Saudi royals ‘bar’ French policewomen from beach

Sharia can spread by a few means, not the least of which is money. We are more used to seeing thugs creating ‘volunteer’ sharia patrols in European and other countries to force sharia on the locals in increments. But the Saudis do it with the kind of influence petro-dollars can force. 

Article here at the Local 

The article details the recent history of this beach and how the Saudis have taken full control with the consent and cooperation of the far left islamic sympathetic French government.


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  1. Just quickly popping in: You are on the ball – as usual, Vlad Tepes!!! I have actually been looking for english language covering because I’m time-poor atm, but the article you link to is quite comprehensive from what I see ad well worth reading,

    This affair is an absolute SCANDAL and creates THE precedent – France, who used to be called “Fille ainée de l’Eglise” (eldest daughter of the Church – meaning Catholic since France was largely catholic) has now been made to the “First Whore of Islam” – sold cheaply by the pimps like Hollande (Pres.) Cazeneuve (Interior Minister) who says “Jihad is not a delict” and who finds that the connections with the (Catholic) Church have rendered France “nauseating” he is also prosecuting Riposte Laique before the courts for defamation, Taubira (the grotesque Minister for Justice and Patron Saint of Arabo/sub-saharan/muslim thugs), Belkazem, an Arab Muslim with double nationality who has been made “Minister for Education” (without any other qualification than that she works for the King of Maroc, her real home), and last but not least the greatest whore of them all, Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris – who kissed every camera that would have her declaiming “Je Suis Charlie” and yet prosecutes before the “Justice” (of Taubira) our friends from Riposte Laique for a carricature of her. (Vlad Tepes blogged about this).

    ///End of rant mode – feel free to moderate or delete my “stream-of-anger-missile”, Vlad.

  2. PS: even the fact that France puts French Police force at the position of the goat-lovers (entourage of 500) is a scandal in itself, but then barring “female” police – paid for by the FRENCH taxpayer, who is BANNED FROM THE PUBLIC BEACH by the islamic terrorist-sponsoring Saudies, from the auguste presence of this goat-herder is …..I dont have the words for it….

    It reminds me of the Busdrivers in Paris now – The Paris Transport system has been infiltrated to 65% of muslim (male) drivers – a year or so ago they refused to drive buses, that had been driven by female drivers before – since they did not want to park their muslim arses on seats that held female curves before (I suggested they should let goats drive – that might be more halal).
    Of 6 female FRENCH busdrivers I knew (via a meeting) there is only 1 left – who refused to be pushed into “administrative” services. Her life is hell now – she is still standing, but I dont know for how long.
    Okay, going already. 😉

    • Rita I am taking the time to thank you for telling us what is happening in France, the current domestic situation in France is coming to Australia and the US in the near future. We have been moving towards a major war for a long time with events slowly increasing in intensity and danger. We are now at the point where they will turn into an avalanche that will sweep the world into a major war. I can’t give advice on how to survive the coming turmoil but I pray you and yours will remain safe and free.

      • Thank you Richard, and ditto for the safety of you and yours! If you are in the US, then your biggest enemy is driving the bus in which you are travelling 🙁

    • I ditto Richard, Rita. You don’t realize how much you’re quoted here, directly or indirectly, for your wit, work, and charm.

      Catholics better hit the road: Canaries are on the wing. 20,000 left in the last 5 years. And that’s just counting those who used the services of the Jewish Agency.

      While the trend is up, more will end up subdued dhimmis just like their generational cohort. Eventually they too will embrace the death that is Islam. I wonder how many have already converted, surely a significant number?

      Bagged-ladies will smother everything that is French. The Fashion Capital of the world is evolving into a grotesquerie, with muslima-wear that’s an insult to everything feminine. The major houses already have fashion-lines for their Gulf clients.

      No more French wine! Cities will change their names, “Champagne” will offend religious sensitivities. Maps to the pyre!

      • @ yucki. Thank you, speaking to you right now from a hight that has sudenly increased 10fold 😉 . I think you are the soul here and I am green with envy for your cute avatar;) I also have watched with pleasure Richard coming out of his initial shell 🙂

        “Catholics better hit the road: “
        I have been sitting on the translation of a letter written by a desperate French, which conludes with the heart-renching question: “Where can we flee to”? Alluding to the fact that French Jews have at least Israel and brave people defending it.

        ” I wonder how many have already converted, surely a significant number?”
        Someone once said: “Right after WW2, the number of “resistants” (against the Nazis) in France multiplied by 100 !”.
        I guess the “I was always fighting with the counter-jihad” will experience the same increase, once we win !

        “…The Fashion Capital of the world is evolving into a grotesquerie,…”
        Not my quote but I liked it: “Islam-Dior – used to be called “Christian Dior”, but then he converted.

        • Rita: “yucki. … I think you are the soul here…”

          Akbar is Greater than Allah comes to mind.

          “Look, I will lead her that I may make her male, in order that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

          A life without props? Ain’t happening. A soul-girl leading the girls.

          • @ perfect child

            Your writings (which I always read when I’m here) often are quite above my rather pedestrian mind, but often, when I read you, you remind me of one of my favorite poems:


            “Qui aimes-tu le mieux, homme énigmatique, dis ? ton père, ta mère, ta soeur ou ton frère ?
            – Je n’ai ni père, ni mère, ni soeur, ni frère.
            – Tes amis ?
            – Vous vous servez là d’une parole dont le sens m’est resté jusqu’à ce jour inconnu.
            – Ta patrie ?
            – J’ignore sous quelle latitude elle est située.
            – La beauté ?
            – Je l’aimerais volontiers, déesse et immortelle.
            – L’or ?
            – Je le hais comme vous haïssez Dieu.
            – Eh! qu’aimes-tu donc, extraordinaire étranger ?
            – J’aime les nuages… les nuages qui passent… là-bas… là-bas… les merveilleux nuages !”

            Charles Baudelaire – Le Spleen de Paris


            • Machine Translation:
              “The Foreigner – Which do you like best, enigmatic man, say? your father, your mother, your sister or your brother? – I have neither father, neither mother, neither sister, nor brother. – Your friends? – You are useful yourselves there of a word whose direction remained to me so far unknown. – Your fatherland? – I am unaware of under which latitude it is located. – The beauty? – I would like it readily, goddess and immortal. – Gold? – I hate it as you hate God. – Eh! what do you thus like, extraordinary foreigner? – I like the clouds… the clouds which pass… over there… over there… marvellous clouds! Charles Beaudelaire

              Pity we cannot discern by computer software the mind of the Gallic, likewise the mind of the Arabian that marries a male to Muhammad.

              And so before attempting a risky and dangerous mind-meld would you kindly translate the nuances of cultural French?

            • In preparing my anaysis of intent, the writer’s lifestyle and conduct must be examined, as you would the Hadiths, the life and deeds of Muhammad to understand the meaning of the Koran.

              “Baudelaire spent the next two years in Paris’ Latin Quarter pursuing a career as a writer and accumulating debt. It is also believed that he contracted syphilis around this time.”
              “…1842. Upon his return, he received a large inheritance, which allowed him to live the life of a Parisian dandy. He developed a love for clothing and spent his days in the art galleries and cafes of Paris. He experimented with drugs such as hashish and opium.” … “Six of the poems, which described lesbian love and vampires, …”
              So, we may have found something in his writing which is like that which stirs the musselma’s heart to the words in the koran of that female-centric author who she knows really sings a seranade to her as his real creator, and not that BeezlebubAllah who is merely used to just get into her pants.
              Next, therefore to try to interpret the poem with this delicate mindset in mind, that gains a favorite standing with the soul-girls. (Just sayin’ how I’m investigating it).

            • So, next I go to a concordance:


              “The word étranger (the title of this poem) is difficult to translate into English. It hardly ever means ‘stranger’ – the way it is translated both times here. Its normal meaning is ‘foreigner’.

              It can also be translated ‘outsider’ (the famous novel by Camus ‘L’étranger’ is about an ‘outsider’, Meursault in many ways comes close to being a sociopath).

              In this poem, Baudelaire is talking about how none of us is truly at home in the world. People tell us that we have family, friends, a country – but none of those things is self-evident to most of us. It is easy to feel no love of one’s country, and only a little more unusual to lose touch with one’s family.

              The only thing which is real for any of us (says Baudelaire) is what we discover for ourselves.

              Laurie Anderson put it a little more clearly when she wrote: ‘This is not a tale my people tell: this is something I know for myself.’

              The speaker of Baudelaire’s poem feels estranged from his family, his friends, and his country.

              But he knows that the clouds are true, and that they are beautiful.

            • I know I’m making a complete hash, like when I informed my mother the Ti Chi moves she was making were not for removing negative energy from her body as her instructor had informed her… but for a billion people or more, the koran is a book of noble love…

              Our interpretation is all that really counts, and the game gift is appreciated Rita.

              But we have a website to work on, and to crack open this poem for the author’s meaning as alledgedly aligned to mine, would be a celebrated party, to hold my hand out to a friend to want to hang out with and natter as we watch the Gay Pride go by.

            • The Estranged.

              “Who do you love the most, enigmatic man?

              Your father,
              your mother, your sister or your brother?

              I have neither father, nor mother, nor sister, nor brother.

              Your friends?

              There, you’re using a word that to this day I’ve never understood.

              Your country?

              I don’t know at what latitude it’s situated.


              I would willingly love it, goddess and immortal.


              I hate it as you hate God.

              Well, what do you love then, extraordinary stranger?

              I love the clouds… the clouds passing… up there… up there… the marvelous clouds!

              (Charles Baudelaire, plagerized translation by Perfectchild 2015.)

              So, do we have a female-soul here expressing their own disconnect with the world, that Charles sees himself in a dialogue spoken to himself?

              “I don’t know at what latitude it’s situated.”

              Isn’t this true for all Socialists who “didn’t make that”? People who never ever started their own business from the ground up, but were taught only to be a cog. They have no concept of up or down, but only can move longitudally along the surface of life.

              There is no depth in friendships beyond sex and identity politics.

              Gold, represents the money he cannot keep. Squandering an inherritance he did not earn and so without value he cannot invest.

              “I hate it as you hate God.”

              Just as incomprehensible to him is the concept of God.

              Of beauty, “I would willingly love it, goddess and immortal.” To cling on to. And just as transfixed on the passing clouds of nothingness day by day. Hope and Change.

              This shallow stranger, that nobody knows and thinks is enegmatic.

              Mmm. Is that me? Or is he a favorite for those knowing what it’s like for the girlies in the Call Centre?
              Sucking the marrow out of a man’s terrible pain because then their lives are better.

              • Women consuming the life out of broken men like muhammad and his Slaves for Allah.

                A rich picking is ever I did see one.

                Why do you think Feminists are so quiet regarding such fallen men?

              • Islam: The Devil’s meal. That’s why they fear witches.

                The G*dly woman get’s her man to kneel before the Throne of God. Andd she has him. Broken and in need of salvation from the hell-fire destroying him within into a new creation.

                This insence of burning she pleasurably consumes, with him repeating with dead animals for G_d.

                The husband who never lived up to being perfect. That’s one contented wife.

          • Hi Rita,

            Each one of us has our conscious level, and kindness is the greatest of these.

            We all hope to free the muslims from their rage, and can by each sharing our understanding of the universe, or a least admit we know we don’t know, to release these poor souls locked into a mind-fear that someone can take away their soul.

            So these hurdles for a muslim in the lowest of all religions, can be incrimental, upwards or sideways, or into a scarey referenceless world where you live by every moment of awareness that hears the hearts of the false priest and Social Worker.

            It is an acolade then to recognize Yucki’s high standard of morals and a leading point for muslim women to the Man of God; but we men cannot be seekers of what we already are lest we submit to being less than ourselves, because we must be perfect in attitude to be able to percieve a false man like muhammad. But the Perfect Woman will always holds some mystery to us males, built with a different brain, and in her affection and beauty to make a rocky planet a home – that is the scripture muslim men and ourselves should read and not from The Law of camp males dressing skimpily on the pull at marches.

            If that makes sense.

            Your poem I will return to once I have digested it. 🙂

  3. “Saudi Arabian Airlines will take delivery of 50 aircraft from Airbus (AIR.PA) in the largest aviation deal to be secured via Islamic financing, as the European planemaker tries to gain an edge over rival Boeing (BA.N) in the key Gulf aviation market.” News item dated 25 Jun 2015.

    Do the math – it isn’t hard..

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