused of staging December’s attack in Chechnya’s provincial capital, Grozny, which left 25 people dead. The raid dented the carefully nurtured image of stability under Chechnya’s strongman.

3. Ezra Levant on Benghazi

4. Here is a rather excellent indicator of how things are in the UK and the direction it is taking.

First, read this story about a Jewish MP who was forced out of office by muslim threats, bullying and intimidation.

That story is from May 10 – 2015

Then, here is a story about the ambitions and intentions of the person who now holds that man’s seat in Parliament.

I would venture to say that this is a good general indicator.

5. Britain First has demo to support Dover truckers

6. Polish police monitors 200 jihadis

“As reported by the news portal, a detailed report about the terrorist threat was presented last week by the ABW vice director Jacek Gawryszewski to MPs from the ‘intelligence commission’. According to the report, the security service has identified 200 people who have a connection with Poland and at the same time links to violent Islamic fundamentalism.  The group largest in numbers is comprised by Chechens who once lived for example in asylum camps in Poland. They still keep their connections from Poland even though they are in Syria or Iraq, where they are fighting for the Islamic State.

7. Major attempt at invasion of the UK, fails due to riot police with chem weapons

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Nicolai Sennels, Gates of Vienna, and all our regulars for their news links and comments. More to come today as we are waiting on the translation of a video from Italy which is gruesome and heartbreaking. Hopefully it will be done by tonight.

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10 Replies to “Geopolitics, immigration, sharia law here and there, Russia and the UK fight back: Links 2 on Aug. 2 – 2015”

  1. 4. Wes Streeting, the British MP is said to be leading the demand for the closure of Gates of Vienna, is a homosexual.

    GoV I thought was solely about identifying muhammadans inside the smiling face of Islam. Does this lead people on to realizing Socialism also is a fake screen behind which Communism lurks? If rational thinking figures out Islam is in no way a religion but soullessly a brutal personality cult, then yes.

    I’ve not read that GoV ever wanted to create a revolution of right wing forces, because they are center ground, although right wing National Socialists certainly want to take over this turf to be as if they had made it their own. I refer to their destruction of the English Defence League with the help of the government-police and their replacement with Britain First as an example.

    If Anders Breivik’s murderous actions were carried out by a muslim, they would just be adding to a very very long list of advancement in a war that would never panic politicians like this.

    “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” I never read. Maybe it’s time to review and discern a nutjob or a patriot.

    • 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence Part 1 …

      2083 – A European Declaration of Independence Part 3 …

      A year ago Ann Dalton critiques Anders’ mental state and his internet sources of information:
      “As much as I loathe his ideology and as much as I mock and deride his beliefs, I also know that there is a critical mind in there somewhere that has been corrupted by hate because there is no way anyone could know the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a load of pants but not be able to see how Eurabia is the same unless one is deliberately shutting down the part of one’s mind that permits reasonable comparisons.”

    • Anita Dalton goes on to say
      “While Breivik was decidedly an Islamophobe, there definitely other motives that fueled his rampage. The very way he begins his manifesto is a very good clue that he has mixed motives. The beginning is not an overview of atrocities attributed to Muslims, but rather a discourse on how the family of the 1950s cannot exist in a politically correct world. I intend to make the case in Part Four that Breivik was as equally motivated by twisted emotions about what he considers the destruction of his own family as he was the need to end Muslim immigration in Europe. Though in his manifesto he gives a reason for why he did not shoot Muslims, the fact that he shot young people, teens, having fun at a summer camp, speaks to motives in addition to Islamophobia. It is more in line with his loathing of cultural Marxism, but even that only goes so far. By shooting teenagers, he violated even his own outline of the “traitors” who needed to die first. He shot to death dozens of teenagers because he was striking out at a country he felt deprived him of the family and youth he thinks he deserved and missed out on.

      So, in my estimation, Breivik is a liar both to himself and his audience…”

      Every childhood trauma can and does color their whole lives, unless they meditate to not only slow down their body processes but enough to catch a glimpse of their own mind.

      Therefore, we are dealing with the majority of people who think they are the authors of their lives when they are not. The awareness you are not is if you get offended, and then someone legislates against it so that you stay hypnotized.

      Anders may have thought killing through shock and awe, a genocide of ideas would reset the world. Yet all the center ground wants is that all those ideas to be equally riddiculed to see if they stand up to scrutiny, or if a manipulator is present. Just follow the subsidy money.

      Shooting kids “having fun at a summer camp” was not if memory serves me right, an innocent event that Anders believed, but children of the political elite.

      This does not condone his actions, but explains why lone muslims are also on a similar hair trigger of paradise lost.

      • And don’t get me wrong, the threat of Islam decending into muhammadism and socialism into the slavery of communism is very real, for these are universes of a sick mind, and now so many people carry it.

        I wish Anita could walk with her beads and tattooes exposed down a muslim area after Friday prayers and experience a wake up call as much as it takes. I reallt do. Because she is as much Anders as he is she and passive agression is just as damaging as agression.

        • I care it doesn’t happen again.
          I care that lessons are learned that the feeble-minded are stacked with resentments who can get over-excited by revealed truths they can’t handle.
          I care he killed those youngsters as Communists kill entire generations of a family.
          I care that their memory is used to attack freedom of speech on websites that had nothing to with their murder.
          I care that Islam gets a free pass and blasphemy laws.
          I care that inanity stiffles a reader’s enquiry and debate.
          I care.

    • A last thought, on achieving the center-ground aka “normal”.


      Should be simple. Giving up resentment and the consolation of Pride.

      But, for the communists its repentance to have been against group-think and for muhammadans repentance for not being a slave.

      So the hijacking of language goes on.

      Repenting of homophobia.
      ““Gay Christian embarks on homophobic ‘hurt’ journey” declared the BBC website on 16 June, as I set out from Birmingham on my pilgrimage of repentance for homophobia. I was both pleased and annoyed. On the one hand, my walk was drawing media attention to the issues involved. On the other, the coverage included a major inaccuracy.

      My girlfriend was one of the first people to text me to tell me that the BBC thought I was gay. After some effort by a friend, the BBC changed the wording to “bisexual”.”

      You couldn’t make it up.

  2. 3 – I have had a couple of very strong Dems as me why the Republicans are still pushing Benghazi when so many other scandals have happened since then, when I answer that we still don’t know who let those men die and we want to know who has their blood on their hands they glare and stomp off.

    • Almost all of Delta Force was in Italy on maneuvers, if the lace panty brigade hadn’t interfered we could have dropped close to 100 of the best shooters in the world on top of the terrorists who were attacking the consulate.

      Yes I am waiting for the movie to be released, and looking at the timing I admire the makers of the movie, it will be hitting the stores on DVD in time to be in everyone’s mind on election day.

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